Registering Domain Names

Most people try to be creative with registering domain names. I used to create names such as and returns many average keyword results and monthly searches. Registering domain names require one to understand the search engines.

The search engines record every bit of communication that occurs on the Internet. If you make a comment, write a blog, and run a website, you will notice that your content will show up in the search engine.

For example, I visit a blog to ask questions about a particular domain name. When I mention the domain name, I’m basically linking up to the blog. Any communication that takes place in regards to the domain will show up in the search engines.

The next time, do an experiment with a domain name. Go to a popular blog. Ask the blog owner and or another domain investor about ways to develop and or to sell a specific domain name.

In a few weeks, the content may show up in Google. Good way to check is to type in the domain name. When you register domain names, think about words people commonly use to describe a particular field.

If you’re looking for a resume domain, people commonly write or comment with “a resume” “my resume” “your resume,” and more. These domains pull up as average keyword results such as when you put parenthesis parse out the sporadic word placement, instead to pair the keywords together.

Another example is the education field. What do people usually attach to a college degree? “a College Degree” “my College Degree” ‘College Degree in” “College Degree From,” and so forth.

Another common is what Rick’s blog mentioned regarding his oil spill domain name registrations of “Oil Spill in the Gulf.” These are terms that are searched for in the search engines. People maybe put “Oil Spill in the Gulf” or when they place “oil spill” in the search window, Google provide results for “Oil Spill in” and then “Oil Spill in Gulf.”

I recently located a few domains that Frank Schilling has up for sale – and In the second domain, “Resume and Cover Letter” is a common term that is searched for in the search engine.

You don’t always have to look for the generic term. Think about what terms people enter into the search engines. That is the main reason I registered,, and Check the appraisal value of these domains on and or

The keyword results are very high. In addition, the average monthly searches for are high, as well as the CPC. has a high Type-in score because people are typing in College Degree in Business, College Degree in Economics, College Degree in Computers, and so forth.

“MY” is one of the most popular extensions to add to any domain name. They’re extremely valuable, especially if you own,,, and any other popular keyword that pairs with the main attraction. People refer to “my….” in the search engines.

Furthermore, my is a personal reference that compliments another word well. And you’ll have an easy to remember domain name with many visitors, or a good domain to push traffic to another website. Good luck.


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2 Comments on “Registering Domain Names”

  1. jazzman Says:

    How would you turn into a profitable website?


  2. Jason Says:

    I would develop a college search engine, including extensions such as College Degree from an Accredited College, College Degree from Home, College Degree from a Community College, College Degree a University, College Degree from an Online School, College Degree from a specific university (i.e. UCLA, etc), College Degree from Online, College Degree from Business Schools, and so forth.

    The keywords are searched for almost 5,000 times a month locally and 17,000 globally. The average keyword results are over 2 million. The cpc is $6.76.

    I would probably discuss how I earned my AAs, BA and MA degree. I could write “how to” steps on making it through a course, provide writing tips, provide sample papers, and etc..

    How to articles are very popular. When people are searching online, they usually type an extension to narrow their search. I would either use an affiliate program or work out a commission with various collegse, and also link my resume and job sites to

    Furthermore, I can feature work with loan
    companies to push traffic from my site to theirs. I also have, and, which are all popular search engine terms. Degrees in Business, Degrees in Nursing, Degrees in Marketing, College Degree in Economics, College Degree in Sociology, and etc…

    I can point a few dozens of my popular .info and .org sites to On the contrary, this plan is more so a rough draft than an actual business plan.



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