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Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants

November 2, 2010

Last night I witnessed the San Francisco Giants win a championship. I have been waiting for years to see them finally earn a ring. The Giants have superb pitching, quality defense, clutch hitting, and excellent coaching.

I made it a point to write a few articles on the World Series on I also put up a shopping app with San Francisco Giants gear on the home page. When you park domains, always look for ways to promote them. Pay attention to current trends, so that you can customize the content.

Sedo and Go Daddy’s parking system have restrictions, which makes it hard me to promote the domains, or I risk cancellation. In result of these restrictions, I decided to move all my domains over to Why Park. I have the ability to write articles, put up links, and to promote my domains.

Take advantage of the market. When you write articles, identify your target audience. Who’s going to visit your website? What do people type into the search engine window? I would suggest that you develop a website. Using parking accounts is cool if you have little money to spend, or lack ample time to invest into building your domains.

Adsense has never worked for me, but maybe you have a better domain to monetize. Don’t pay too much attention to people who criticize your domain names, or disregard your strategies. There are plenty of opportunities to succeed in the domain industry. Essentially, you control your fate.

The San Francisco Giants never listened to the critics. Each time they advanced to the next round, the pundits would choose the other team to win. The Giants continued to play hard. They never gave up, even when the moment looked hopeless. Because of their will to win, the Giants defied the odds to win their first title in San Francisco, and to end the franchise drought of 56 years without a title.

When you buy and sell domains, focus on your target audience. You might find valuable domains with millions of keyword results and searches, but there may be little demand in the market to resell the domain. Look for product and service domains, as well as education domains. Try as hard as you can to locate .com domains. Don’t always go after the .net unless the .com is taken, and there is demand for the keywords.

I own a few .net domains, but never had any luck selling any of them. My recent .net domain acquisitions are:

I own around 50-75 .net domains. I recently acquired I believe this domain will generate future interest. It’s a short domain with popular keywords, produces millions of keyword results, and is searched for millions of times globally. Focus on selling outside of the US. The majority of big sales featured on the DN Journal are those that come from foreign companies and investors.

Read every Wednesday. Research the domains that sell, and determine the reason they produce a sale. Type-in the address, and see where the domain points to, or whether it’s being developed into a website.
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Think about how the San Francisco Giants won their first title. Use that concept to find good domain names, and to sell them, as well. Don’t listen to people that criticize you, unless their advice is good. Good luck!