Recent Domain Name Registrations

In the past few days, I registered the following domain names.

I also registered a few other domain names, but I can’t recall them as this very moment. The main reason I registered the domains because they are specific services that are or will be in demand. Anything regarding CV is most popular outside of the US. CV is most common in the UK.

How will I sell these domains? While the resume/cv/cover letter domains gather steam, companies are going to begin searching for generic service names, or maybe look to purchase a few to point to their website.

Whenever an individual types in Curriculum Vitae into the search engine, they may eventually find pull up in the search engine. If they click on the domain, then it will forward the individual to the main website such as

I haven’t fully learned about SEO or website developing strategies. However, I have invested a great deal of time in researching how domain forwarding, keywords, and links factor into improving traffic.

The two most popular domains above that have a good amount of searches are and For the most part, I find it challenging to locate .com domains that have more than 1,000+ popular monthly searches; they’re mostly all taken.

It was a surprise to find,, and a few other domains that generate many keyword results and good monthly searches. I noticed many elite domainers have picked up many domains in the past with “a” “my” and even “and” which separates two services.

Their intent is to find domain names that pull up in the search engine. If you’re looking for “Resume and Cover Letter” in the search engine, the domain name may likely appear on Google Page #1. I can assure you Frank Schilling owns many of the best Resume, CV, and Cover Letter domains in the domain name industry.

I have searched endlessly for resume/cv/cover letter domains. I always seem to pull up on Frank’s page. You’ll know when you reach his page because the domain name will have large letters, feature a banner in the middle of the screen, with a boat and a mission statement, and there are a ton of related product and service links. If you come across a resume site, the website will mention the leading Resume site on the Net.

I found that selling domains has been extremely hard in the past month. The last time I sold a domain was a month ago. I have been active with sending e-mails and listing domains on free advertising websites. I rarely receive any replies back expressing interest. Maybe I’ll need to offer my good domains.

With any new registrations, I like to wait a few months before offering them to an end-user. Any buyer that doesn’t use Go Daddy will have to wait until the 60 day grace period ends. It’s an ICANN rule. On the opposing side, I can sell domains to any Go Daddy member right away.

The domain push is more so an account change than a transfer. One Go Daddy representative described the process as moving a box in a room versus moving it outside of a home.

To avoid any confusion or waiting, I prefer to wait 60 days until after the registration period to sell a domain name. I have sold a few names registered a few weeks prior, though it is much better to wait.

You can still make a list of potential buyers, and then be ready once the grace period ends. If you know another Go Daddy account holder that is interested in your domain, then you can sell them the domain right away. Sometimes there is some bitter emotions toward one person who finds a gem for the cost of registration than one that purchases the domain in an auction. The buyer may think about missing out on the domain.

When I present a domain name that is aged 6 months, the buyer never has any objections to buying it. I think it is more so that you invest the time and energy into buying new names that are worth money right off the start. Wait a few months to offer the domain for sale.

In the meantime, invest time into building the domain, so when it pulls up on the first or second Google page, you have a way to convince the buyer about the SEO placement. I know what companies to contact to sell and They may find the 3-4 day age a reason to reject buying the domains.

However, if I wait 2-3 months to present the domains, they will have some age on them, and maybe move up in the search engine. Thanks.

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2 Comments on “Recent Domain Name Registrations”

  1. 101domain Says:

    @”Their intent is to find domain names that pull up in the search engine. If you’re looking for “Resume and Cover Letter” in the search engine, the domain name may likely appear on Google Page #1. I can assure you Frank Schilling owns many of the best Resume, CV, and Cover Letter domains in the domain name industry.”
    Yes today, domain names should be not only attractive but also seo friendly.

    CN Domain Registration

    • Suisun Blog Says:

      Thanks for your comment. SEO friendly names such as,, and others generate attention. The last two resume domains Frank sold are not high performing domains. The sales move forward due to the keyword stats, domain age, and being brandable. Of course, as you mentioned they’re SEO friendly.

      I have many names that have reached Google Page 1, but these names haven’t earned a GPR. A few names seem to generate good traffic based on the target audience. I can add various apps to attract traffic. If I know that visitors are searching for information on gaming lines, I will add content that details that area.

      When a site fails to generate traffic, I write articles that I think may be popular such as “Parents Christmas Ideas for their College Student Children”. I wrote about the NOOK color and the IPAD. I immediately got a few hits on a site that struggles to get traffic.

      I also mention the tail words many times in the article. I learned this from writing blogs for another company that required the title/keywords to be mentioned a lot in the 300-500 article.

      I lack the website developing skills to do well. I can see that you’re very successful in areas I’m lacking. I believe I have good SEO friendly names that people find when searching Google and other search engines.

      When I mentioned “their intent is to find domain names that pull up in the search engine,” I meant names are purchased to target various searches in the search engine. Many web users input different phrases in the tool bar. Some may put New York City Hotels, while another may input Hotels in New York. I believe that it is always important to write content that mentions various keywords to place you in those categories.

      I’m no expert at building a GPR website, or with building websites. I see domain names like sell for $3,000. The keywords, searches, and the CPC are high. I’m sure the keywords are typed in or they pull up when people attempt to type them into the search engine. I own,,, and I noticed that mesothelioma names have high CPC.

      Finding the mesothelioma names in their customary sequence is impossible and can be expensive. I know a website job developer that buys all kinds of names in different orders. He always mentions that they’re great for the search engines. I also know another top domain investor that tells me to keep the name to a minimum. Several months ago he said or are no good. Instead,, and others are better.

      I went out and purchased,,,, and many other domains. I usually go after the more specific names to make sales. The names I sold are ones I purchased at the beginning. I was thinking like a business in Phase 1.

      Thanks for your input.

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