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“The” Domains are a great investment

October 14, 2011

Do you own a “The” dot com domain name? Most “The” domain names are a great investment. Movie names typically begin with “the” and subject and or a verb. Invest in “The” domain names to make a good domain sale in the future.

How do you find “The” domains? The very best “The” domain names are registered for many years. I regret passing up on I wanted to purchase the domain name, but I waited too long to make the decision. Therefore, another UK domainer acquired the domain instead. You can use to find “The” domains. Or you can consider blind searching to locate “The” domains. Your best bet is to use WhyPark’s Name Tumbler to find “The” dot com domain names.

I made up for mistake with registering I knew this end of the world dot co domain name dropped a few months ago. I monitored the domain until it moved past the redemption period. However, I admit that is a super domain name with universal appeal. I missed out on a domain gem. However, is a better domain name for the upcoming year. The Mayan Calendar and the fear of the end of the world will produce good traffic.

Many “The” domains are valuable in search engines.,,,,,,,,,, and other “The” domain names are brandable domain names. Many of the good keyword “The” domains generate high exact match searches per month.

Google AdWords and Valuate base search value on different criterions. You may find a domain on Valuate with no search value while the same domain generates over 40,000 exact match Google searches per month.

If you are currently a domain newbie who has many questions about keyword stats, domain sales, domain age, and “The” domains, don’t worry too much about finding the right domain names. Keep reading domain, SEO, website traffic, and marketing articles. Don’t think negative about your domain ventures. Good unregistered “The” domain names are sitting around without an owner.

I recommend “The” domain names. I only own (The Out of Body Experience) and I plan to acquire a few more “The” domains to build a quality domain portfolio. Keep a lookout for “The” domains with good average keyword results and search value. You never know when a Hollywood studio may come knocking on your door to acquire your “The” domain for a new movie project. Thanks for reading.

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Education domain names are a tough sale

September 22, 2011

Do you own education domain names? Have you been able to sell your education domains? Most education websites never reply back. It doesn’t matter how great your education domain name is; education companies either overlook e-mails or disregard them altogether.

You’re wasting your time buying and selling education domain names. The only value an education domain name holds is ad revenue. Unless you own,,,,,,, and other top education domain names, then you are out of luck.

I assure you that good education domain names are a tough sale. If you don’t believe me, attempt to sell your top dot com and dot org education domains. I let many education domains drop, even several worth in the 4 figure range. I don’t care about worth and value. WhyPark revenue is dead. It doesn’t make sense to develop education sites when you lack any interest to contribute content.

After attending college since the mid 90’s and recently earning a graduate degree this past March, I have no interest to build education domains. I possess a great deal of knowledge about degree programs and academic content. For the most part, education domains never produced a quality lead. Who’s going to buy your education domains? The top education domains already own and operate the best domains. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take a great education domain to generate revenue. Some of the worst education domain names are making a fortune.

Beware of education domain names.  If you are confident in your domain sales and parking approach, then go right ahead with securing education domain names. I personally think education domains are a waste of time. owns the top education domains. However, their 300 education domains are poorly implemented. The generic education domain names are unable to deliver traffic to the main education website.

The domain industry as a whole is strange. End-users purchase the strangest domain names for extremely high amounts. For some odd reason, many of these overpriced sites are never developed. A top domain name such as was never developed, parked, or even pointed to another website. and only generate a combined 47,000 unique visits per month.

On the opposing side, is scoring 604,000 unique per month. Two top generic domains that collectively cost between $700,000-$800,000 are essentially under performing. A mediocre resume domain such as is killing their competition in the resume industry.

I suppose end-users lack an innovative plan to maximize their generic domain names. It’s sickening to see overpriced domains show up on the domain sales report. Many end-users wait too long to acquire a domain name they need. They end up bidding high to secure a domain name, thus, making elite domainers more rich and arrogant.

Reading an elite domain investor’s article is irritating. I have no clue why a domain noob wastes their time on these domain blogs. The elite domainer is unclear with their domain tips. They string domain noobs along to generate consistent traffic and revenue. If elite domainers were actually providing a service, then newbies would learn much faster than wasting thousands of dollars buying the wrong domains.

Domain newbies hang out on domain blogs and domain forums. They ask the same domain questions over and over again. Domain blog owners eventually insult these domainers once they realize there is no revenue potential. Domain newbies hold value when they use the products and services featured on the domain blog. Moreover, the domain newbie has value when they own top generic domain names registered pre-2004.

Some domain owners purchased quality domain names early on. They planned to implement these domains into their business plan. Then, there are domain owners who purchased domains for investment purposes. These two domainer categories are considered newbies or noobs since these individuals are trying learn the foundation of the domain industry.

As a domain noob, don’t overspend on education domains. You must evaluate an education domain to determine whether there is revenue potential. Education domains are worth money for their keyword value such as average keyword results, exact searches per month, CPC, and type-in value. There are good education domains that are a tough sale. No education company has ever made any contact to inquire about an education domain. Education websites ignore e-mails and phone calls.

You are wasting your time and money acquiring education domains. However, excellent web developers will score good revenue with education domains. Domain parking revenue is no longer a good revenue strategy. Google hit WhyPark sites hard. Sedo pays out pennies on education ad clicks. GoDaddy cash parking penalizes inorganic traffic. Therefore, many domain parking companies keep the lion’s share of their revenue earnings. You need to own thousands of good domains to be considered for’s parking program.

In essence, education domain names are a tough sale. They have the potential to earn good ad revenue. You can contribute quality content to build good leads. However selling education domain names is not lucrative enough to build and or to expand an education portfolio. If you know another domainer or company that operates in the online education space, you may want to consider investing in education domains. Domain newbies should focus more on acquiring good dot com and dot org education domain names, preferably dot com.

The U.S. Military Branches are Intelligent: Securing the top generic domain names that describe an organization

September 22, 2011

Want to know why the U.S. military branches are intelligent? The top military branches secured the top generic dot com domains far ahead of domain investors. Instead of domain investors retaining valuable dot com military service domains to increase their value, the military branches secured the top generic sites that describe their organization.

The U.S. Armed Forces own the generic domain names of their respective branch. The Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy and National Guard own their exact dot com domain name.,,,, and provide information and service relevant to the domain name. The military organizations managed to build quality leads based on type-in traffic and their advertising campaigns.

Most end-users snoozed on domain names in the 90’s as well as in the early part of the 00’s. Therefore, the end-user paid a bundle to acquire generic domain names related to their industry.

You’d think Loreal would’ve acquired early on. What about Bank of America paying $3 million for in he late 90’s? These are big corporations with the financial resources to make a run for industry defining domain names. They realized valuable generic domains can push quality type-in traffic to their websites.

The U.S. military branches are intelligent. They acquired the top generic domain names that describe their military service. Such valuable domain names are useful to build quality traffic among future recruits. The U.S. Armed Forces were certainly aware of the future.

In the 90’s, the U.S. military branches realized the Internet would represent the wave of future. Thus, it made sense to operate the top generic dot com domains to improve the military’s overall advertising campaign –  to increase their military recruitment efforts through online leads. The U.S. Armed Forces deserve praise for securing the best possible domain names in their field.

DomainingMojo will return soon

February 26, 2011

DomainingMojo will return with plenty of quality content. Please read past articles in the archives, and also check out for current content.

I have to figure out how to fix the submit button on this blog. I really like the simple Apple feel of this blog. WordPress is definitely of quality.

Most visitors can leave comments, whereas Blogger creates some obstacles. When I do return to writing on the blog again, ill definitely prepare the same quality content.

Also, visit for past articles. for current articles.

I’m currently a writer on

Thanks. Will return back to DomainingMojo.

Sample Craig’s List GEO listing for in New York City

January 29, 2011 is currently up for sale on Craig’s List. The sample Craig’s List ad below shows a sales pitch in action. When you sell domain names specific to a location, you are limited to rotating them. However, in a city such as New York City, you have millions of people, dozens of districts, and five boroughs to find buyers.

Once the ad expires, I may have to evaluate whether to keep the domain in the Financial District, or move the domain to Downtown, or SoHo, and then maybe Battery Park. I have many alternatives to list in New York City, but far more GEO opportunities to rotate throughout the United States.

I provided a sample of because I submitted to Sedo’s auction for consideration. The fixed price link is currently unavailable while the decision is pending. I try to be optimistic even though I know that Sedo rejects 100% of all my domain names submitted into their auction screening process.

Mike, who runs Domain Sherpa, informed me that the link goes straight to the brokerage section. Good catch Mike! Domain Sherpa is definitely an innovative domain blog with an encyclopedia of domain resources.

Samples of’s Craig’s List advertisement and the Sedo sales page are below. Thank you.

The Sedo’s sales pitch shows at a fixed price of $500.

Sales Tip

January 26, 2011

When you contact an end-user, never share any of your personal problems. Don’t give the buyer any leverage to reduce the price. You control the sale.

I made past mistakes with sharing the reason I needed to make a sale, or introduced too much information that influenced the sale and or the price.

The buyer will use your situtation to their advantage. Not to all buyers operate in that manner, but you have sell like you’re playing poker.

I tend to watch Poker After Dark with Leean Tweedon. The top poker players in the world are calm, cool, and collective. They can sometimes have the worst hand, but their face will never show it. The poked player has a 0% chance to win the hand, though they still win the round with less.

You have to use the same confidence to sell domains. Don’t bring your emotions, problems, and past failures into the sale. Focus on making that one sale. Bring your domains to the table, and deal every sale like a hand. Good luck.

The Value of to sell Domain Names

January 23, 2011

I’m not sure whether any domain investors have visited If you’re looking for a buyer, I believe this website will help you. After you search Google for potential buyers, input the website into the search window on will generate SEO information such as site tags, which are keywords a website uses to compete for traffic in different categories.

Furthermore, if you own any domain names that are an exact match to the website’s tags, you can use that information as a selling tool. High traffic websites may reply back to ask a price. Even low traffic sites that want to establish a web presence may take a chance on acquiring your domain name.

The keyword to selling a domain name is finding the right buyer. There is always a buyer for a good name. A good name is a domain with market value. It will have exact match keywords without the extra baggage. Adjectives such as the following are good to attract attention to a product, but I believe that service domains must have an exact match to increase your chances at making a sale.

Adjective Examples

– Hot
– Dynamic
– Awesome
– Top
– Best
– All About
– Good

The adjective above are effective in the product and job niche, but can weigh down other domain names. However, there are some valuable domains that contain the adjectives above, though I never really search for such domains. My searches are all about the exact name. I wouldn’t consider all great domain names to be generic. Google suggestion keywords are important to me. IF I can type in the keywords into Google, and they pull up as a search suggestion, I know that people are typing in the keywords.

Although, I would rather own a GEO job or hotel domains, I feel that using ‘Dynamic’ or ‘Best’ as adjectives to describe the keywords are like a chained chess that won’t unlock a potential sale. They are anchors that keep a boat from moving across the ocean. Too many adjectives weigh down a domain. However, if was available, I believe that is a good domain name. I don’t care too much for acquiring reverse order domains. I never sold any. In addition, failed to find a buyer.

I try to find the domains I know a company will want. is a great selling tool to reveal site tags. Exact match service domains are highly marketable such as,,,,, and another other category that has many keyword results. Some may challenge me on suggesting that the adjectives listed above are good adjectives that add value to a domain name for SEO purposes, or as marketing tools. In my opinion, adding any of those adjectives to my past sales would have amounted to zero sales. will help you to identify the tags a website uses. You have leverage presenting an exact match domains that are listed as tags than offering a domain name with too many adjectives. Don’t get me wrong, long tailed domains are valuable. is a major 6-7 figure domain name. and the .org have great value due to their high CPC (i.e. attorney, treatment, health care, insurance, etc), and relevant demand. I own the domain The domain has a high CPC in the $22 range. Estibot only values the domain at $5, but this domain is much more valuable in a sense that it can be developed in a reliable information site. Imagine the value of the ad clicks for attorneys, health care, treatment, and so forth. Adding addition keywords to compliment the category is useful to narrowing down a topic.

There are many resume websites that outperform and I’m sure the subdomain of a generic domain spend a lot of money on SEO services, print advertisements, affiliate programs, and by bidding on keywords. Your goal to sell a domain is to find a website or company that will want to use the domain to either build a website, point to an existing site, to build mini-sites, and essentially own the keyword category. Type-in any high traffic in They will likely provide you with the site tags.

Ask the following questions. What type of services or products does the website provide their customers and clients? How important are the keywords to the company? Will a consumer identify the company’s products and service with the domain name? Will paying 5 figures to acquire help a company that sells HDMI cables? Companies have the money to spend. You know that a domain name is good when you get an immediate reply asking for the price. On opposing side, a domain name that never receives any responses, or is one that you can’t seem to find a home other than in your possession may be worth analyzing to consider its marketing value. Why waste weeks, and even months trying to sell a decent domain name? Your time will be better spent promoting your best domains.

Domain names with low average keyword results and barely any searches can be awesome. If the domain name is great, it really doesn’t matter what an appraisal system conveys to you. You can sell this domain to a company that provides the exact service or sells the exact product. will guide you to the lighthouse tower with a potential buyer awaiting your domain. Your domain is like a ship sailing the sea.

What will it take for you to reach your destination? You need tools to navigate a sale. Many domain commentors will oppose anyone that considers traffic, Google Page Rank, keyword performance, and any other stats as factors to determine a domain’s value. They will sway one away from the riches. The generic quality of a domain can represent a name with little searches and average keyword results. And this domain name can be the most marketable service as company has to offer their customers. Find what site tags a website uses to capture traffic.

Know everything there is to know about the website and your domain. If they request traffic, and your domain doesn’t generic any traffic, tell them your site is only parked. Be transparent about the domain. Build value in the domain name and the keywords. Having high traffic will also attract major attention. Good domain names are those that describe a particular product, service, and anything else a company depends on to operate their business. When you visit Wal-mart and Target, you will notice they sell many products. What are the name of these products? Non stick cooking pans, stainless steel knives, leather backpacks, leather jackets, and many other products are descriptive, and valuable. They are usually made of a specific material, or have additional adjective to describe them.

I would have to spend a fortune to market I wouldn’t waste the time or the money to register the domain. is a good domain tool to analyze SEO relevant information. Site tags are the key to unlock a sale. Good luck Thanks for reading.

Below are the site tags I use for Domaining Mojo. is pointed to is masked. I would prefer a site that specifically runs off the domain name itself, but I would be open to possibly expanding the blog to reach a larger audience.