3 Character .org domains up for sale – EE0.org and BX5.org

EE0.org and BX5.org are up for sale. EE0.org is a quality domain with over 1 million average keyword results.

EE0.org is currently hosted as an Engineering Education domain, but there are many alternatives to developing the domain into a quality website. The domain’s characters are letter, letter and number. EE0.org is very easy to remember, and will give you a wide range of possibilities.

BX5.org generates 154,000 average keyword results, and is searched for 1,073 times per month. The domain can be branded with a logo, or pointed to an existing website. The keywords BX5 have many uses. Use your creativity to develop the domain into a popular website.

If you’re interested in acquiring the domain(s) above, send me a message. We can definitely work out a good deal. Thanks.

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