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Know your market to sell domains: Domaining Tips

September 18, 2011

Are you trying to sell your domain names? Do you know the end-user market in your relevant niche? Don’t waste too much time contacting the wrong companies. Expect end-users to delay a sale.  Your best option to selling a domain name is to know your market.

Selling domain names is a tough task. You will experience challenges with selling top generic domain names. Domainers have a few options to sell their domain names.

  1. Sell to end-users (i.e. new startup, high traffic sites, and even low traffic sites)
  2. Sell to domainer
  3. Sell to friend
  4. Sell at auction
  5. Sell on free advertising sites
  6. Sell in domain forums
  7. Sell to established website
  8. Sell to companies listed in Yellow Pages with no website
  9. Sell to domain companies
  10. Sell to local business

You can sell your domain names to many entities. However, selling domain names require strategy. Owning the best generic domain names won’t guarantee you a sale. You have to build value into the domain name. Choose the right entity that needs your domain name.

Why are domain names hard to sell? Every company, domainer, and website have a different need. The key to selling a domain name is to identify a need. Any end-user, domainer, and a business will want a domain. Our wants and needs are different.

A high traffic website that loses traffic will need to solve their marketing dilemma. Therefore, there is a need to secure a domain name to reestablish traffic. Find relevant websites that are similar to your domain names. Visit to view the website’s performance as well as their competitors. Go to and locate the high impact queries (i.e. top keywords that deliver traffic).

Visit to locate site tags. Site tag are website’s top keywords used to drive traffic to them. Always purchase domain names with keyword value. Don’t risk your investment on future domain names you think are going to be worth money. Keyword domain names are the best option to increase your domain sales opportunities.

Education domains were once a safe bet. However, education domains are only good with high exact monthly searches and good CPC. They can make good ad revenue. It is rare for an education company to reply back to a sales pitches. These education companies are usually looking to purchase top keyword education domain names. For example, domain names such as,, and are top education domains that sold at high prices.

Whenever ‘online’ precedes an education product and or service, the CPC will usually generate a high competition among bidders. ‘Online’ is a high impact keyword. Job and resume sites attract end-users. There is good competition in the job and resume space, especially since affiliate programs pay good commission to push leads. You can make 20% off a resume and cover letter sale.

For the most part, developing such domains into high conversion websites require one to have strong web developing and SEO skills. You must get ranked on the first page of the major search engines to generate good traffic. Job and resume seekers prefer to choose job and resume companies on the first few pages. It is rare they will look past page #4 to find services and quality content.

If these job and resume seekers are serious enough to search for content, then they may choose content listed as #9o or #120. Why are keyword searches important to selling domain names? Your goal is to inform an end-user that they need your keyword domain. These domain names can easily become good type-in traffic sites. A few good leads can recoup an investment. You can save an end-user on advertising costs associated with Google AdWords.

Buy dot com domain names to fully maximize your domain sales. There is no other domain extension with as much success as the dot com. No matter what you hear from others, the dot com extension is the best. Try to locate high search dot com domain names with strong keyword value. These domains are still available to hand register.

Moreover, good keyword domains may be sitting around in an auction with no takers. The minimum criteria is 1000+ exact match searches per month. However, there are some great dot com domains with searches between 100-1000 (i.e. You may find quality domain names with no exact match searches. It is up to you to locate these domain gems.

Service domain names are valuable. If you own a generic service domain name, you increase your chance in making a sale.,,,,,, and other service-based domain names are golden assets in the end-user market.

You might want to trying cold calling a business. Be aware that most people you communicate with on the phone lack domain experience. They may assume their website is enough to conduct business on the net. Educating these websites is not worth your time unless the business is interested in what you have to offer them.

Be assertive the moment you reach a voice. Don’t say do you want a domain name. Instead, tell the end-user that you are offering them a domain name you think will help improve their business. Every time you offer a domain name, try to push the sale forward with trigger words such as improve, better, strong, web presence, more traffic, saving, quality traffic, and controlling the keyword.

Know everything you need to know about the end-user. Study the end-user with the same focus as when you research an employer to prepare for an interview. One friend told me that in the sales market, you will deal with 80% objections, 18% maybe or no, and 2% sure deals. Learn to strengthen your ability to handle objections. You can let an offer to cool off. Go after the deal until you there is a definite rejection and or a closed sale. A domain sale is completed once payment is received and the domain is pushed or transferred to the new owner.

What are the main objections in domain sales? The main objections are price, need, and trust. Businesses will be cautious with people they don’t know. They will make price excuses to divert a sale. Challenge an end-user’s advertising costs. Tell them a domain name will reduce their future advertising costs. Need is a major factor. Inform the end-user there is a need to gain quality traffic. A website can generate thousands of unique visits per month, but their traffic can lack quality visits. Price, need, and trust are common business objections. Focus on these objections to sell your domains.

In short, knowing your market will help you to make domain sales. Understanding the niche will improve your domain purchases. Thus, you will learn to buy the right domain names to sell to the right end-users. Always have a buyer in mind. Buy domain names you will keep if you can’t sell them. These domain action will alleviate the frustration if a domain never sparks any interest. Sooner or later, an end-user may make a random offer. You never know. Offer your domain names to as many people as possible. You will increase your chance to make a domain sale. Lastly, show confidence in the communication process to gain an advantage. Good luck on selling your domain names.


Sample Domain Name Sales Pitch to Contact an End-User by Email

January 28, 2011

Do you ever find yourself writing a book to contact an end-user? You don’t need to write a story to make a sale. The following sample sales pitches are posted on my secondary blog, Preparing a good sales pitch will gain an end-user’s attention.

Most end-users don’t have time to read long e-mails. Moreover, they would rather browse a direct sales pitch offering a domain name than to open an Excel file containing 100 domain names. The majority of the time I customize my sales pitch to entice the end-user. I analyze the end-user’s company, website, and my domain name to ensure I can meet the challenge. I prepared a few sample sales pitches on Domain Name Mojo. The images are below.

The following domain name sales pitch is shorter, and more direct:

Sample Domain Name Sales Pitch

There are many sale pitches you can use to contact an end-user. The moment you find a sales technique that works best for you, then ride the wave as long as you’re finding buyers. Please visit “Now is the best time to sell domains – how to sell domain names is posted on Domain Name Mojo. to read more about domain selling strategies. Please leave any comments below to share your sales pitches. Thank you.

The Value of to sell Domain Names

January 23, 2011

I’m not sure whether any domain investors have visited If you’re looking for a buyer, I believe this website will help you. After you search Google for potential buyers, input the website into the search window on will generate SEO information such as site tags, which are keywords a website uses to compete for traffic in different categories.

Furthermore, if you own any domain names that are an exact match to the website’s tags, you can use that information as a selling tool. High traffic websites may reply back to ask a price. Even low traffic sites that want to establish a web presence may take a chance on acquiring your domain name.

The keyword to selling a domain name is finding the right buyer. There is always a buyer for a good name. A good name is a domain with market value. It will have exact match keywords without the extra baggage. Adjectives such as the following are good to attract attention to a product, but I believe that service domains must have an exact match to increase your chances at making a sale.

Adjective Examples

– Hot
– Dynamic
– Awesome
– Top
– Best
– All About
– Good

The adjective above are effective in the product and job niche, but can weigh down other domain names. However, there are some valuable domains that contain the adjectives above, though I never really search for such domains. My searches are all about the exact name. I wouldn’t consider all great domain names to be generic. Google suggestion keywords are important to me. IF I can type in the keywords into Google, and they pull up as a search suggestion, I know that people are typing in the keywords.

Although, I would rather own a GEO job or hotel domains, I feel that using ‘Dynamic’ or ‘Best’ as adjectives to describe the keywords are like a chained chess that won’t unlock a potential sale. They are anchors that keep a boat from moving across the ocean. Too many adjectives weigh down a domain. However, if was available, I believe that is a good domain name. I don’t care too much for acquiring reverse order domains. I never sold any. In addition, failed to find a buyer.

I try to find the domains I know a company will want. is a great selling tool to reveal site tags. Exact match service domains are highly marketable such as,,,,, and another other category that has many keyword results. Some may challenge me on suggesting that the adjectives listed above are good adjectives that add value to a domain name for SEO purposes, or as marketing tools. In my opinion, adding any of those adjectives to my past sales would have amounted to zero sales. will help you to identify the tags a website uses. You have leverage presenting an exact match domains that are listed as tags than offering a domain name with too many adjectives. Don’t get me wrong, long tailed domains are valuable. is a major 6-7 figure domain name. and the .org have great value due to their high CPC (i.e. attorney, treatment, health care, insurance, etc), and relevant demand. I own the domain The domain has a high CPC in the $22 range. Estibot only values the domain at $5, but this domain is much more valuable in a sense that it can be developed in a reliable information site. Imagine the value of the ad clicks for attorneys, health care, treatment, and so forth. Adding addition keywords to compliment the category is useful to narrowing down a topic.

There are many resume websites that outperform and I’m sure the subdomain of a generic domain spend a lot of money on SEO services, print advertisements, affiliate programs, and by bidding on keywords. Your goal to sell a domain is to find a website or company that will want to use the domain to either build a website, point to an existing site, to build mini-sites, and essentially own the keyword category. Type-in any high traffic in They will likely provide you with the site tags.

Ask the following questions. What type of services or products does the website provide their customers and clients? How important are the keywords to the company? Will a consumer identify the company’s products and service with the domain name? Will paying 5 figures to acquire help a company that sells HDMI cables? Companies have the money to spend. You know that a domain name is good when you get an immediate reply asking for the price. On opposing side, a domain name that never receives any responses, or is one that you can’t seem to find a home other than in your possession may be worth analyzing to consider its marketing value. Why waste weeks, and even months trying to sell a decent domain name? Your time will be better spent promoting your best domains.

Domain names with low average keyword results and barely any searches can be awesome. If the domain name is great, it really doesn’t matter what an appraisal system conveys to you. You can sell this domain to a company that provides the exact service or sells the exact product. will guide you to the lighthouse tower with a potential buyer awaiting your domain. Your domain is like a ship sailing the sea.

What will it take for you to reach your destination? You need tools to navigate a sale. Many domain commentors will oppose anyone that considers traffic, Google Page Rank, keyword performance, and any other stats as factors to determine a domain’s value. They will sway one away from the riches. The generic quality of a domain can represent a name with little searches and average keyword results. And this domain name can be the most marketable service as company has to offer their customers. Find what site tags a website uses to capture traffic.

Know everything there is to know about the website and your domain. If they request traffic, and your domain doesn’t generic any traffic, tell them your site is only parked. Be transparent about the domain. Build value in the domain name and the keywords. Having high traffic will also attract major attention. Good domain names are those that describe a particular product, service, and anything else a company depends on to operate their business. When you visit Wal-mart and Target, you will notice they sell many products. What are the name of these products? Non stick cooking pans, stainless steel knives, leather backpacks, leather jackets, and many other products are descriptive, and valuable. They are usually made of a specific material, or have additional adjective to describe them.

I would have to spend a fortune to market I wouldn’t waste the time or the money to register the domain. is a good domain tool to analyze SEO relevant information. Site tags are the key to unlock a sale. Good luck Thanks for reading.

Below are the site tags I use for Domaining Mojo. is pointed to is masked. I would prefer a site that specifically runs off the domain name itself, but I would be open to possibly expanding the blog to reach a larger audience.

Why ‘Why Park’ is the best solution to sell domains

December 11, 2010

Why Park is a quality domain development platform with the potential to influence a sale. If you add the right apps and content on your domains, people will find your site through Google and other search engines.

In the domain settings section, you can select the for sale option to promote your domain. On the left side of the site, a “this site is for sell” will appear.” This will increase your chance at finding a buyer.

Parked pages don’t have the same flexibility. My Go Daddy 80% share parking account was canceled back in August because I advertised my domains for sale on various online advertising sites. They claimed my traffic was not due to organic search results.

Why Park is the best domain platform to write articles, to manage text links, to add banners, affiliate banners, and to link up to a for sale page at Sedo, Go Daddy, Buy Domains, and other selling platforms.

While you look for a buyer, you can make money with ad clicks, compare shopping apps, and web directory listings. In addition, you can add html banners and various affiliate links to make revenue.

Try Why Park today to make a sale tomorrow. Click on Why Park above.

How to sell a domain

November 30, 2010

How to sell a domain? I’m confident that domain investors are more interested in selling than in buying domain names. Of course, there are many buyers that are always searching for the best deals. However, domaining is no fun if you can’t make a sale. The following steps will carve out a sales plan to attract interest to your domain.

Step 1: The first step is to determine which domain is worth investing the time into selling.

Step 2: Once you determine which domain to sell, place the keywords into Google. Put parenthesis around the keywords to generate an organic search.

Step 3: Make a list of companies that are featured in the sponsored section. These are the companies that bid on the exact keywords.

Step 4
: Make a list of websites that are on Google 1-3.

Step 5: Visit all the companies that have active websites. Go to their contact section. The website will either have a template to type a message or have an e-mail address. Find the marketing and sales department.

Step 6
: Prepare a sales pitch that introduces yourself. Mention that you own the specific domain name. Tell the company that owning the keyword domain will reduce their advertising cost.

Step 7: Note that you’re also offering the name to other competitors in the category. The goal is to put doubt in the company’s mind to whether their advertising costs are actually generating results. Many companies pay for advertising, but they assume it is actually working to their advantage. Focus on saving them money.

Step 8: Tell the company that if they’re interested in the domain to reply back as soon as possible. Thank them for their time.

Step 9: When the company responds back with a price request, set the price 25% higher than your projected goal.

Step 10: Be persistent until you reach an agreement or they decline the deal.

Step 11: Send out many emails to relevant companies. Use Estibot Whois to email domain owners who have similar domains. Offer the domain to them. Ask whether they will be interested in browsing your domain portfolio. You may have a domain they wanted in the past, but couldn’t get because another owned it. But, you grabbed it on the drop, and now they have an opportunity to purchase the name.

Step 12: Don’t call companies. They are usually rude to solicitors. Emailing a business is much more effective.

Step 13: Use the Yellow Pages to find relevant companies and businesses that lack a web presence. Build interest in the domain.

Step 14: Advertise your domains on Craig’s List and other free advertising websites. You never know who will come across the domain. Provide a link to the sales page. Don’t trust spammers that try to make faulty deals such as asking for information to present to their lawyer, and to transfer over domains without paying first.

Step 15: Be direct. Be professional. Don’t show your struggling or that you’re having difficulty generating interest on the domain.

Step 16: Be patient. Be confident. Send out many email requests. You have a greater chance in finding a buyer. Share less information with established Internet companies (deal with price only). Provide information to companies that are new to the Internet.

Things to avoid:

1. Don’t share too much information

2. Don’t tell the company what you paid for the domain

Most importantly – Good luck!

How to sell a domain name

October 23, 2010

Many domain investors write articles on how to sell a domain name. For the most part, I never really see any new techniques introduced in these posts. What I see is mostly criticism associated with setting high prices, giving up and losing the motivation to buy the right domains.

How to sell a domain? Most new domainers are trying to figure out a good selling technique. I can assure you that selling is not that easy. However, if you’re persistent enough, I guarantee you that you’ll sell a domain.

The most important aspect of selling a domain is understanding your target audience. Who will want to visit the domain if it is developed into a website? Once you figure out your target audience, you will then know where to find a buyer.

Next step is to type in your domain’s keywords into the search engine. Thousands, and maybe millions of keyword results will show up. In order to generate a more condensed search, place parenthesis around the keywords. The search will turn up average keyword results.

Once you generate the average keyword results, browse the various websites that are related to the keywords. Visit their website. Customize an e-mail that opens with,

Subject: up for sale


I own the domain name The domain is currently registered at Go Daddy, who is the leading domain name marketplace. I plan to put up for sale.

I noticed that your company deals mostly with film industry jobs. I’m confident that will be a great addition to your business plan. Since scriptwriting jobs are in constant demand, a domain such as scriptwriting will help you generate more writing traffic.

Your company can develop a landing page that provides information on scriptwriting jobs, including a link to forward traffic to your scriptwriting jobs section.Furthermore, you can capture all organic type-in traffic.

Domain forwarding is an effective marketing tools which points traffic to an existing website. Most companies have implemented domain forwarding into their marketing plans. is currently located on Google Page #1, which will give you an opportunity to gain some additional traffic.

If you’re interested in acquiring a quality domain, please make me a reasonable offer. Thank you for your time. I look forward to your reply.

Domain Owner

Send out these e-mails to companies that are listed on the first three Google pages. Also, consider searching for the Whois for domain owners that own similar domain names. They might be interested in acquiring the domain.

Write a blog post on the domain name to build value into the domain. List the domain on Sedo, Go Daddy and on Buy Domains. Advertise the domain on free online websites such as Craig’s List, Sales Spider and a few others.

I prefer to either communicate with a buyer directly or to push sales leads to my Sedo listing. When you receive an offer for a domain, don’t get too attached to setting high prices. Know exactly what the domain is worth because pricing will make or break a sale. Utilize the price and make an offer option on Sedo. I lost three sales based on price alone.

Make it a point to know everything there is to know about niche. I have a BA in Film & Media Studies. I have been screenwriting for the past two decades. I understand the value of owning Research the industry, the target audience and the consumer base.

Most companies will find every way possible to reject a domain. You have to convince them that owning a quality domain name will improve their traffic and will help them to maintain brand awareness.

Don’t be afraid of rejection. I have been rejected many times, but I’m always persistent with finding another potential lead to buy a domain. When you reply to rejection e-mails, thank the buyer for responding – be professional and courteous. You never know when they may send you a message asking for your domain portfolio.

Always keep a list of past buyers. These buyers may know another person or business that may be interested in buying your domains. Effective communication is the key to selling domains. You have to be confident about your domain portfolio. Don’t ask a buyer to look at your unappealing list of domains.

I once received a reply that my domain doesn’t receive traffic, and why should they acquire the domain. I responded back with two pages of information on the domain, such as stats, searches, market and other good facts. They asked me how much I think the domain is worth. I responded back with a value, and then split the price in half. I made 30 times the cost of registration in 5 months. That same buyer purchased 3 more domains 6 weeks later at 22 times the cost of registration.

Don’t expect to buy many domains, park them, and to receive many offers. I have only received two random offers in the past year. The majority of the time, I invest time into sending e-mails and preparing advertisements. Build your domains on Why park or use the Go Daddy website tonight template. Advertise your domain for sale.

If you follow these steps, you will have a greater chance at selling your domains. I can’t guarantee you that you’ll sell a domain. It really depends on the domain name, the market, and whether companies and domain investors are willing to spend money. You can definitely make a sale with e-mailing companies and domain owners. Good luck.