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World domains are an excellent investment

September 27, 2011

Do you own a domain name ending in word dot com? World domain names are an excellent investment. Web users highly regard world dot com domain names as top online destinations featuring everything about the keyword. Why should you purchase world dot com domain names?

World dot com domains are hard to find. The top keyword world dot com domain names command high price tags. If you want further confirmation that world dot com domain names are an excellent investment, visit WhyPark’s Enter ‘world’ as a root keyword. Choose the following selections: business nouns, keyword as end, dot com, and no hyphens. You will notice that world dot com domain names are scarce.

The best keyword world dot com domain names are registered. Most developed world dot com domains are ranked high on Alexa. Keyword world dot com domain names will improve any domain portfolio. Don’t own a keyword world dot com domain name yet? You better go out and register and or purchase a world domain name.

World domain name owners have the power to score a major end-user sale. These domain owners can ask any amount, deemed as plausible, to sell a world dot com domain name.

In my opinion, I would not sell a world dot com domain name for cheap. Any keyword heading a world dot com domain name is worth a high premium. A world dot com domain owner can control an entire niche with a world dot com domain name.

When a car customer visits a local dealership like Honda World, they expect the dealer to feature a wide selection of Honda vehicles. Camping World is the camping leader among camping companies. Webmaster World is one of the most visited world websites on the web. 3D World is a top 3D magazine. World enhances any domain name.

World domain names are exclusive web properties. Any domainer would want to own, and These domain names convey the world of domains. You can never go wrong owning a world dot com domain name.

What world dot com domain names do I own? I own a few world dot com domain names with excellent potential to become popular websites. My world domain names are a small part of my domain portfolio; however, they represent a big part of my future plans.

  • (sold)

World domain names are great for future development. You will notice that good world domains are registered in all extensions.

For example, FutureWorld is entirely registered, except for CloudWorld is taken in all extensions besides EndoftheWorld is 100% registered across the extensions. 3DWorld is 100% registered. DomainWorld is completely gone. HomeWorld is almost completely registered, only remains unregistered. CopyWorld is available in dot org, dot me and dot mobi.

As you can see, world dot com domain names are valuable. End-users search for premium world dot com domain names to develop into top Internet brands. World dot com domains sound great and are short, brandable websites. Once you reach world websites, then you will realize the power of world domain names. Find a world dot com domain name today. Thanks for reading.

Advertisements produced 4 clicks Yesterday

November 28, 2010

On Friday, scored 2 searches and 4 clicks. Resume and Cover Letter domains are beginning to generate traffic and clicks.

The following resume and cover letter domains have produced clicks:

I expect the other resume, cover letter and cv keywords to generate clicks in the next few months. My portfolio will shrink to below 500 in the second week of February. I’m planning to go after more expensive domains once I move a few domains.

If I fail to sell the 250 expiring domains, it will not affect my investment. These domains are ones that don’t define my monthly revenue. I don’t have the time to write content on the sites, so selling them cheap or letting them drop may give another an advantage to generate revenue.

There are many domain investors purchasing resume and cover letter domains. On the opposing side, there are others that consider them to be worthless. There are thousands of resume companies in the United States. The UK alone, has many cv and resume services.

If you own any resume and cover letter domains, and plan to sell them, I don’t recommend you cold calling companies. The main reason I have luck with selling domains is because I establish a rapport with companies and buyers.

I believe that when the time is right, I will probably make a nice profit with the resume and cover letter domains, as well as with the education domains. produced 1 click at $3.77.

Imagine if I put actual information on the hundreds of degree fields. I can share my education experience, such as providing information on how to choose the right degree fields, what to expect, how to write papers, ways to find financial assistance, and other education information.

Education domains produce high clicks because there is more competition to bid on keywords. Any education keyword domain paired with “online” tend to have extremely high cost per click. While I may not earn the full amount on the clicks, I still enjoy the Why Park format. Why Park rotates articles on sites to ensure there is up-to-date content.

The new domain apps defintely increased my revenue. The top domain earners are,,,,,,,,,, and, which have generated the majority of my parking revenue.

The domains above may not seem as appealing, but they attract repeat visitors, as well as recurring monthly clicks. The following domains are ones I expect to make a profit on in the near future:

The domains above have high searches. Many assume that domainers buy keyword domains for their type-in value and organic value. However, I find that owning quality keyword domains are good for SEO purposes. I know that many will not type certain domain names in their search engine.

Back in the 90’s, most people would not type in a various domain name until the public caught on to the website’s value. Many people that need resume services will not type and These two domains sold for $28,000 and $66,000 in the past month. Neither domain had any backinks, was ranked on Alexa, and didn’t have a Google Page Rank. sold for $33,000. I spoke with the owner of that domain on the phone and through e-mail. She uses that domain to forward traffic to her education website, along with a few hundred other keyword education names. doesn’t have good performance stats past the keyword value. When I mean performance, I’m suggesting Google Page Rank, backlinks, sites that link in, and monthly unique visitors. On, the domain fails to produce any traffic. I noticed that Go Daddy’s auction produces many sales based on performance stats.

I don’t see the value in owning a domain such as for type-in use, especially when you have to pay $33,000. Only a few people will type-in in their search window, but not enough to make it worthwhile. I could spend $200, and buy 25 .com domains to push traffic to the website. I would probably get better results with the $200 than on spending a fortune to get meager results.

Businesses will never listen to people when they have good advice. My success hinges on hand registering domain names. I only paid above the cost of registration on one occasion. After that purchase, I never again paid more than the cost of registration for any domain name.

The domain once produced nearly 2,000 monthly unique visitors, was a Google Page Rank #2, had 2,000 backlinks, and 17 sites that link in. Sedo recommended the price to be set at $2200. I never attracted any interest to the domain. Since winning the domain back in Jan, the backlinks have dwindled down to 1,500, and the unique visitors went from 800 to less than 100 a month.

If I could, I would sell the domain for the same price as I paid for it. I have no clue what the past owner featured on the website. I e-mailed a few people that mentioned the website as being their favorite, but they never replied back. I don’t understand how two dozen bidders battled me to win the domain. Now when I put that particular domain on Go Daddy, I can’t get even 1 view.

Domaining can be an exciting game when you find good names. I believe I found good names because I sold them to make an average of 70-100 times the cost of registration. I don’t consider myself a failure with purchasing new domain names that have good appraisal value. Such keyword and price value enabled me to sell them to an end-user.

On Why Park, I make enough to renew 5 .com domains per month. Because of hosting the domains at Why Park, I can promote my eHow articles. The monthly revenue is nothing to brag about, but it is enough to renew 2 domains per month. As time permits, I can probably increase exposure to the articles due to their commercial value.

I purchased 810 domains since January. I don’t plan to renew the domains come next year. Domaining is about finding the right domains to make money through parking them while also searching for buyers. I operate at the least amount of overhead cost. I paid very little for .info domains, which have generated a good return on investment. I sold 5 .us domains, 1 .info, and 19 .com domains.

Resume and cover letter domains are producing clicks. In evaluating monthly performance, I don’t renew domains that have little performance. The time hasn’t come around yet to renew any domains. Beside the 20 domains I purchased in Jan 2009, I only acquire 810 domains this year. I invested in all extensions and niches.

I don’t plan to renew 785 domain next year. I have a list of 100 domains I plan to keep for future value. I will shop around the remaining 685 domains. The domains listed above generate the majority of the parking revenue.

At any given moment, another domain will generate a nice click. That will change my mind on letting the domain drop. There is always a new domain that produces a click. Some produce a few clicks, and then never generate another for months. I pay attention to the domains that produce consistent clicks.

I upload new content on good performing domains to keep the traffic coming. The resume and cover letter domains are slowly picking up steam. I researched many of the good keywords, so I’m confident there are plenty of future clicks and sales in that field.

I don’t renew my domain portfolio every year because I only started to get serious about domaining this past January. It wouldn’t make sense for me to keep registering the same domains every year when they don’t make me any money. I register domains that I think will generate attention through parking them and finding a potential buyer in the aftermarket.

When such domains don’t make me money, I will let them drop. In the meantime, I will look for buyers, reducing the price as each month draws closer to the renewal period. A store that doesn’t sell a particular item is not going to invest more money into bringing it back the next year. It’s the way business works. Demand is the key to making money. Currently on the Internet, demand is in education, resume, jobs, shopping, news, and social networking. I know a past buyer that will buy all my job domains. I’m not worried about selling any job domains.

I buy many new domains because I can’t afford to bid against other domainers with deeper pockets. I invest time into searching for the best keyword domains that I can hand register at minimal cost. and prove that a small $1 investment can make a nice profit. Many of my .info domains can sell at an average of $25-50 per domain.

As I work on different selling strategies, I will write articles on the steps. I’m working on a resume company to purchase 4 resume and cover letter domains. If that sale is successful, I will definitely reveal my selling technique. I can tell you that I have to be persistent throughout every sale.

It is never easy to make a sale unless a random buyer clicks on one of my advertisements that links to my domains at Sedo. That only happened on two occasions. Another time I received an offer on a job domain at Sedo. The negotiation process lasted 3 days until the buyer and I came to an agreement. Through communicating with the buyer, I managed to sell 6 more job domains. For the most part, his primary interest is in developing job domains.

I had to put in some extra work to sell 4 movie domains to an online movie company. I researched their website, as well as their competitors to determine the difference in their target audience. I spoke to the company’s marketing/webmaster regarding how to improve their website’s performance. In result of my time and advice, the owner purchased 3 domains to implement into their marketing plan.

The first sale occurred because I contacted the movie company through the Whois Lookup on If you own an I-Phone, the e-mail feature is easy to use. The owner initially replied back that he didn’t need the domain due to its low traffic.

In the reply, I explained to him that it takes time to generate traffic, and I never put in the work to increase the domain’s traffic. I focused on the keyword stats to build interest in the domain. I knew how to price the domain, so that helped me to produce a sale. The owner asked what I thought the domain was worth, and what price I was asking for it. I supplied the appraisal value, and offered the domain for 50% of the worth.

The domain is specific to the movie business. It produces nearly 1 million average keyword results, and is searched for 3,000 times a month. Due to that sale and investing time into researching the website, I sold 4 domains to the company.

In the near future, I will share more about how I sold various domains. performed well with 4 clicks. The revenue was very little, but it demonstrates that people are searching for the keywords. My most profitable resume domains are and – they earned a few dollars in the past month. Thanks for reading.

The Motivation Behind

November 3, 2010

While attending the University of California, Santa Barbara as a Film
& Media undergraduate, I took many writing courses such as scriptwriting, new media writing, television writing, visual writing, and nonfiction creative writing courses.

A few years before attending UCSB, I earned an AA in Liberal Arts and
another in Film. In the film program, I took a writing for animation
course. Writing for animation is essentially the same as writing for video games. I found animation writing to be rather interesting, considering that the format is identical to most live action scripts.

In essence, my past college experience helped me to define what is currently popular in the writing industry. It enabled me to find a few good writing domains. In the past few months, I acquired the following writing domains:
and many others.

Use your experience to hand register domain names. Video game writing
is becoming an extremely popular field. I knew about the industry in
2004. The WGA introduced a Videogame Writing Award to honor writers
who’ve written exceptional video games.

As video games continue to generate worlwide interest, there will be
more demand for video game writing. I’m confident
has a great future. Many writing programs have added new media writing
on their curriculum.

Make it a goal to use past experiences to register new domain names.
Good luck.

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants

November 2, 2010

Last night I witnessed the San Francisco Giants win a championship. I have been waiting for years to see them finally earn a ring. The Giants have superb pitching, quality defense, clutch hitting, and excellent coaching.

I made it a point to write a few articles on the World Series on I also put up a shopping app with San Francisco Giants gear on the home page. When you park domains, always look for ways to promote them. Pay attention to current trends, so that you can customize the content.

Sedo and Go Daddy’s parking system have restrictions, which makes it hard me to promote the domains, or I risk cancellation. In result of these restrictions, I decided to move all my domains over to Why Park. I have the ability to write articles, put up links, and to promote my domains.

Take advantage of the market. When you write articles, identify your target audience. Who’s going to visit your website? What do people type into the search engine window? I would suggest that you develop a website. Using parking accounts is cool if you have little money to spend, or lack ample time to invest into building your domains.

Adsense has never worked for me, but maybe you have a better domain to monetize. Don’t pay too much attention to people who criticize your domain names, or disregard your strategies. There are plenty of opportunities to succeed in the domain industry. Essentially, you control your fate.

The San Francisco Giants never listened to the critics. Each time they advanced to the next round, the pundits would choose the other team to win. The Giants continued to play hard. They never gave up, even when the moment looked hopeless. Because of their will to win, the Giants defied the odds to win their first title in San Francisco, and to end the franchise drought of 56 years without a title.

When you buy and sell domains, focus on your target audience. You might find valuable domains with millions of keyword results and searches, but there may be little demand in the market to resell the domain. Look for product and service domains, as well as education domains. Try as hard as you can to locate .com domains. Don’t always go after the .net unless the .com is taken, and there is demand for the keywords.

I own a few .net domains, but never had any luck selling any of them. My recent .net domain acquisitions are:

I own around 50-75 .net domains. I recently acquired I believe this domain will generate future interest. It’s a short domain with popular keywords, produces millions of keyword results, and is searched for millions of times globally. Focus on selling outside of the US. The majority of big sales featured on the DN Journal are those that come from foreign companies and investors.

Read every Wednesday. Research the domains that sell, and determine the reason they produce a sale. Type-in the address, and see where the domain points to, or whether it’s being developed into a website.
Also use websites such as and to find the backlinks, Google Page Ranks, and monthly unique visitors.

Think about how the San Francisco Giants won their first title. Use that concept to find good domain names, and to sell them, as well. Don’t listen to people that criticize you, unless their advice is good. Good luck!

Registering Domain Names

October 18, 2010

Most people try to be creative with registering domain names. I used to create names such as and returns many average keyword results and monthly searches. Registering domain names require one to understand the search engines.

The search engines record every bit of communication that occurs on the Internet. If you make a comment, write a blog, and run a website, you will notice that your content will show up in the search engine.

For example, I visit a blog to ask questions about a particular domain name. When I mention the domain name, I’m basically linking up to the blog. Any communication that takes place in regards to the domain will show up in the search engines.

The next time, do an experiment with a domain name. Go to a popular blog. Ask the blog owner and or another domain investor about ways to develop and or to sell a specific domain name.

In a few weeks, the content may show up in Google. Good way to check is to type in the domain name. When you register domain names, think about words people commonly use to describe a particular field.

If you’re looking for a resume domain, people commonly write or comment with “a resume” “my resume” “your resume,” and more. These domains pull up as average keyword results such as when you put parenthesis parse out the sporadic word placement, instead to pair the keywords together.

Another example is the education field. What do people usually attach to a college degree? “a College Degree” “my College Degree” ‘College Degree in” “College Degree From,” and so forth.

Another common is what Rick’s blog mentioned regarding his oil spill domain name registrations of “Oil Spill in the Gulf.” These are terms that are searched for in the search engines. People maybe put “Oil Spill in the Gulf” or when they place “oil spill” in the search window, Google provide results for “Oil Spill in” and then “Oil Spill in Gulf.”

I recently located a few domains that Frank Schilling has up for sale – and In the second domain, “Resume and Cover Letter” is a common term that is searched for in the search engine.

You don’t always have to look for the generic term. Think about what terms people enter into the search engines. That is the main reason I registered,, and Check the appraisal value of these domains on and or

The keyword results are very high. In addition, the average monthly searches for are high, as well as the CPC. has a high Type-in score because people are typing in College Degree in Business, College Degree in Economics, College Degree in Computers, and so forth.

“MY” is one of the most popular extensions to add to any domain name. They’re extremely valuable, especially if you own,,, and any other popular keyword that pairs with the main attraction. People refer to “my….” in the search engines.

Furthermore, my is a personal reference that compliments another word well. And you’ll have an easy to remember domain name with many visitors, or a good domain to push traffic to another website. Good luck.


I want to find a premium domain name

October 13, 2010

Right now I don’t have the money to buy any domains above the cost registration. The only domain that I paid more than the cost of registration is one that I won at the end of January. I won in a auction.

I battled several bidders to win the domain. The only reason I bid on the domain is because appraised the domain for $3,000. The daily ad revenue rang up at $3.50. I assumed that I could make $3.50 per day with the domain.

I’m glad I learned that numbers are flawed. I could have lost serious money if I continued to trust various appraisal systems across the web instead of learning to evaluate a domain name myself.

I used to register reverse order domain names because Estibot generate high appraisals. The system made me feel as if I owned quality domain names. Because of Elliot’s blog, I figured out that reverse order names are not worth purchasing, unless they target popular filed. and, and and are valuable domains.

It really depends on the market. I have several reverse order names that i only registered because of trusting the appraisal value, and not thinking about the market value. We have to learn. I didn’t lose money from investing into these names because I managed to sell names for a profit.

Such domain names that I registered in reverse order are,,,,,,, and a few other domains. appraises for $23,000.

The main reason I purchased the name is due to the fact that many domains such as,, and other coach-related domains were already registered. The keywords produce many monthly searches, as well as a high overture.

I will probably hold onto this domain along with On Sedo, the two domains generate a high price suggestion value. is valued at more than $10K+ and’s price suggestion pulls up at $5,600. I know that these domains will not sell at these prices. I remember when appraised for $16,000 on both Estibot and Valuate.

Many reverse order domains that have popular keywords tend to produce high appraisals. I wouldn’t mind owning sold for $66K last week. I’m sure that would probably generate some interest at between $1-2K.

Since I purchased around 10 reverse order domains back in February, and many hyphenated NYC domains, I took the mistake as a learning lesson. I don’t regret any past registrations because I also made good purchases around that time.

In January-February, I purchased,,,,,, and I managed to sell all these domains. Because of a few sales above, I was able to sell another 11 domains.

We can’t always hope to skip the learning curve. Every new domain investors must first make a few mistakes to do better. Many of my past registrations that were questionable actually generate ad revenue. I may not be as successful as other domainers, but I’m confident that several of my domains will produce sales above $1,000 in the upcoming year.

I want to find a quality premium domain name. I can’t afford to buy a premium domain name now, but I plan to do some research on what name will have some revenue potential. I find it more interesting to purchase new domains, and see them increase in value than to buy an expensive name that cost me $1,000+ and it fails to generate any revenue.

Job, taxi and box office domains have done well for me. I think that my education and resume/cv/cover letter domains are going to generate some big sales in the next 6-8 months. Until that time, I will continue to hand register domain names, as well as determine which premium name will be a good purchase.

I won at $175 on Go Daddy. The domain has nearly 2000 backlinks, generate over 1500 unique visitors per month during last Fall season, and is a Google Page rank #2. It’s Alexa reached as low as 1 million. The domains was once a website.

However, I can’t seem to find anyone that used to visit the website. Sedo’s price suggestion places a price tag of $2,200 on the domain. Even though I plan to register the domain again, I have no clue what I will do with the domain.

As for a premium name, I’m going to look for a one word .com that produce more than 1,000+ month searches per month. The average keyword results must be over 20,00.

I contacted the owner of, but they planned to build the domain. While the domain has a low appraisal value, I planned to write about optioned scripts and novels.

Now that I think more about overpriced domain names that generate low appraisals, I would rather invest money into hand registrations that can be easily flipped for a profit.

The company that owns mentioned that one word .com domains are hard to find, and such names command at least 5 figures. In my opinion, is not worth even a few hundred dollars to me because the keyword is only searched for 317 times a month. I’m glad I never pursued that name, or

The company that was brokering wanted at least 10,000 for the domain. There is no way I would waste money on buying a name such as that when I can invest money into various resume domains. There is one resume name, in particular, where the owner only wants $199. I believe this name can sell in the next year for $1000. It is a two word resume domain.

I own a resume domain that I think will generate some interest. is a nice domain that appraises for $880. The domain produce over 3,600 monthly popular searches, and generates near 21,000 average keyword results. I think the name will be a great addition to a resume company that provides such services.

I’m look to purchase a premium one word name that has a good amount of searches. I’m not sure where I can find a name within my budget. I will keep an eye on various auctions to determine which names have future potential.

I own The keyword is more so an auto service word for degreeing a cam, but I use the domain as an education domain only because many visitors located the site for abroad programs. I assume there is more interest for education than for degreeing a camshaft. I also own That domain is geared toward degreeing a camshaft.

I own It is a word that is listed in the an 1833 dictionary; its meaning is scattered. I use the domain as Sparsed Stock Photos. I plan to place random photos which contain scattered subjects such as rocks, trees, flowers, cars, and any other populated subject.

If I’m able to increase the monthly searches, these domains may increase in value. Right now, is generate a $500 appraisal, while is pulling up at $260. There are one word domains that haven’t been registered yet, though many may not attract immediate attention.

You can turn any short domain name into a valuable name. I think will eventually increase in value, especially since I already made back the cost of registration off of a clicks in a matter of two months.,, and are a few good names that generate good ad revenue.

These are all names that I created through trial and error, and listening to the news, watching shows, having interest in a specific region, and paying attention to market trends. These names may not be as valuable as the domain names featured on domain blog websites, but they have been good enough to generate some decent ad revenue.

I think that with additional work, can help me to earn more than a $1000+ per year, either with affiliate programs and or ad revenue. Not bad for a domain name that I accidentally purchased because of watching an episode of Pawn Stars back in July.

I also own and All these domains are common keywords searched for more than 2,000+ times a months. already pulls up on Google Page 1 when the generic keywords “1932 quarter” are inputted in the Google search window. is not that popular yet. It will take some time to generate some interest. I barely receive any traffic to the domain, while is producing a good amount of clicks and generating decent traffic.

The theme of this article is to demonstrate to you that there are plenty of unregistered domains that can make you money. Even though I don’t like .net domains, I located a few good one word .net domains that will probably generate future interest. Some of these names are based on news reports and other various searches.

Invest time into looking for various domain names. If you think like a business, you will make money like a business. Good luck.

How do I choose domain names?

October 12, 2010

Once you gain enough experience to create domain names that are good, then domaining is an easy process. When I choose a list of names that I think are good enough to generate future interest, I evaluate the stats to make my final decision.

I use Estibot to appraise the names. However, I don’t pay too much attention to the appraisal values. Unless the keywords produce many average keyword results and searches, I shift my focus to the quality of the name.

The number of searches, and the keyword results determine a domain’s value. You don’t always have to look for a $1,000+ name, especially when there are many names that are worth farcless, and can be just as valuable.

For example, appraises at $1200, but only generates a $320 value. Both names have the potential to become extremely popular.

Another name such as generate nearly 1 million average keyword results, and hundreds of searches. If the monthly searches reach 1,000+, the name can be easily worth $2,000+. As of right now, the name is worth $170, but it will definitely increase in value as the domain ages.

When I choose domain names, I think about what words compliment the main field. If you’re trying to find a two word education name, many are worth thousands of dollars. How do you locate an education .com that is only two words?

What names target the education field? Words such as major, academic, program, courses, course, field, and other names compliment education. I created the name,,,,, MinorProgram, and many other names based on choosing words that target education.

Once I make a list of the contending names, I input them into the Google search engine to determine if they show up as a word suggestion.

If the domain names appear as a word suggestion, I know that people are searching for the term. I know enough about education terms to create relevant names.

I input the names into Estibot to generate keyword’s performance stats. I assess the monthly searches, the average keyword results, and look at other stats such as the overture and type-ins to help me select domains.

I can usually determine whether I like a name, or if I’ll pass on the name through basing my criteria on the market, the stats, and the appraisal value.

I may choose a name that is $80 over a name that is worth $300 because I have a greater chance at moving the cheaper name due to its marketing appeal.

Choose domain names using the same process as writing a paper. Focus on the field, and make your selection using Google, Estibot, and judgment.,, and,,, and various other names that compliment the resume industry.

Good luck.