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Find a niche market

September 27, 2010

Successful domaining requires finding a niche that you feel most confident in pursuing. Many elite domain investors try to judge your domain portfolio. They’re not discrete about their assessment. The best strategy to combating criticism is to focus on a niche market.

Whenever any domainer begins domaining with hand registrations and or with a few domains purchased in an auction, they need to find a niche market. Competing with other domain investors and companies requires one to know what is going to be popular, as well as what domains will produce immediate sales. What niches are most popular in domaining?

Jobs, education, fitness, health care, travel, and other niches attract interest. What area do you find yourself investing the most time into expanding? I find that online education domains are a high niche that is in constant demand.

I stocked up on many quality education sites. As many education domains that I’ve purchased, there are many more available. Some of these domains appraise for $2000+. Many buyers may have a problem with paying you $2000 for a domain name you registered a few weeks prior.

The goal is to build value into the domain. Once you establish an Alexa ranking, build links, and move up to Google Page 1 or 2, you can present these high priced domains to a prospective buyer.

Finding a niche involves knowing everything about the domain name. If you choose education or jobs as your niche, be ready to discuss specific facts regarding the keywords. Build value into the domain name. There are many times where a buyer will question whether they need domain.

Take for instance; master the education niche requires one to know which degrees are popular, the types of degree, the CPC, the amount of searches, keyword results, .com type-in traffic, popularity of the field, target market, and all other characteristics concerning the domain’s keywords.

When you find a niche, there is no reason you can make a sale. Price will be the last obstacle to closing a sale. Build enough value into the domain to increase the value in the domain name.

Consider mastering a niche market that you find most appealing, and don’t mind investing the time to learn every which way to respond to objections. Target a niche market that is widespread, such as a product or service that is universal.

Good luck on finding a niche to increase your domain sales.


Made an unplanned sale

September 27, 2010

When I woke up this morning, I never planned to make a sale. I sorely needed a sale to boost my spirit. Everything seems to be going wrong at the worst possible time.

For the past week, I tried my hardest to push many job-related domains and various other domains to pay for living expenses and to fund my college education. Domaining is hard to do when you have many obligations, especially ones that are related to financial struggles.

I looked in my e-mail box, never expecting any domain inquiries or anything positive to improve my situation. There is one particular domain .com job domain that I’ve owned since February. Tomorrow, the domain will turn 7 months old. I never mentioned owning the domain name to the past buyer.

So this past buyer asked me how much I knew about job field associated with the domain name. I knew enough to attract interest for the domain. I wrote about job opportunities, what markets sparked interest for the job, and how the domain could be implemented into a successful business plan.

Essentially, I increased interest regarding the domain. I already knew the buyer wanted the domain. Instead of setting a price, I mentioned a few prices generated from two platforms, discussed the type of job, and asked them to make me a fair offer based on the information in hand.

I ended up receiving a great price for the domain. I was definitely motivated about selling the domain. The domain was pushed over in a few minutes, and payment arrived in a matter of 5 minutes.

While domaining may not always be this easy, it sure helps to know the buyer because it helps to make the selling process goes much smoother. I never expected to make a sale, but I was prepared to build value into the domain.

Learning the niches in your domain portfolio will prepare you to negotiate with a potential buyer. I never expected to move a domain this weekend. In order to do well in the domaining world, you must know how to convince the buyer to buy your domain using stats and information.

Good luck on domaining.

The .net Dilemma

September 24, 2010

Over the past several months, I discovered that .net domains are an impossible sale. No matter how good the name, companies always seem to want the .com. If you have an opportunity to purchase a .net domain, make sure the all the extensions are taken and the name is marketable.

I own a few .net domains that are quality names. They produce many keyword results and monthly popular searches. The main problem with trying to sell these names are that businesses don’t understand the value of any extension past the .com.

I spend hours trying to convince these businesses that owning other extensions past the .com is just as good. One can assess the TLD extensions like cars. The .com is the top of the line, while the .mobi is more on the low end. The .net represents the second model.

What puzzles me most is the names that I’m presenting to these businesses. I see lesser names sell on auctions sites, and through brokerage departments online. I really want to know how these owners are attracting attention to their .net domain names.

I can assure you that I work extremely hard to make sales. It’s not as easy as some make it out to be. If you factor in the time it takes to sell domains, you may be disappointed after calculating your total investment.

In in no way is it easy to move a .net. All companies seem to only want the .com. I have sold a few .us domains, and a .info. Furthermore, the .com is my leading extension in terms of making sales. I have tried many times to push .net, and it never works.

Hopefully, I have better luck in the near future. I don’t plan to buy anymore .net domains until I sell one. It doesn’t matter how good the name or the market, well unless it’s or Other than those names, I’m not interested in purchasing any .net domains. The .net domain name extension is a tough sale.

Frustrated about losing

September 23, 2010

I found a domain name several weeks ago. I continued to wait on registering the domain because I didn’t have the money to buy it, and I chose to purchase a few other domain names instead.

Even at the cost of $7.87 .com, I find myself struggling to purchase a few domains. I know that I made a mistake, especially when this domain is going to be worth a lot of money in the near future.

The domain that I lost was After checking the appraisal on the domain again, I was going to register the domain right after. However, another person registered the .com and the .info. I feel like I walked off of a slot machine, and someone else hit the mini jackpot.

I wasted too much time cold calling companies today. I can’t seem to understand that no business will ever agree to buy a domain name on the phone. They always reject me each and every time. I try hard to make these sales, but these companies continue to disregard domain names as unnecessary to their business plan. is going to be one of those domains I will regret not buying, especially when I had the domain name in my Go Daddy box earlier today. What makes it worse is that I discovered the domain name a few months ago, but kept waiting to purchase it.

“Degree from College” are popular keywords that appear in the Google search suggestions. I knew this because I own and I snoozed on registering the domain name

This seems to be a recurring theme, since I can’t barely purchase gas and buy food. I always lose the best domain names. I wrote about losing a few weeks ago. However, I should have purchased long ago.

My lesson is to never wait on any domains because there are always others searching for the same exact variations. I think this is one of the biggest domain name mistakes I’ve ever made. The more I look at the name, the more frustrated I get.

I have to accept the fact that when you struggle due to college tuition and living expenses, that it will probably be the reason you miss out on the best domain names. Never wait on registering a domain name. Good luck on domain investing.

Noticing a Domain Name Trend

September 20, 2010

Everyone knows that Frank Schilling is the one of the most important domain investors in the domain name industry. He owns many of the best domain names in the world. Whenever you’re looking for a specific domain name, you may come across Frank Schilling’s web page.

The domain name is up for sale on Domain Name Sales. This is one of the best domain names you will come across. I own, which I plan to retain as a future investment. Sedo commissioned for $4100 this past December.

I noticed that Frank is holding onto certain domain names, while he is putting others up for sale. is up for sale, but is not. is another domain name that Frank owns. The domain name is not currently up for sale.

I came to a conclusion that certain domain names are earning more revenue than others, or that Frank uses a system. We all know that he owns hundreds of thousands of domain names. I’m sure that most domainers have landed on a domain name that Frank owns. and are two other domain names that Frank has up for sale.

The Domain Name Sales box shows up on the two domain names above. Essentially, there seems to be a criteria as to which domains are put up for sale, and which are kept off the sales list. If I had the money to make a large purchase, I would definitely purchase is a major domain name that will continue to increase in value, especially when the job market stabilizes in near future. I can’t think of many domain names that are as appealing as is another great domain name that is not up for sale. I recently acquired and

I feel that the most popular domain names are in the education and job fields. Furthermore, domain names such as produce many keyword results and popular monthly searches. I happen to own, and

In essence, I own a few domain names that are similar to Franks’. My collection is .0000001, as compared to Franks’. However, I’m confident that my domain portfolio will continue to grow. I know exactly what domain names to hand register, and how to find a buyer. In regards to domain name acquisitions, I only paid above the cost of registration on one occasion. This past January, I won a domain name in a Go Daddy auction.

I built my entire domain portfolio on hand registrations. The domain name trend that I’m noticing is that names that are not up for sale are probably generating some nice revenue, so it is a good time to sell the domains.

The domain names that are up for sale may be generating good revenue, but there’s probably some sort of criteria set into place to determine their sales status. It may be a good time to move certain names while the market is still strong. is up for sale, but is not. is not up or sale, while and are currently up for sale.

In my opinion, Frank uses a system to determine which names to sell, and which ones to keep – i.e. revenue earnings, market trend, popularity, sentimental value, and etc. is an awesome domain. I own

I see major potential in resume domain names. The job market will rebound soon enough. Resume, jobs, and education are the most influential domain names in the market. If you want to make money, invest in domain names that fall into the categories listed above.

Good luck on domaining and domain investing.

Top 10 domains you wished you own

September 18, 2010

99.9 % of my domain collection was built on hand registrations. I spend a lot time creating names that I think will be popular. I thought about how cool it would be to a premium domain name.

If I had an opportunity to travel back in time to register any 10 domain names, I would register the following names:

What domain names would you register during the beginning?

Warren Buffet predicts a good forecast for the economy

September 17, 2010

Every economic analyst is trying to use the current state of the economy to inject fear into the mass. There’s always a negative outlook to what is expected of the future economy, however, Warren Buffet claims the economy will successfully rebound.

This past year, I invested in many job-related and service domains. I also have a few that are up for sale on the side panel of this blog. These domains can be easily developed into websites that provide job resources for that specific job. You don’t need to own a .com to be successful.

I have domains such as,,, (dog walker, groomer, and pet services) and many more that are up for sale. I’m willing to negotiate on a good deal. Please view the list of domains on the side panel to determine which you find will fit your business plan.

Once you acquire a job-related domain name, you can work with various job companies to market their jobs and to put up adsense to make revenue. When Buffet speaks of a “rosy economy,” he knows that there will be many great opportunities. This is the time to acquire job domains, because they will be hard to find in the near future.

The main reason I’m selling a few of my job domains is because I plan to develop my education domains. In order to develop these sites, I will need to raise enough funds to pay for logo designs, advertising and for developer services.

I assure you that any one of the job domains have the ability to generate income. You can hire a freelance writer on to write articles at an affordable rate. Provide pictures, articles, job search engine and etc. As the job market begins to regain steam, so will your job domains.

Market your job sites using a newsletter. Please let me know if you’ll be interested in acquiring any of the domain names. I will work out a deal. I put appraisal prices on the domain, which will give you starting point to negotiate. Domains without prices attract very little attention since the buyer has no idea what price the seller is looking to get on the domain.

Good luck