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December 25, 2010 is scoring high traffic. The site was nonexistent, but then I received 675 unique visitors on Tuesday. Yesterday, the domain scored another 99 unique visitors.

I always thought the domain had a cool name. I also acquired and around the same time. will probably perform well. The site produced 13 ad clicks yeseterday, and was searched 637 times.

My entire domain portfolio is not searched 637 times in 2-3 months. I recently wrote an article on how hard it is to find a domain to generate 1,000 unique visitors.

In December, already generated over 800 unique visitors. All of a sudden, the domain is performing. The 13 ad clicks is an indicator the domain will continue to spark interest.

I sense will continue to score traffic. You never know which domains will outperform the rest. It’s a matter of time that such domains can make an impact.

Merry Christmas!


How to use Why Park’s Web Directory?

December 16, 2010

A few days ago I landed a top resume company as a web directory listing on I believe the web listing is well worth their money because a visitor clicked on the web listing link to visit the resume company within 8 hours. Most companies have to pay 10 times that amount to generate one lead. Why Park’s web directory is a great way to make revenue from your domains while you search for a buyer.

Selling domains to end-users is not an easy task. The best strategy to selling domains is to know the buyer. That means you have to invest time into building a business relationship, or offer an end-user information that will help them to improve their business.

You can use Estibot’s lead generator to sell domains. However, you’ll have to pay $39.99 to upgrade your account. Another alternative to finding a buyer is to search the Yellow Pages to find relevant companies.

The two approaches seem effective, but I don’t think they’re full proof enough, even if you’re trying to sell a premium domain. It puzzles me when I read DN Journal every Wednesday to review domain sales for the previous week. Are people actually paying high prices for various domains?

DN Journal reports which domains sell every week. Domain companies and private sellers furnish the sales report to the DN Journal, and then it is published in the “Domain Sales” section.

Surely enough, the three gift card .org domains that sold for $4500 apiece were purchased by the same buyer. I see the same thing happen on Sedo. A buyer will bid an identical price for three domains, no matter their extension and value. A seller may receive $1000 apiece for a .net, .org and a .info.

Domains are hard to sell around the holiday season. Companies are not as willing to make an offer, and are too selective on what they want. For the most part, these companies are looking to buy diamonds with peanuts.

Sellers are not as capable of attracting interest to their prized domains. Instead of striking out on selling to an end-user at this point in time, i recommend you invest time into using the Why Park web directory to make revenue. If you list 10 companies at $20 per month, you’ll net $120 per month after Why Park takes their $5 per listing fee, and 15% of the overall cost of the listing. That’s a nice chunk of change for a domain that only cost you between $2-12 to register.

Good business is about making money with finding a market. The web directory is a good business with long-term gains. Imagine having 100 paid listings for many different categories. You can make $1200 a month off one domain. It’s not as easy said as done. You have to put in the work to find businesses to list.

Review your domain portfolio to find the domains which you think have the potential to function as a web directory. Any service domain will entice a company to list, especially when they want to reduce their advertising costs. $20 per month is very little to pay for a listing. I only charge $20 because I have to pay $8 to Why Park. Otherwise, I would probably charge a little less.

GEO domains targeting rentals, apartments, restaurants, hotels, and services are the best to use to build a web directory. I recommend you build interest in a company based on reducing their advertising costs. Why? Companies spend a ton of money on affiliate programs, bidding on keywords, and using other forms of print and commercial advertising to promote their product and or services. The web directory is a simple solution to reducing advertising cost, while also pushing potential leads to the company.

How do you use Why Park’s directory? Log into your Why Park account.

1. Select the domain you plan to use as a web directory.
2. Click on the domain apps link on the middle left side of the screen.
3. Choose a link name relevant to your domain. (Get listed on Cover Letter Writers)
4. Click on “yes” to have the web directory featured on the home page. Set a monthly fee that you think will generate interest to the web directory. (i.e. $5-$20, or more)
5. Write signup information about the web directory below the month cost.
6. Write an intro regarding the web directory. You can convey what the web directory will accomplish such as helping people seeking cover letter writers, cover letter services, and resume services.
7. Manage the categories. Select “Top-level category” and name it. (i.e. Cover Letter Writers Directory or Cover Letter Services).
8. Write a description on the section. Tell a business they can list in the category. Communicate to visitors they can browse the directory to find a business or freelancer that provides the services.
9. Choose a sub-category such as Cover Letter Writers, Resume Services, Executive Cover Letters, and etc…Write a description about the section.
10. Submit all the changes to publish the web directory.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I have been using Why Park since April, 2010. If I can’t answer your questions, I know the right people I can ask. Good luck on building your web directory at Why Park.

Are you new to Why Park? Click on Why Park below to sign up for an account.

Why Park

December 12, 2010

I prepared an article on Resume Campus for students searching for an education path. Online schools and traditional schools are similar in many ways, but they are also different in most ways. You have to know what obstacles and challenges to expect when attending the two formats.

Resume Campus is quickly becoming one of my most popular websites next to and I was able to build traffic on the site in the matter of a month through writing popular articles. I intended for Resume Campus to represent a student center for resumes, cover letters, and employment.

However, the website has such a cool name, I’m experimenting with various articles to drive traffic over to the site. It has worked rather well, because the site never produced any traffic until I took the initiative to write keyword rich articles. I plan to experiment with my other sites, as well. I own 780 domains, so I can’t write content on all the sites, though I can choose the ones that generate the most traffic.

The following websites have done good with traffic. They have made back the cost of registration in a matter of a few months. I think they are popular niches with potential.
and a few others.

If you own a domain with a cool name, write articles on popular fields to build traffic. People will find your articles, and then you can build a following. Good luck!

Building domains into revenue sites

October 16, 2010

Domains are like stocks. However, a domain owner has more control over making revenue with their domains than they do with stocks.

How do you make revenue with your domains? There are many domain parking sites our there, but only a few offer quality services.

I personally like Why Park. I have the ability to control the content, and the basic service is free. The clicks may not be worth as much as the 80/20 Go Daddy park share; you do have the flexibility with promoting the website.

On Go Daddy, any clicks that are due to promoting the website will violate the terms of the parking agreement. I can assure you thar if your domain name is not a generic term, you’ll struggle to generate revenue.

The best option to make revenue is to use a search engine affiliate program and or to set up an account at Why Park. Why Park has many domain apps to add special shopping and business features.

I plan to develop the domains that are performing the best. I usually analyze the stats in the domain control section. I try to determine what content is most popular on the site, and then I concentrate on adding more similar material.

Another consideration is putting up a page with Google adsense. There are many options to make money. Good lick