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The Value of Domain Names with Type-In Traffic

September 27, 2011

Do you own good type-in domain names? Are these domain names parked? Did you build a quality website? Pointing the keyword domain name with type-in traffic to an existing website? Domain names with good type-in traffic will save money on advertising and make a good ROI.

Bidding on keywords at Google AdWords will cut into your advertising expense account. AdWords can’t guarantee you quality leads. Web uses who click on the sponsored link will visit your website. The visitors will probably view your website’s content, and then move on to another site.

Pointing good type-in domain names to your website can save you money. Why? For example, you pay $.75 per ad click. You own a domain name that receives 75 type-in visits per month. The 75 ad clicks are worth $56.25 to you. These visits represent quality traffic because you end up saving money since the type-in domain refers traffic to your website.

Most of the time the top generic domain names score great type-in traffic. Nonetheless, brandable domain names also deliver quality traffic (i.e. world, service, generic product domains). I own a few dozen generic domain names with type-in traffic. A few astral domain names deliver 100+ visitors per month to my astral website. In result of type-in traffic, I gain new fans.

Why should an end-user acquire a good type-in domain name? For the most part, the quality type-in domain leads new customers to a website, increasing their sales opportunities and building a future customer base. Therefore, an end-user can improve their keyword ranking within their niche.

Customers will become familiar with the type-in domain name. Essentially, customers can type-in the URL in their address window to reach the main website. Quality traffic increases the market value of keyword domains. Most importantly, great type-in domain names save on future advertising expenses.

Domain names with type-in value don’t necessarily require an appraisal value. Good type-in domain names with no valuation can deliver traffic based on new market trends. Introducing new phrases and products will enable a keyword domain name to gain media attention. Moreover, the type-in traffic will increase the domain’s overall value.

Online gaming may be legalized soon. Online gaming companies are attracting millions upon millions in seed funding. In the flash game world, online gaming company Zynga filed for an IPO, placing a valuation of $18-20 billion on Facebook’s top online gaming partner.

My and will soon be worth a fortune. Past visitors reached another domain blog of mine based on “list of online gaming companies”. I expect the two online gaming sites to take off soon. Cloud and 3D type-in domain names are generating quality type-in traffic. Online gaming is an online moneymaking machine. Online gaming companies realize that securing gaming domain names (i.e. ahead of a launch will reduce future costs. Facebook paid close to a half a million to land after their 2004 launch.

There is demand for good type-in traffic domain names. Implementing type-in domain names into your business plan can improve your website’s performance. You can save a bundle on advertising expenses. Great type-in domain names can make good revenue at a top domain parking company. Pointing type-in domain names to your website will deliver quality leads. Building type-in traffic domains into brandable websites will score heavy traffic. In essence, type-in domain names are valuable lead generators as well as effective advertising cost savers. Thanks for reading.

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World domains are an excellent investment

September 27, 2011

Do you own a domain name ending in word dot com? World domain names are an excellent investment. Web users highly regard world dot com domain names as top online destinations featuring everything about the keyword. Why should you purchase world dot com domain names?

World dot com domains are hard to find. The top keyword world dot com domain names command high price tags. If you want further confirmation that world dot com domain names are an excellent investment, visit WhyPark’s Enter ‘world’ as a root keyword. Choose the following selections: business nouns, keyword as end, dot com, and no hyphens. You will notice that world dot com domain names are scarce.

The best keyword world dot com domain names are registered. Most developed world dot com domains are ranked high on Alexa. Keyword world dot com domain names will improve any domain portfolio. Don’t own a keyword world dot com domain name yet? You better go out and register and or purchase a world domain name.

World domain name owners have the power to score a major end-user sale. These domain owners can ask any amount, deemed as plausible, to sell a world dot com domain name.

In my opinion, I would not sell a world dot com domain name for cheap. Any keyword heading a world dot com domain name is worth a high premium. A world dot com domain owner can control an entire niche with a world dot com domain name.

When a car customer visits a local dealership like Honda World, they expect the dealer to feature a wide selection of Honda vehicles. Camping World is the camping leader among camping companies. Webmaster World is one of the most visited world websites on the web. 3D World is a top 3D magazine. World enhances any domain name.

World domain names are exclusive web properties. Any domainer would want to own, and These domain names convey the world of domains. You can never go wrong owning a world dot com domain name.

What world dot com domain names do I own? I own a few world dot com domain names with excellent potential to become popular websites. My world domain names are a small part of my domain portfolio; however, they represent a big part of my future plans.

  • (sold)

World domain names are great for future development. You will notice that good world domains are registered in all extensions.

For example, FutureWorld is entirely registered, except for CloudWorld is taken in all extensions besides EndoftheWorld is 100% registered across the extensions. 3DWorld is 100% registered. DomainWorld is completely gone. HomeWorld is almost completely registered, only remains unregistered. CopyWorld is available in dot org, dot me and dot mobi.

As you can see, world dot com domain names are valuable. End-users search for premium world dot com domain names to develop into top Internet brands. World dot com domains sound great and are short, brandable websites. Once you reach world websites, then you will realize the power of world domain names. Find a world dot com domain name today. Thanks for reading.

Education domain names are a tough sale

September 22, 2011

Do you own education domain names? Have you been able to sell your education domains? Most education websites never reply back. It doesn’t matter how great your education domain name is; education companies either overlook e-mails or disregard them altogether.

You’re wasting your time buying and selling education domain names. The only value an education domain name holds is ad revenue. Unless you own,,,,,,, and other top education domain names, then you are out of luck.

I assure you that good education domain names are a tough sale. If you don’t believe me, attempt to sell your top dot com and dot org education domains. I let many education domains drop, even several worth in the 4 figure range. I don’t care about worth and value. WhyPark revenue is dead. It doesn’t make sense to develop education sites when you lack any interest to contribute content.

After attending college since the mid 90’s and recently earning a graduate degree this past March, I have no interest to build education domains. I possess a great deal of knowledge about degree programs and academic content. For the most part, education domains never produced a quality lead. Who’s going to buy your education domains? The top education domains already own and operate the best domains. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take a great education domain to generate revenue. Some of the worst education domain names are making a fortune.

Beware of education domain names.  If you are confident in your domain sales and parking approach, then go right ahead with securing education domain names. I personally think education domains are a waste of time. owns the top education domains. However, their 300 education domains are poorly implemented. The generic education domain names are unable to deliver traffic to the main education website.

The domain industry as a whole is strange. End-users purchase the strangest domain names for extremely high amounts. For some odd reason, many of these overpriced sites are never developed. A top domain name such as was never developed, parked, or even pointed to another website. and only generate a combined 47,000 unique visits per month.

On the opposing side, is scoring 604,000 unique per month. Two top generic domains that collectively cost between $700,000-$800,000 are essentially under performing. A mediocre resume domain such as is killing their competition in the resume industry.

I suppose end-users lack an innovative plan to maximize their generic domain names. It’s sickening to see overpriced domains show up on the domain sales report. Many end-users wait too long to acquire a domain name they need. They end up bidding high to secure a domain name, thus, making elite domainers more rich and arrogant.

Reading an elite domain investor’s article is irritating. I have no clue why a domain noob wastes their time on these domain blogs. The elite domainer is unclear with their domain tips. They string domain noobs along to generate consistent traffic and revenue. If elite domainers were actually providing a service, then newbies would learn much faster than wasting thousands of dollars buying the wrong domains.

Domain newbies hang out on domain blogs and domain forums. They ask the same domain questions over and over again. Domain blog owners eventually insult these domainers once they realize there is no revenue potential. Domain newbies hold value when they use the products and services featured on the domain blog. Moreover, the domain newbie has value when they own top generic domain names registered pre-2004.

Some domain owners purchased quality domain names early on. They planned to implement these domains into their business plan. Then, there are domain owners who purchased domains for investment purposes. These two domainer categories are considered newbies or noobs since these individuals are trying learn the foundation of the domain industry.

As a domain noob, don’t overspend on education domains. You must evaluate an education domain to determine whether there is revenue potential. Education domains are worth money for their keyword value such as average keyword results, exact searches per month, CPC, and type-in value. There are good education domains that are a tough sale. No education company has ever made any contact to inquire about an education domain. Education websites ignore e-mails and phone calls.

You are wasting your time and money acquiring education domains. However, excellent web developers will score good revenue with education domains. Domain parking revenue is no longer a good revenue strategy. Google hit WhyPark sites hard. Sedo pays out pennies on education ad clicks. GoDaddy cash parking penalizes inorganic traffic. Therefore, many domain parking companies keep the lion’s share of their revenue earnings. You need to own thousands of good domains to be considered for’s parking program.

In essence, education domain names are a tough sale. They have the potential to earn good ad revenue. You can contribute quality content to build good leads. However selling education domain names is not lucrative enough to build and or to expand an education portfolio. If you know another domainer or company that operates in the online education space, you may want to consider investing in education domains. Domain newbies should focus more on acquiring good dot com and dot org education domain names, preferably dot com.

The U.S. Military Branches are Intelligent: Securing the top generic domain names that describe an organization

September 22, 2011

Want to know why the U.S. military branches are intelligent? The top military branches secured the top generic dot com domains far ahead of domain investors. Instead of domain investors retaining valuable dot com military service domains to increase their value, the military branches secured the top generic sites that describe their organization.

The U.S. Armed Forces own the generic domain names of their respective branch. The Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy and National Guard own their exact dot com domain name.,,,, and provide information and service relevant to the domain name. The military organizations managed to build quality leads based on type-in traffic and their advertising campaigns.

Most end-users snoozed on domain names in the 90’s as well as in the early part of the 00’s. Therefore, the end-user paid a bundle to acquire generic domain names related to their industry.

You’d think Loreal would’ve acquired early on. What about Bank of America paying $3 million for in he late 90’s? These are big corporations with the financial resources to make a run for industry defining domain names. They realized valuable generic domains can push quality type-in traffic to their websites.

The U.S. military branches are intelligent. They acquired the top generic domain names that describe their military service. Such valuable domain names are useful to build quality traffic among future recruits. The U.S. Armed Forces were certainly aware of the future.

In the 90’s, the U.S. military branches realized the Internet would represent the wave of future. Thus, it made sense to operate the top generic dot com domains to improve the military’s overall advertising campaign –  to increase their military recruitment efforts through online leads. The U.S. Armed Forces deserve praise for securing the best possible domain names in their field.

Know your market to sell domains: Domaining Tips

September 18, 2011

Are you trying to sell your domain names? Do you know the end-user market in your relevant niche? Don’t waste too much time contacting the wrong companies. Expect end-users to delay a sale.  Your best option to selling a domain name is to know your market.

Selling domain names is a tough task. You will experience challenges with selling top generic domain names. Domainers have a few options to sell their domain names.

  1. Sell to end-users (i.e. new startup, high traffic sites, and even low traffic sites)
  2. Sell to domainer
  3. Sell to friend
  4. Sell at auction
  5. Sell on free advertising sites
  6. Sell in domain forums
  7. Sell to established website
  8. Sell to companies listed in Yellow Pages with no website
  9. Sell to domain companies
  10. Sell to local business

You can sell your domain names to many entities. However, selling domain names require strategy. Owning the best generic domain names won’t guarantee you a sale. You have to build value into the domain name. Choose the right entity that needs your domain name.

Why are domain names hard to sell? Every company, domainer, and website have a different need. The key to selling a domain name is to identify a need. Any end-user, domainer, and a business will want a domain. Our wants and needs are different.

A high traffic website that loses traffic will need to solve their marketing dilemma. Therefore, there is a need to secure a domain name to reestablish traffic. Find relevant websites that are similar to your domain names. Visit to view the website’s performance as well as their competitors. Go to and locate the high impact queries (i.e. top keywords that deliver traffic).

Visit to locate site tags. Site tag are website’s top keywords used to drive traffic to them. Always purchase domain names with keyword value. Don’t risk your investment on future domain names you think are going to be worth money. Keyword domain names are the best option to increase your domain sales opportunities.

Education domains were once a safe bet. However, education domains are only good with high exact monthly searches and good CPC. They can make good ad revenue. It is rare for an education company to reply back to a sales pitches. These education companies are usually looking to purchase top keyword education domain names. For example, domain names such as,, and are top education domains that sold at high prices.

Whenever ‘online’ precedes an education product and or service, the CPC will usually generate a high competition among bidders. ‘Online’ is a high impact keyword. Job and resume sites attract end-users. There is good competition in the job and resume space, especially since affiliate programs pay good commission to push leads. You can make 20% off a resume and cover letter sale.

For the most part, developing such domains into high conversion websites require one to have strong web developing and SEO skills. You must get ranked on the first page of the major search engines to generate good traffic. Job and resume seekers prefer to choose job and resume companies on the first few pages. It is rare they will look past page #4 to find services and quality content.

If these job and resume seekers are serious enough to search for content, then they may choose content listed as #9o or #120. Why are keyword searches important to selling domain names? Your goal is to inform an end-user that they need your keyword domain. These domain names can easily become good type-in traffic sites. A few good leads can recoup an investment. You can save an end-user on advertising costs associated with Google AdWords.

Buy dot com domain names to fully maximize your domain sales. There is no other domain extension with as much success as the dot com. No matter what you hear from others, the dot com extension is the best. Try to locate high search dot com domain names with strong keyword value. These domains are still available to hand register.

Moreover, good keyword domains may be sitting around in an auction with no takers. The minimum criteria is 1000+ exact match searches per month. However, there are some great dot com domains with searches between 100-1000 (i.e. You may find quality domain names with no exact match searches. It is up to you to locate these domain gems.

Service domain names are valuable. If you own a generic service domain name, you increase your chance in making a sale.,,,,,, and other service-based domain names are golden assets in the end-user market.

You might want to trying cold calling a business. Be aware that most people you communicate with on the phone lack domain experience. They may assume their website is enough to conduct business on the net. Educating these websites is not worth your time unless the business is interested in what you have to offer them.

Be assertive the moment you reach a voice. Don’t say do you want a domain name. Instead, tell the end-user that you are offering them a domain name you think will help improve their business. Every time you offer a domain name, try to push the sale forward with trigger words such as improve, better, strong, web presence, more traffic, saving, quality traffic, and controlling the keyword.

Know everything you need to know about the end-user. Study the end-user with the same focus as when you research an employer to prepare for an interview. One friend told me that in the sales market, you will deal with 80% objections, 18% maybe or no, and 2% sure deals. Learn to strengthen your ability to handle objections. You can let an offer to cool off. Go after the deal until you there is a definite rejection and or a closed sale. A domain sale is completed once payment is received and the domain is pushed or transferred to the new owner.

What are the main objections in domain sales? The main objections are price, need, and trust. Businesses will be cautious with people they don’t know. They will make price excuses to divert a sale. Challenge an end-user’s advertising costs. Tell them a domain name will reduce their future advertising costs. Need is a major factor. Inform the end-user there is a need to gain quality traffic. A website can generate thousands of unique visits per month, but their traffic can lack quality visits. Price, need, and trust are common business objections. Focus on these objections to sell your domains.

In short, knowing your market will help you to make domain sales. Understanding the niche will improve your domain purchases. Thus, you will learn to buy the right domain names to sell to the right end-users. Always have a buyer in mind. Buy domain names you will keep if you can’t sell them. These domain action will alleviate the frustration if a domain never sparks any interest. Sooner or later, an end-user may make a random offer. You never know. Offer your domain names to as many people as possible. You will increase your chance to make a domain sale. Lastly, show confidence in the communication process to gain an advantage. Good luck on selling your domain names.

The destruction of WhyPark revenue

September 12, 2011

WhyPark once offered hope that you could build your domains into actual websites beyond the traditional parked pages. However, Google Panda has eliminated that parking dream. It’s official; WhyPark is no longer a good option to develop your domains.

Several months ago my WhyPark domains performed well. I logged into my account to find that education, resume and job sites generated revenue. This domain development dream is dead. Half of the month is already gone, and the revenue has only reached $2.

What happened to WhyPark? Why are my websites underperforming? I’ll tell you the source of the problem. Answer: Google Panda. If your WhyPark sites are de indexed, de ranked, and score little traffic, point your finger at Google.

Google Panda is an unfair software that is killing WhyPark sites. However, eHow remains indexed on Page #1. How can amateur writers rank above experts? You want to know? Answer: AdSense. eHow is a traffic generator that features AdSense ads.

How is WhyPark and Google connected? The two companies worked together a few years ago (2008). WhyPark now uses Yahoo and Bing. Google Panda destroyed my top sites. These sites generated 30,000+ unique visits per month. My traffic last month only reached 2,000.

How can the Google Panda and WhyPark debacle be proven? Moments after Google visits a high traffic site, the traffic immediately evaporates. I can tell you the exact hour my top sites stopped performing. I have data to reflect that high traffic sites with no affiliation with Google will get hit hard.

Have you lost traffic and revenue? Are you using WhyPark? You better think twice to protect your domains. De indexed sites are dead in the search engine. WhyPark sites are spiraling down like a comet.

How do I know? I experienced the WhyPark/Google dilemma since April. Many searches based on WhyPark de indexing and Google Panda reach my domain blog. The truth is out there. Is Google Panda disguised as a competition? You be the judge.

What domains have you sold lately?

September 10, 2011

Are you buying domain names? Trying to sell these domain names? Don’t sit back and hope you’ll sell your domain names. As a domainer, you must be active in the domain game. What domains have you sold lately?

Preparing a sales pitch takes time. You may get discouraged. Many businesses lack professionalism. No wonder such businesses fail to retain their customers. These business owners will forget your name, never call back, and make up excuses.

What if a customer imitated these businesses? Most businesses would close their doors. Why is this information important? These are the people you hope will buy your domains? If you don’t operate a domain company, you will find that selling domain names is a tough act.

There are many successful domainers. They make a living from buying and selling domain names. However, their success relies on making business contacts. Businesses would rather conduct business with another company rather than to take a chance with you.

The next time you prepare a sales pitch, stop and think about your main goal. Do you want to waste your time trying to sell your domain names to a business? You may consider contacting domainers to buy your domains. Price and demand are two important indicators. Pricing your domains too high will decrease your sales. Offering the wrong domains will get rejections.

Businesses rarely follow-up with a domainer. They may call a domainer when a domain is their top service. There is sense of need that overshadows demand. Companies want domains, but must make decisions based on their marketing budget. For the most part, a clear need drives the online market. Deal with the need aspect rather than waste time with want and no demand for domains.

If a domainer prices their domains right, they will sell many domains. Furthermore, presenting the right domains will increase attention to a domain portfolio. In order to succeed in the domain space, you have to generate revenue through developing and selling your domains. Don’t waste your time reading domain blogs if you don’t plan to apply the information.

You want to sell your domains? List your domains on several domain platforms. Set the same prices or use the ‘make an offer’ option. Setting a fixed price above another buyer’s price limit or expectations can eliminate a potential sale. Choose a good price, make an offer, or include the combination of price and make an offer to increase your domain sales.

Consider trading your domains to another domainer to acquire domains more aligned with your future goals. Know your market. Learn everything there is to know about your domain portfolio’s keywords.

Contact many businesses because then you increase the probability to sell your domains. A rejection e-mail may lead to a potential sale. Make friends with the most successful domainers. These domainers may buy your domains.

Don’t be a passive domainer. Waiting to make a sale is like hoping for success. Successful rarely arrives unexpectedly at your door. Market your domains to put them in front of an audience. Supermarkets must market their products or else they lose out to their competitors. Still want to sell your domains?

Limit your time commenting on domain blogs. Don’t expect your fellow domainers to help you make sales. Never expect these domainers to buy your domains. Most certainly, these domainers will rarely help you out. You might come across three domainers out of a 1000 that actually care enough to help you. The rest are in the domain game to make a huge profit

Domain blogs want people to read their blogs to make revenue and to maintain a competitive advantage in the domain industry. Domain blogs and domain companies are like policymakers and interest groups. Domain newbies are identified as the target consumer market. A domain noob will click on ads, use affiliate programs and ask for advice. These same noobs will ask the same question over and over again.

How do you know when you reached success as a seller in the domain industry? You will know once you make sales without asking questions. You can negotiate deals to come to an agreement. You never hesitate while making cold-calls.

What domains have you sold lately? If you haven’t sold a domain, then you better reevaluate your domain goals. Do you make revenue developing domains? Are you carrying around high annual renewal fees? Think carefully about your domain goals to make future domain sales.