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World domains are an excellent investment

September 27, 2011

Do you own a domain name ending in word dot com? World domain names are an excellent investment. Web users highly regard world dot com domain names as top online destinations featuring everything about the keyword. Why should you purchase world dot com domain names?

World dot com domains are hard to find. The top keyword world dot com domain names command high price tags. If you want further confirmation that world dot com domain names are an excellent investment, visit WhyPark’s Enter ‘world’ as a root keyword. Choose the following selections: business nouns, keyword as end, dot com, and no hyphens. You will notice that world dot com domain names are scarce.

The best keyword world dot com domain names are registered. Most developed world dot com domains are ranked high on Alexa. Keyword world dot com domain names will improve any domain portfolio. Don’t own a keyword world dot com domain name yet? You better go out and register and or purchase a world domain name.

World domain name owners have the power to score a major end-user sale. These domain owners can ask any amount, deemed as plausible, to sell a world dot com domain name.

In my opinion, I would not sell a world dot com domain name for cheap. Any keyword heading a world dot com domain name is worth a high premium. A world dot com domain owner can control an entire niche with a world dot com domain name.

When a car customer visits a local dealership like Honda World, they expect the dealer to feature a wide selection of Honda vehicles. Camping World is the camping leader among camping companies. Webmaster World is one of the most visited world websites on the web. 3D World is a top 3D magazine. World enhances any domain name.

World domain names are exclusive web properties. Any domainer would want to own, and These domain names convey the world of domains. You can never go wrong owning a world dot com domain name.

What world dot com domain names do I own? I own a few world dot com domain names with excellent potential to become popular websites. My world domain names are a small part of my domain portfolio; however, they represent a big part of my future plans.

  • (sold)

World domain names are great for future development. You will notice that good world domains are registered in all extensions.

For example, FutureWorld is entirely registered, except for CloudWorld is taken in all extensions besides EndoftheWorld is 100% registered across the extensions. 3DWorld is 100% registered. DomainWorld is completely gone. HomeWorld is almost completely registered, only remains unregistered. CopyWorld is available in dot org, dot me and dot mobi.

As you can see, world dot com domain names are valuable. End-users search for premium world dot com domain names to develop into top Internet brands. World dot com domains sound great and are short, brandable websites. Once you reach world websites, then you will realize the power of world domain names. Find a world dot com domain name today. Thanks for reading.


A few positive things to take from 2010 into 2011

January 16, 2011

My 2011 domaining is off to a good start. I have one negotiation which is close to ending soon. A high traffic company replied back to express interest in a cover letter domain specific to their services. These two cover letter domains are going to produce sales in the next week. Furthermore, scored 6 ad clicks in the past few days. The clicks produced $25. Education and resume domains are performing well.

Because of the anticipated cover letter domains sales, I will be able to cover the cost of registration for all my resume and cover letter domains. I consider the cover letter purchases to be a positive decision. I still have dozens of resume and cover letter domains available for sale. The two cover letter domains are quality domains that I’m sure the end-users will use to improve their performance. I’m not worried about selling the domains because I own many more. is the biggest surprise of 2011. According to Estibot and Valuate, the keywords are only searched 170 times per month. When I first purchased the domain, the averaged 400,000 keyword results. Since then, the average keyword results are now at 1,690,000. The CPC is at $7.12, which is highly competitive in its category. I always knew this domain would perform the best.

You don’t need to find domains with more than 1,000 local monthly searches. Frank Schilling own, which I’m sure he scores some nice parking revenue. The difference between the two parking platforms is that Why Park has content, whereas operates on the parking account. Those who claim domain parking is dead are not trying hard enough to find the right domains. You have to assess the market to determine what is popular.

My most popular domains are resume, cover letter, education, and jobs. I stocked up all product and service domains, as well. Find highly competitive CPC domains in the fields I mentioned above, and put up quality content to generate traffic to your domain. Why Park is an excellent platform that gives you many options to make revenue. You can build a web directory, use shopping apps, music apps, and generate ad clicks based on the domain’s keywords.

I’m amazed that my cover letter domains are generating attention. Many resume domains are performing good, but are not as successful as the education domains. Education domains are competitive because there is high demand for online education. Why Park provides you with the tools to find traffic. All you need to do is keep visitors on your website. Don’t share too many links that will reroute them to another location, unless you’re using an affiliate program, or another website that can make you revenue. The goal is to keep your visitors coming back. It is well worth your time to write education articles. Share your personal experiences, or conduct research on various degrees and programs.

Resume and cover letter domains are going to be very popular this year. I sense I will make a dozen more sales. I plan to prepare additional content and build more web directories to make revenue. Domaining is essentially buying and flipping domains in the shortest time possible with incurring registration fees. 200 of my domains are expiring in two weeks. However, I don’t mind if they do, but I will continue to look for buyers. If I have to sell the domains cheap, I will to at least make back the cost of registration.

The domains that are going to expire are mostly NYC-related. I sold 11 taxi domains back in the Summer, which targeted New York City. I made enough to offset the cost of these domains. I have the NYC domains and a few others that I don’t plan to renew, but then I have others that I will need to assess to determine their performance. I know that I will probably renew,,,,,,,,,, and a few others. These domains have performed well enough to keep.

I will tough time trying to determine which domains to keep or let drop. It all comes down to performance. I won’t have any problems with my job, hotel, Suisun City, education, and resume/cv/cover letter domains. This is the first time I faced a decision with renewals. I recently renewed, which is a domain I won on a Go Daddy auction. I couldn’t let the domain drop because it is the only one I won in an auction.

I paid $175 for The domain once produced nearly 2,000 unique visitors per month, had a Google Page Rank #2, 2,000 backlinks, and 17 sites that link in. Sedo’s price suggestion recommended the price to be set at $2200. I have no idea what type of website it once was. I had little experience with domains at the time. However, I did purchase various domains that enabled me to make future sales. I thought provided me enough information to make a good investment. I assumed I could make $3.50 per day on ad revenue.

As I learned more, I knew that maybe I should have let others beat me in the auction. In my opinion, Website Outlook is a quality tool for an established websites, but the appraisal platform has some difficulty with appraising keyword domains, as well as newly registered domains. The appraisal platform is only a tool, and not a means to determine a domain’s worth. I don’t regret purchasing the domain, especially when it’s the only one that cost me above registration prices. 7Zoom is a similar domain valuation tool that provides quality performance stats, including unique visitors which is retrieved from

Estibot has helped and has impaired my judgment when searching for domains. If I never used Estibot, I would not be in the domain industry today. I found so many good domains on the drop. I located domains that I assumed would never be available. Name Boy tricked me into believing that hyphenated NYC domains were worth thousands. I registered a hundred NYC and Hollywood names because of that appraisal system. I don’t regret my mistake. I managed to register a few domains in the bunch that produced good sales later on. Because I valued jobs, movies, NYC, travel destinations, and taxis, I made a few good sales that kept me in the domain industry. inspired me to register many resume, cover letter, and cv domain names. I found many that are searched more than 1,000+ times a month. Don’t avoid the domains that have less than 1,000 month searches. is now making good parking revenue.,, LeatherManBags,com, and many others have made back the cost of registration. I feel that was a great find. I value,,,,,,,, and dozens of other domains.

I really don’t have a favorite domain yet. I wouldn’t sell and due to my plans to develop them. The moment I land a one word generic domain, I will definitely put work into building the domain. I really believe and will produce good sales.,,, and are good domains to score a decent sale. My hotel domains and job domains are going to do good, as well as all my Suisun City domains.

Parking is not dead. shows that a good education domains can score quality clicks. Why Park has a awesome platform to build domains into functional websites. If you haven’t used Why Park yet, you should give it a try. I’m definitely satisfied with the results. My domains will continue to produce traffic and revenue as long as I put work into uploading quality content. Even domains I put little work into are making revenue. You never know when you will find a good domain. It’s hard to make a decision to renew or drop a domain. I’m confident that I know what to do when the time comes in two weeks.

In retrospect, 2011 is going in the right direction. It’s only a matter of time before I find a good generic domain to build into a brandable website. Until that time, I will work with the hand I already have. I plan to bluff my way into winning a future domain jackpot. Education, resume, and job domains are good verticals to operate within. Focus on those areas, and also look for some .net product domains at the cost of registration to flip for a small profit. Never assume the good domains are gone. I find many that are unregistered. I don’t use drop tools or sites. I put in the work to type-in all the names I think will be popular. Good luck on domaining. Thanks for reading.

Selling is always at the center of attention – Don’t over price domains

January 13, 2011

I remember reading comments many posters left on domain blogs. The most popular question targets the selling side of domaining. Any person can purchase a domain name, but not everyone can sell a domain. One common problem I see is setting high prices on domains. Don’t overvalue your domains or you’ll continue searching for that first sale.

Domaining is like a game. The goal is to sell a domain to another end-user or person. Why should a buyer purchase your domain? World Wide Media, Frank Schilling, Rick Schwartz, and many successful domain investors can set high prices because they have super generic domains, as well as an established reputation in the domain industry. They own domains that can revolutionize the Internet. Hence, they can probably form their own registrar.

When I’m searching for various domain names, I usually land on Frank Schilling’s parked page. You’ll know when you reach a domain name owned by Frank. The domain’s letters are big, and the letters reflect on the bottom. Frank owns many quality resume and cover letter domains. Recently, he sold two generic resume domains to a popular resume company. One of the resume domains sold for 2.8 times more than the purchase price a few years back.

In two years time, the resume domain returned a nice profit. Schilling’s was another major sale that netted him more than 5 times his initial investment. Many domain posters hang around on blogs to ask selling questions. They will list dozens of domains to ask for advice. It is a common cycle in the domain industry.


New domain investors buy many domains without determining their market value. They’ll set high prices based on what they see on other domain sales platforms. For example, Go Daddy gives domainers the opportunity to list their domains as a premium listing for a small fee. On the landing page, I find that it is all too common for mediocre domains to have 4-6 figure prices. eBay is another domain platform where domain owners think people are clueless.

Who in the world is going to buy a domain for $50 million? If the domain is not, then I don’t see anyone bidding on that domain. If you want to spend that kind of money, you will have to commission a Sedo broker, or another popular website to facilitate the deal. Domain investors complain about receiving insulting offers. I find that overvaluing domains creates high expectations. Even new domain investors searching for their first sale refuse to work with a buyer to sell their domains.

Domain valuation tools disrupt decision making. If a domain appraises for $30,000, the domain owner will want $50,000. The problem with making such an assessment is determining whether an end-user will pay half the amount to acquire the domain. The most exciting part of domaining is selling a domain. It makes you feel proud of your effort when you remain persistent throughout a deal to accomplish a sale. Furthermore, buying a quality domain at a good price is another gratifying experience. Sometimes, I question how a certain domain is still available for registration. I hand register 99.99% of all my domains. To be able sell domains is a rewarding process.

If a domain investors that hasn’t made their first sale continues to overvalue their domains, they will lack credibility. A domain blog owner that informs their audience they have obvious weaknesses in selling domains will lose trust in their fans. Selling domains is a challenge. It can be an easy as receiving an unexpected offer, or as hard as not receiving one reply to 100 e-mails. When attempting to sell domain, you can’t get discouraged. Trust me, selling domains can be dejecting. That is the reason many elite domain investors use domain brokers or companies to sell their domains. They own hundreds of thousands of domain names. There is no way they can sit at the computer to email thousands of end-users.

Domain investors have to be creative. Think of how businesses advertise their products and services. You never know when you will receive an offer to purchase one of your domains. You have to be ready when a buyer surfaces. Know everything there is to know about the domain keywords, niche and the market. Selling will always be at the center of attention. DN Journal is popular because people are interested in domain sales. The goal of domaining is to find quality domains to keep as long-term investments, or to resell in the aftermarket. Buying and reselling within a year can reduce overhead cost associated with renewals.

Cover letter domains

November 27, 2010

Why do I continue to buy domains that others consider to be worthless? For example, I purchased many resume and cover letter domains to tap into a market that complimented my education and job domains.

I never purchased resume and cover letter because I discovered that Frank Schilling owns the best resume and cover letter keyword names. Sedo’s, and sales didn’t inspire me to buy resume and cover letter domains.

The main reason I continue to buy cover letter domains is because there are still many good names available. I located a few good names that produce more than 1,000+ local monthly searches. 1000+ popular searches are important to me, especially since I know that people are looking the specific terms in the search engines. Furthermore, the high number of searches gives me a better chance to produce an ad click.

Most people will never click on That is because the domain is nonexistent in the search engine. If I decide to brand the website, I can make revenue with displaying cover letter samples, examples, templates, writing service, and tips.

Cover letters are extremely important. The term is searched for thousands of times per month. The owner of is asking $2,000 for his domain at Go Daddy. Cover letter services are popular outside of the United States.

Cover letters are identical to the setup in a film. Employers want to know more about the background of an applicant beyond the resume. Any person that provides a summation of their resume in the cover letter will jeopardize their chance to secure an interview.

I know that for a fact because I attempted to use a generic cover letter to apply for multiple positions in the past. I made a few adjustments, but the theme remained the same. I never landed any job based on my education and experience.

The cover letter includes four paragraphs – the opening with how the job position was located and state of interest, education, personal experience, stories, connections, and conclude with scheduling an interview. The cover letter represents the opening act to building interest in the job candidate.

How will an employer choose one person out of 200? Every resume looks the same, 90% of the applicants have college degrees, and many have a strong work history. The cover letter is what will win over the employer. People treat the cover letter as a small part of the job search process. However, a job applicant has to rise above their competitors to show that they deserve the position.

Writing query letters to entice studios to read a spec script has just as much value as a screenplay. If I sent my screenplay into a studio, they would probably toss it in the garbage can. On the contrary, sending an excellent crafted query letter first, and then following up with a cold call will get attention.

I don’t register just any cover letter domains. I determine which keywords are important to the industry, as well as study the keyword stats to find the small gems. The following domain names are searched for over 1,000+ times a month locally: is a good domain name that produces nearly 1 million average keyword results. Some may think resume and cover letter domains have no value, but I generate consistent traffic, and produce clicks on many of the keyword domains.

I prepared the previous post at a time when I felt undervalued. Many people in the past judged my portfolio based on a few domains, but they never looked at my entire list. I don’t pay yearly fees because I only started getting serious about domaining this past Jan. Before then, I only spent $140 on 20 domain names.

I evaluate my domains based on their market value, stats, sales, clicks, traffic, and on whether I can develop the domains in the near future. If I allow 240 domains to drop this February, I lose nothing. I already made 80%+ of my investment, and still have many domains to sell.

I did lose out on a potential $1200 deal for two ticket domains due to sharing too much information on their potential use. However, I know these names can sell in the near future. I received a reply back from another big company that is looking to make an offer on the two ticket domains. Since I keep placing my domains up for sale in NYC, instead of moving them around the country, I don’t get the same results as in March.

I want to be more successful, such as selling $1,000+ domains. I’ve already have been with buying and selling. I don’t think there are any unregistered domains that are quality organic type-ins. Even such domains that produce big sales are not commonly typed into the address bar. I never type-in any keywords in the address bar unless these sites are ones that I usually visit on a daily basis.

I’ll never type-in,,,,,,,,, and etc… I already know who runs these websites, so I don’t a need to visit the websites based on their generic type-in value.

Bank of America paid $3 million for over a decade ago. This past month, only 177 unique visitors typed the generic name in their address window. The domain produced 4,000 unique visitors back in March 2010 because the traffic was forwarded to their mortgage section. Currently, BOA decided to forward traffic to their main website address, which I think has impacted their overall traffic numbers.

I want people to return to my website. That’s the main reason I decided to purchase I may look into building the domain, so that job seekers have a location to research resume, cover letter, job tips, and other information to help them compete against other job applicants.

I know that I have a few good domains that have future potential. represents another great opportunity to target people that are searching to attend certified taxi schools. Mostly every big city have taxi schools. The average keyword results are not as high as the singular version, although the keywords will have type-in and search engine value. is a good coin website that help collectors to avoid buying fake coins, to educate them on appraising coins, and to find coin dealers in their area.,,,, and are all brandable domain names. Beauty salons that are looking to establish a website presence may look into purchasing these domains in the near future.

Experienced web users rarely type-in generic names in the search window. Generic names only receive about 10% traffic from type-ins. Domain owners depend on branding domains, pulling up in the search engine use SEO to build interest in specific keywords, and establishing success in a respective field.

Most people that never heard of would never type-in the address. But, when people go to the movies and watch continuous Fandango commercials, and then go home to watch television commercials, they’ll probably visit the website. Advertising tools have a tendency to entice a target audience to take notice.

Furthermore, works with to increase their traffic. Affiliate programs enable companies, blog, and domain investors to push sales leads to for a small commission. Once the general public catches on to the name, they will be curious about visiting a website. Such a process is deemed as branding a website to target a specific audience.,, and are good names. Maybe not in a sense of appraisal value, or type-in, but as brandable names that are close to the generic name with an “i” leading them. I know for certain the owners of the generic names will not sell them. Even if they decided to do so, they would ask top dollars, probably ranging from $50-150K.

Why not grab a hold of the “i” version? “i” domains are becoming more popular for partnership and branding purposes, which is the reason sold for $6500 two weeks ago – based on Apple’s inewsstand plan. That particular site doesn’t produce any keyword stats to make it worth a $1. However, the domain probably attracted interest for $6500 mainly because the site will be worth a fortune after hits the market. High keyword results and monthly searches will increase the domain’s value.

I have plans for’s traffic has recently tailed off. The website used to generate quality traffic.

I always do research when purchasing domains, determining who may be interested in acquiring such domains. Most sellers are having trouble producing a sale because end-users are preparing for the upcoming year. They’re careful on making large purchases, especially when business is unpredictable.

I plan to write more on my resume and cover letter domains. To this point in time, the following domains have produced the top sales for me:

1. Job Domains
2. Taxi Domains
3. Movie Domains
4. Tourism Domains
5. Cake Domains

The domains I sold in the areas above are not even classified as my best. I don’t own any elite domain names, but I have many domains I respect. When you respect something or someone, you will do whatever it takes to promote them. I’m looking forward to selling my education, job, and resume domains.

As indicated on the traffic chart above, I will use the recent decline in traffic to promote a few cover letter domains. I know that keyword domains can push traffic over to a website. Why not try to give a company a reason to purchase a domain? When traffic dwindles, the revenue will follow closely behind. Good luck.

Registered a few domains

November 7, 2010

My recent domain registrations continue to be geared towards resume and cover letter domains. I assure you that there are plenty of quality domains available for registration. I registered the following domains a few days ago.

Most of the domains above have good keyword metrics. I make it a point to keep “top” “best” “amazing” “good” and any other adjectives away from most domains. As you can see, the domains are specific names that are commonly searched for in most search engines.

A few domains are not as valuable as the two word domains, such as and, but they do produce a good amount of monthly searches and average keyword results. should’ve been registered long ago. However, I was lucky enough to find the domain. The average keyword results are close to 700,000 and the average monthly searches are near 1,500 per month. is another quality domain with huge potential.

With demand for nurses, and nursing shortages across the US, there are an abundance of nurses searching for resume and cover letter services. The target audience for the nursing domains above are new nursing graduates, nurses that plan to relocate, and nurses seeking higher positions or higher paying health care jobs.

I try to avoid registering GEO domains unless they target hotels, jobs, and rentals. However, any domain name targeting New York City will be popular, especially keywords which include tickets, Broadway, hotels, jobs, tours, apartments, visit, and etc. I managed to do well with taxi domains in NYC.

I have over 60 NYC domains in my portfolio. Domain names such as,,,, and a few others produce many keyword results.,, NYC-shows,,, and many hyphenated domains attract visitors. Even and have generated some decent traffic.

When February arrives, I have to make a decision on which domains I plan to keep, and which ones I plan to let drop or to sell to a potential buyer. I have to start working on selling the NYC domains to make room for more specific domains. I found some really good .net domains such as,,, and many others.

There are .com domains that are shocking to find.,, and are a few that should’ve already been created long ago. In addition, and professionalhairservices are two other domains that can be moved in a complete package to a NYC salon, or to a business in Los Angeles and or the UK.

These keyword terms are quite popular in the search engine for companies advertising their services, but are rarely searched for often enough to produce high appraisal values. The manicure and pedicure services are searched for at least 500-600 times a month in the US, while 1000+ in global searches.

Since I have been extremely active in purchasing domains, I developed a skill to find domains that many others pass up because they want $1,000+ domains. and have been popular domains that make money. Education sites produce high CPC, as well as loans, insurance, law and mesothelioma and other competitive keywords.

My best advice is to find .com domains in education, resume, jobs, products, services, and hotels. I located several GEO .com hotel domains a few months ago. The GEO hotel domains target cities with a population of less than 100,000 people.

Most of the time hotel domains can be used as travel domains to promote the surrounding area. You’re not only enticing your target audience to secure hotels, but you can also generate interest to restaurants, tickets, stores, and everything else a city has to offer.

Take advantage of domain development formats such as Why Park. In order to make money like a business, you must think like a business. Develop content rich sites that will produce quality traffic with repeat visitors. Good luck!

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants

November 2, 2010

Last night I witnessed the San Francisco Giants win a championship. I have been waiting for years to see them finally earn a ring. The Giants have superb pitching, quality defense, clutch hitting, and excellent coaching.

I made it a point to write a few articles on the World Series on I also put up a shopping app with San Francisco Giants gear on the home page. When you park domains, always look for ways to promote them. Pay attention to current trends, so that you can customize the content.

Sedo and Go Daddy’s parking system have restrictions, which makes it hard me to promote the domains, or I risk cancellation. In result of these restrictions, I decided to move all my domains over to Why Park. I have the ability to write articles, put up links, and to promote my domains.

Take advantage of the market. When you write articles, identify your target audience. Who’s going to visit your website? What do people type into the search engine window? I would suggest that you develop a website. Using parking accounts is cool if you have little money to spend, or lack ample time to invest into building your domains.

Adsense has never worked for me, but maybe you have a better domain to monetize. Don’t pay too much attention to people who criticize your domain names, or disregard your strategies. There are plenty of opportunities to succeed in the domain industry. Essentially, you control your fate.

The San Francisco Giants never listened to the critics. Each time they advanced to the next round, the pundits would choose the other team to win. The Giants continued to play hard. They never gave up, even when the moment looked hopeless. Because of their will to win, the Giants defied the odds to win their first title in San Francisco, and to end the franchise drought of 56 years without a title.

When you buy and sell domains, focus on your target audience. You might find valuable domains with millions of keyword results and searches, but there may be little demand in the market to resell the domain. Look for product and service domains, as well as education domains. Try as hard as you can to locate .com domains. Don’t always go after the .net unless the .com is taken, and there is demand for the keywords.

I own a few .net domains, but never had any luck selling any of them. My recent .net domain acquisitions are:

I own around 50-75 .net domains. I recently acquired I believe this domain will generate future interest. It’s a short domain with popular keywords, produces millions of keyword results, and is searched for millions of times globally. Focus on selling outside of the US. The majority of big sales featured on the DN Journal are those that come from foreign companies and investors.

Read every Wednesday. Research the domains that sell, and determine the reason they produce a sale. Type-in the address, and see where the domain points to, or whether it’s being developed into a website.
Also use websites such as and to find the backlinks, Google Page Ranks, and monthly unique visitors.

Think about how the San Francisco Giants won their first title. Use that concept to find good domain names, and to sell them, as well. Don’t listen to people that criticize you, unless their advice is good. Good luck!

3 Character .org domains up for sale – and

October 28, 2010 and are up for sale. is a quality domain with over 1 million average keyword results. is currently hosted as an Engineering Education domain, but there are many alternatives to developing the domain into a quality website. The domain’s characters are letter, letter and number. is very easy to remember, and will give you a wide range of possibilities. generates 154,000 average keyword results, and is searched for 1,073 times per month. The domain can be branded with a logo, or pointed to an existing website. The keywords BX5 have many uses. Use your creativity to develop the domain into a popular website.

If you’re interested in acquiring the domain(s) above, send me a message. We can definitely work out a good deal. Thanks.