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Domain Valuation based on the weight of keywords, and then a reported sale

January 14, 2011

Over the past year, thousands of elite domain names have changed ownership. Domain valuation tools such as Estibot keep track of the reported sales. Most of the time you can find a reported sale displayed below the extension list. The .co and .me domain names haven’t caught up in value unless there was a reported sale.

For example, a — name is only worth $15. After selling in an auction, the domain is now worth the amount of the reported sale. This valuation strategy is attributed to the market. appraises for $750, but only produces a $450 appraisal. I favor more because the keywords are searched more than 1,000+ times a month. Both domains can produce a sale.

I own, which appraises for $1600. The keywords are searched over 1,000 times a month. In addition, I also own The domain barely generates an keyword stats, pulling in at a $5 appraisal. receives more ad clicks and traffic, as opposed to, the valuable domain. If I sell for $1000, and the sale is reported, the domain will then appraise for $1,000.

The market valuation is a good tool, even though a random domain with no value can be appraised at $2,000. Suisun City only has one hotel, but many people search for hotels because they plan to visit relatives or friends. The surrounding cities, Fairfield and Vacaville, have a combined 210,000 people. When a person looking for a hotel in Suisun City types in the keywords in the search engine, a list of surrounding hotel will appear. There is value in owning both and In my opinion, is a good type-in domains to target hotels in the Solano County area. Hotels that operate in the area will benefit from owning such a domain.

The weight of the keywords, average keyword results, popular searches, Google Page Rank, Alexa, overture, CPC competition and amount, and the type of keywords targeting a niche are important factors in assessing a domain. Most elite domainers own so many domains, there is no possible way they can develop them all. Over time, many generic domains are assigned a Google Page Rank and an Alexa rank. They also generate unique traffic, as well.

A reported sale is an easy approach to increase the value of a domain name. Whereas, taking into account all the performance and keyword factors is better option to determine a domain’s worth. You can sell a $5 domain today for $1,000 at Sedo. That domain will be reported as a sale, which it will then be worth $1,000. Would I consider that an accurate valuation? In my opinion, a reported sale is an inaccurate way to assess the value of a domain name.

There is no accurate way to assign a value to a domain value. That is the reason reported sales are considered an obvious form of value. A home that sales in a particular neighborhood will set the tone for other homes also selling there. An owner selling a home for $500,000 will not attract value if other owners are selling their home in the same area for $200,000. Even such homes may have more than what the more pricier home is offering.

Domain names follow the same pricing method. It will take time for .co and .me domains to be assigned an accurate value. Many domain owners are turning down high offers on domains that be only worth $500 in the domain valuation. They’re experienced enough to know better to let these domains go for little money.

In assessing the .me market, the Sedo auction, private and public sales are helping .me to increase in value. That’s good news for my only .me domain – The Sedo .co auction a week after the Superbowl will likely further increase the value of the .co. Whereas, the .co land rush auctions already established a value on many generic .co domains. captured a nice sale at $70,000. The one character .co names are more so for domain investors and companies that pre-qualify to meet auction standards.

The only .co domains I own are,,,,, and I favor, and then You have to be the judge of the assessing the market to determine an appraisal value. Even a paid appraisal is not always going to be accurate. Every company bases the valuation on different standards.

Go Daddy provided me with 5 free domain appraisal ($15 version). The reported generated a $50,000 value on and a $40,000 value on I would like to believe that, but I know better. does generate consistent traffic. I may look to test the market on the domain. I think a good price, what Sedo recommends, is $1500. Mobile movies has high popular monthly search, both locally and globally. will be worth a god amount to the community organization in Suisun City. The domain appraises on Valuate and Estibot for $1300. I think a fair price for the domain is $1600. I will probably never sell the domain for that amount because Suisun City only has a population of 30,000. As their market grows, so will my GEO domain name such as,,,,,,,, and

In the meantime, every Suisun City domains already scored ad clicks and traffic. All the domain names are brandable to capture traffic in the surrounding Solano County cities (total population 450,000). I also own,,,,, and I’m confident can make some revenue, as well as GEO hotel domains that have over 1,000 popular searches can capture traffic. Such hotel names like,,,,, and have a chance to produce a sale. All it takes is for me to convince a hotel property that acquiring the hotel domains will reduce advertising costs, and lead sales agreement established with other companies.

Know that a domain’s true valuation is what a buyer is willing to pay for the domain. Valuation tools help to assign a value on the domain, which then a buyer and seller can negotiate to find a median price. For the most part, reported sales are treated as value. Many generic domains have value because they are generic, cover a large market spectrum, are brandable, have many average keyword results and popular searches, have a GPR, Alexa traffic rank and unique traffic. Some may not have any backlinks, or performance stats, but another company has a plan to develop the domain into a popular product or service website. In the end, you will determine the value of your domains. Valuation tools will be there to help you to make a buying and selling decision.

Good luck.

Advertisements acquired

January 14, 2011

In the past 6 months, .me scored some healthy sales. The official .me website can be reached by typing in a particular premium name such as

On this .me page, you will find recent .me sales, .me resources, and upcoming .me events. In my opinion, is overpriced at $3 million.

However, is a website that is valued at 7-8 figures due to its heavy unique traffic, 3 digit .com, domain age, and other impressive stats.

What is .me worth compared to .com? Can we safely place a valuation on .me compared to the .com? The .co is estimated to be worth 5% of the .com. What is .me worth? may hold an impressive .me portfolio, but their .me prices are extreme. They recently acquired for $20,000 at a New York City traffic event. They now want $3 million for the domain, $120,000 per month to lease the domain.

The website went on a .me buying spree, demonstrating their confidence in the extension. There are many .me domains still available for registration. Experiment with different keywords. You never know what .me you will find.

Check out the recent .me sales list. Thanks for reading.

In my opinion – The website is out of touch

January 13, 2011

I was searching for a few .me domains. I visited a website I never seen a site with so many overpriced domain names. If these domains names were .com, I would still be writing this article.

Who in their right mind will pay $120,000 a month to rent Websites that set such high prices are what makes domain investors look bad. This is the exact reason I have a hard time trying to sell a few premium .com domain names.

In my opinion, is out of touch with the domain world. I’m in the frame of mind. I can’t believe a website will set unreasonable prices on .me domain names.

The leasing prices are insane. for $3 million?Imagine if I notified an end-user to purchase The moment I utter $3 mi—, a company will hang up on me.

To make matters worse, the website attempts to build a case for acquiring domain names to save money on advertising costs. A company most likely will never make back a ROI.

I experienced conflict with an end-user when I offered a 12 year old domains that is worth 6 figures. The domain is owned by another. It is companies like the one headlining this article that frustrate me.

Check out the .me sales list below to form your own perception. In my
opinion, the .me prices below are outrageous. sold for $7820

January 13, 2011

Another DN Journal weekly domain sales report with a bunch of ????. I don’t think there’s a week that goes by where a sale doesn’t shock me. The new owner of paid $7820 for the domain.

The Montenegro extension has scored some major sales in the past few months. Sedo always has a role in brokering such domains. Should motivate me to keep Or should I sell the domain? I really don’t know what to think about the recent .me sales.

All I know is that my only .me domain is Maybe I should retain the domain until I can sell it for a nice amount. generates nearly 50 million average keyword results, and is searched nearly 200,000 times a month locally. Spirituality covers all aspects of religion, and even New Age stuff. Most psychics practice tarot card reading, palm reading and crystals in New Age stores that promote spirituality
books, music, and other relevant merchandise. is a quality domain name that has a bright future. The more .me domains that show up on DN Journal, the better chance I have to sell sold for $7820, which made the previous owner a nice chunk of change. The domain is still parked at Go Daddy.

My number #1 sale to date is .us job domain. I’m still searching for a good sale. If you own any .me domains, this is your chance to cash in on the hysteria. You never know what will happen in the near future.

Maybe the .me will become a .mobi. However, .mobi sales have made recent DN Journal domain sales lists. The extension is not as dead as a few newspapers reported this past year.

High .me sales prove there is a major market to develop personalized websites. Dust off your .me domains and make a big sale today. Good