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The Value of Domain Names with Type-In Traffic

September 27, 2011

Do you own good type-in domain names? Are these domain names parked? Did you build a quality website? Pointing the keyword domain name with type-in traffic to an existing website? Domain names with good type-in traffic will save money on advertising and make a good ROI.

Bidding on keywords at Google AdWords will cut into your advertising expense account. AdWords can’t guarantee you quality leads. Web uses who click on the sponsored link will visit your website. The visitors will probably view your website’s content, and then move on to another site.

Pointing good type-in domain names to your website can save you money. Why? For example, you pay $.75 per ad click. You own a domain name that receives 75 type-in visits per month. The 75 ad clicks are worth $56.25 to you. These visits represent quality traffic because you end up saving money since the type-in domain refers traffic to your website.

Most of the time the top generic domain names score great type-in traffic. Nonetheless, brandable domain names also deliver quality traffic (i.e. world, service, generic product domains). I own a few dozen generic domain names with type-in traffic. A few astral domain names deliver 100+ visitors per month to my astral website. In result of type-in traffic, I gain new fans.

Why should an end-user acquire a good type-in domain name? For the most part, the quality type-in domain leads new customers to a website, increasing their sales opportunities and building a future customer base. Therefore, an end-user can improve their keyword ranking within their niche.

Customers will become familiar with the type-in domain name. Essentially, customers can type-in the URL in their address window to reach the main website. Quality traffic increases the market value of keyword domains. Most importantly, great type-in domain names save on future advertising expenses.

Domain names with type-in value don’t necessarily require an appraisal value. Good type-in domain names with no valuation can deliver traffic based on new market trends. Introducing new phrases and products will enable a keyword domain name to gain media attention. Moreover, the type-in traffic will increase the domain’s overall value.

Online gaming may be legalized soon. Online gaming companies are attracting millions upon millions in seed funding. In the flash game world, online gaming company Zynga filed for an IPO, placing a valuation of $18-20 billion on Facebook’s top online gaming partner.

My and will soon be worth a fortune. Past visitors reached another domain blog of mine based on “list of online gaming companies”. I expect the two online gaming sites to take off soon. Cloud and 3D type-in domain names are generating quality type-in traffic. Online gaming is an online moneymaking machine. Online gaming companies realize that securing gaming domain names (i.e. ahead of a launch will reduce future costs. Facebook paid close to a half a million to land after their 2004 launch.

There is demand for good type-in traffic domain names. Implementing type-in domain names into your business plan can improve your website’s performance. You can save a bundle on advertising expenses. Great type-in domain names can make good revenue at a top domain parking company. Pointing type-in domain names to your website will deliver quality leads. Building type-in traffic domains into brandable websites will score heavy traffic. In essence, type-in domain names are valuable lead generators as well as effective advertising cost savers. Thanks for reading.

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