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Cover letter domains

November 27, 2010

Why do I continue to buy domains that others consider to be worthless? For example, I purchased many resume and cover letter domains to tap into a market that complimented my education and job domains.

I never purchased resume and cover letter because I discovered that Frank Schilling owns the best resume and cover letter keyword names. Sedo’s, and sales didn’t inspire me to buy resume and cover letter domains.

The main reason I continue to buy cover letter domains is because there are still many good names available. I located a few good names that produce more than 1,000+ local monthly searches. 1000+ popular searches are important to me, especially since I know that people are looking the specific terms in the search engines. Furthermore, the high number of searches gives me a better chance to produce an ad click.

Most people will never click on That is because the domain is nonexistent in the search engine. If I decide to brand the website, I can make revenue with displaying cover letter samples, examples, templates, writing service, and tips.

Cover letters are extremely important. The term is searched for thousands of times per month. The owner of is asking $2,000 for his domain at Go Daddy. Cover letter services are popular outside of the United States.

Cover letters are identical to the setup in a film. Employers want to know more about the background of an applicant beyond the resume. Any person that provides a summation of their resume in the cover letter will jeopardize their chance to secure an interview.

I know that for a fact because I attempted to use a generic cover letter to apply for multiple positions in the past. I made a few adjustments, but the theme remained the same. I never landed any job based on my education and experience.

The cover letter includes four paragraphs – the opening with how the job position was located and state of interest, education, personal experience, stories, connections, and conclude with scheduling an interview. The cover letter represents the opening act to building interest in the job candidate.

How will an employer choose one person out of 200? Every resume looks the same, 90% of the applicants have college degrees, and many have a strong work history. The cover letter is what will win over the employer. People treat the cover letter as a small part of the job search process. However, a job applicant has to rise above their competitors to show that they deserve the position.

Writing query letters to entice studios to read a spec script has just as much value as a screenplay. If I sent my screenplay into a studio, they would probably toss it in the garbage can. On the contrary, sending an excellent crafted query letter first, and then following up with a cold call will get attention.

I don’t register just any cover letter domains. I determine which keywords are important to the industry, as well as study the keyword stats to find the small gems. The following domain names are searched for over 1,000+ times a month locally: is a good domain name that produces nearly 1 million average keyword results. Some may think resume and cover letter domains have no value, but I generate consistent traffic, and produce clicks on many of the keyword domains.

I prepared the previous post at a time when I felt undervalued. Many people in the past judged my portfolio based on a few domains, but they never looked at my entire list. I don’t pay yearly fees because I only started getting serious about domaining this past Jan. Before then, I only spent $140 on 20 domain names.

I evaluate my domains based on their market value, stats, sales, clicks, traffic, and on whether I can develop the domains in the near future. If I allow 240 domains to drop this February, I lose nothing. I already made 80%+ of my investment, and still have many domains to sell.

I did lose out on a potential $1200 deal for two ticket domains due to sharing too much information on their potential use. However, I know these names can sell in the near future. I received a reply back from another big company that is looking to make an offer on the two ticket domains. Since I keep placing my domains up for sale in NYC, instead of moving them around the country, I don’t get the same results as in March.

I want to be more successful, such as selling $1,000+ domains. I’ve already have been with buying and selling. I don’t think there are any unregistered domains that are quality organic type-ins. Even such domains that produce big sales are not commonly typed into the address bar. I never type-in any keywords in the address bar unless these sites are ones that I usually visit on a daily basis.

I’ll never type-in,,,,,,,,, and etc… I already know who runs these websites, so I don’t a need to visit the websites based on their generic type-in value.

Bank of America paid $3 million for over a decade ago. This past month, only 177 unique visitors typed the generic name in their address window. The domain produced 4,000 unique visitors back in March 2010 because the traffic was forwarded to their mortgage section. Currently, BOA decided to forward traffic to their main website address, which I think has impacted their overall traffic numbers.

I want people to return to my website. That’s the main reason I decided to purchase I may look into building the domain, so that job seekers have a location to research resume, cover letter, job tips, and other information to help them compete against other job applicants.

I know that I have a few good domains that have future potential. represents another great opportunity to target people that are searching to attend certified taxi schools. Mostly every big city have taxi schools. The average keyword results are not as high as the singular version, although the keywords will have type-in and search engine value. is a good coin website that help collectors to avoid buying fake coins, to educate them on appraising coins, and to find coin dealers in their area.,,,, and are all brandable domain names. Beauty salons that are looking to establish a website presence may look into purchasing these domains in the near future.

Experienced web users rarely type-in generic names in the search window. Generic names only receive about 10% traffic from type-ins. Domain owners depend on branding domains, pulling up in the search engine use SEO to build interest in specific keywords, and establishing success in a respective field.

Most people that never heard of would never type-in the address. But, when people go to the movies and watch continuous Fandango commercials, and then go home to watch television commercials, they’ll probably visit the website. Advertising tools have a tendency to entice a target audience to take notice.

Furthermore, works with to increase their traffic. Affiliate programs enable companies, blog, and domain investors to push sales leads to for a small commission. Once the general public catches on to the name, they will be curious about visiting a website. Such a process is deemed as branding a website to target a specific audience.,, and are good names. Maybe not in a sense of appraisal value, or type-in, but as brandable names that are close to the generic name with an “i” leading them. I know for certain the owners of the generic names will not sell them. Even if they decided to do so, they would ask top dollars, probably ranging from $50-150K.

Why not grab a hold of the “i” version? “i” domains are becoming more popular for partnership and branding purposes, which is the reason sold for $6500 two weeks ago – based on Apple’s inewsstand plan. That particular site doesn’t produce any keyword stats to make it worth a $1. However, the domain probably attracted interest for $6500 mainly because the site will be worth a fortune after hits the market. High keyword results and monthly searches will increase the domain’s value.

I have plans for’s traffic has recently tailed off. The website used to generate quality traffic.

I always do research when purchasing domains, determining who may be interested in acquiring such domains. Most sellers are having trouble producing a sale because end-users are preparing for the upcoming year. They’re careful on making large purchases, especially when business is unpredictable.

I plan to write more on my resume and cover letter domains. To this point in time, the following domains have produced the top sales for me:

1. Job Domains
2. Taxi Domains
3. Movie Domains
4. Tourism Domains
5. Cake Domains

The domains I sold in the areas above are not even classified as my best. I don’t own any elite domain names, but I have many domains I respect. When you respect something or someone, you will do whatever it takes to promote them. I’m looking forward to selling my education, job, and resume domains.

As indicated on the traffic chart above, I will use the recent decline in traffic to promote a few cover letter domains. I know that keyword domains can push traffic over to a website. Why not try to give a company a reason to purchase a domain? When traffic dwindles, the revenue will follow closely behind. Good luck.