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Registered a few domains

November 7, 2010

My recent domain registrations continue to be geared towards resume and cover letter domains. I assure you that there are plenty of quality domains available for registration. I registered the following domains a few days ago.

Most of the domains above have good keyword metrics. I make it a point to keep “top” “best” “amazing” “good” and any other adjectives away from most domains. As you can see, the domains are specific names that are commonly searched for in most search engines.

A few domains are not as valuable as the two word domains, such as and, but they do produce a good amount of monthly searches and average keyword results. should’ve been registered long ago. However, I was lucky enough to find the domain. The average keyword results are close to 700,000 and the average monthly searches are near 1,500 per month. is another quality domain with huge potential.

With demand for nurses, and nursing shortages across the US, there are an abundance of nurses searching for resume and cover letter services. The target audience for the nursing domains above are new nursing graduates, nurses that plan to relocate, and nurses seeking higher positions or higher paying health care jobs.

I try to avoid registering GEO domains unless they target hotels, jobs, and rentals. However, any domain name targeting New York City will be popular, especially keywords which include tickets, Broadway, hotels, jobs, tours, apartments, visit, and etc. I managed to do well with taxi domains in NYC.

I have over 60 NYC domains in my portfolio. Domain names such as,,,, and a few others produce many keyword results.,, NYC-shows,,, and many hyphenated domains attract visitors. Even and have generated some decent traffic.

When February arrives, I have to make a decision on which domains I plan to keep, and which ones I plan to let drop or to sell to a potential buyer. I have to start working on selling the NYC domains to make room for more specific domains. I found some really good .net domains such as,,, and many others.

There are .com domains that are shocking to find.,, and are a few that should’ve already been created long ago. In addition, and professionalhairservices are two other domains that can be moved in a complete package to a NYC salon, or to a business in Los Angeles and or the UK.

These keyword terms are quite popular in the search engine for companies advertising their services, but are rarely searched for often enough to produce high appraisal values. The manicure and pedicure services are searched for at least 500-600 times a month in the US, while 1000+ in global searches.

Since I have been extremely active in purchasing domains, I developed a skill to find domains that many others pass up because they want $1,000+ domains. and have been popular domains that make money. Education sites produce high CPC, as well as loans, insurance, law and mesothelioma and other competitive keywords.

My best advice is to find .com domains in education, resume, jobs, products, services, and hotels. I located several GEO .com hotel domains a few months ago. The GEO hotel domains target cities with a population of less than 100,000 people.

Most of the time hotel domains can be used as travel domains to promote the surrounding area. You’re not only enticing your target audience to secure hotels, but you can also generate interest to restaurants, tickets, stores, and everything else a city has to offer.

Take advantage of domain development formats such as Why Park. In order to make money like a business, you must think like a business. Develop content rich sites that will produce quality traffic with repeat visitors. Good luck!