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Welcome to Domaining Mojo

August 23, 2010

Domaining Mojo is up and running. Keep on a lookout for insightful articles about domaining. I hope to shorten your learning curve, which will help you to register and to acquire good domain names. There are plenty of opportunities to succeed as a domainer.

While I’m no expert, I have enough experience to understand the difference between a good and a bad domain name. Because I made some mistakes with buying various names, I learned a great deal about the domain industry.

I asked many questions regarding the buying and selling side of the domain industry. I changed my frame of mind to thinking like a business. Industry leaders have helped me to become a better domainer.

I find domaining to be an interesting industry that still has a lot of room to grow. In owning good domain names, most company and investors are able to effectively market their brand.

There are very few industries that give people a chance to control their revenue. Not even stock investors can change the course of stock shares. In the domain world, anything is possible.

The value of domain names are soaring out of this world. One would never imagine paying $1 million dollars for an undeveloped domain. That figure used to be reserved for an established company. Companies have been spending vast amounts to acquire domain names.

It’s no secret that domain names are prime real estate on the Internet. There are hundreds of blog owners that assume the title of “domain investor”. While I respect their advice, sometimes I feel it is misleading.

We can’t all own 4-6 figure domains. Selling domains at a decent profit will help us to reach the next level. Businesses don’t succeed overnight; they require time to grow.

I consider myself a success seeker. As my goal is to become a professional film writer, I’m always looking to establish myself in another field that helps me to learn new ways to succeed.

The domain name industry has given me an opportunity to tap into the marketing and the selling side of business. Whereas, I already possessed strong customer service and writing experience, now I have the ability to market my talents.

I will do my best to mine for good information, helping you to become a successful domainer. Please check back soon to read more articles on domaining. Good luck on domaining. Remember: persistence pays off in the end.