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I took some time away from my computer. However, I did have access to my IPhone. On Friday and Saturday, I posted several comments on a popular domain blog. I found many posters there to attack my credibility as a seller.

I find it interesting that posters never read your entire post. They take segments of your post, and then use it to ridicule you. One poster noted that I’m probably a person with no sales knowledge, and one that comments on blogs all day long with no clue about domaining.

Another mentioned how keywords and stats don’t determine the value of a domain. One poster advised me to sell to an end user instead of to another domainer. In my posts, I never mentioned selling to domainers.

For the most part, I never sold a domain to another domainer. That comment was respectable. Regardless, I don’t think posters read the entire comment, or are confused about the content. Anytime they see long posts, they will attack that person for writing a novel.

One poster noted that he received a 6 figure offer and a $100 offer for one of his domains. However, he assumed that I knew little about domaining because I based appraisal value on keywords and stats. And then a poster suggested that backlinks and Google Page Rank don’t entice a buyer.

Another poster used what I wrote to suggest that I should be selling to an end user. What I meant in the post is that price matters, and that no experienced domain investor would pay a huge amount for a domain name with no resell value. I never mentioned I attempted to sell to another domain investor. I simply stated that people expect a fortune for a mediocre domain.

I used to encounter the same people when I first started domaining. There are some people that will give you good advice, and then there are others that try to ridicule you, or criticize your post to gloat about their domain skills.

The majority of the posters on the selling article suggest that keyword and stats have no value in a domain’s worth. They suggest that organic searches are what makes a domain valuable. If you’re a new domainer that wants to learn how to purchase domain names and to sell to an end-user, watch out for posters that only look to make fun of you.

I don’t mind sharing selling and buying information. I feel that people will hold out on information to maintain their success. These people are known as information hoarders, only looking to better their situation.

Visit blogs that care about your success. Beginners are searching for information to improve their buying and selling skills. Nothing is worse than a domain investor ripping off a beginner to make a huge profit. I’m sure it is a common process in the domain industry.

When domainers ask 100 times the value of a domain, there is always someone that comes along to purchase the domain. Shortly after, the buyer realizes the domain is not worth the price of registration. Now they’re stuck with a useless domain.

For the past 16 years, I have worked toward becoming a film writer. I have the education and experience to accomplish this goal. I run into many people that attempt to persuade me to give up my dream. These are people have never looked at looked at my writing samples.

What I eventually discovered is that many people don’t want you to succeed. They will do everything in their power to discredit your work. I believe the same thing occurs in domaining. There are many domainers that give bad advice to new domainers to keep them from learning about the tricks and trades of the domain industry.

I sense that domain companies also use the tactic to entice new domainers into wasting their money. In order to make a profit, someone along the line has to lose money. Since new domainers are easy to take advantage of, there is a huge market in registering worthless domain names with no resell value.

However, domain companies allow domainers to succeed because there is no pressure to purchase a domain. It is up to the domainer to learn how to purchase domain names, and how to sell them to another party. Register names that are generic. These names may be hard to find, but they’re readily available.

Rest assure, you will learn to become a successful domain investor. Don’t allow these blog posters to ridicule you. I reply back to such comments because these posters pluck out various segments of your comment to laugh at you like a circus clown.

As a writer, I can take constructive criticism, but will respond back when the analysis is misaligned with my viewpoint. Don’t worry about blog posters that suggest keyword stats have no value in a domain’s worth.

Why are end-users purchasing keywords when they already own brandable domain names? End-users are looking to capture business to reduce their advertising cost.

Is it worth paying $100K for a domain names? I think that a company that purchases a quality domain name that is elite in a niche has a plan for the future. They know that owning such a name will give them a competitive edge in that particular field.

Whenever a web user is searching for a product and a service, the company has the opportunity to generate traffic to their website. It’s the same reason companies pay to feature their commercials on major networks and in premiere print advertisements.

Be aware of blog posters that have nothing better to do than to ridicule people that are trying to help others. Only use information that will help you to reach your ultimate goal. There are some good domain blogs out there, but then there are others that attract domainers that enjoy gloating about their success.

Any person can mention they made a big sale, own a $100k domain name, and that they turned down an large offer. There are many online domain tools to educate domainers on the domain industry. I verify random domain sales with domain tools, determining whether sales are credible or a sham. I will discuss various websites in the near future.

Thanks for reading. Good luck on domaining.

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2 Comments on “Domain Blog Posters”

  1. I find your writing to be honest and factual. Oftentimes when you go to long-established forums on the Internet, those who have been around on that forum try to discredit others that may someday usurp their place in the pecking order. Keep writing your thoughts on this blog — they’re very useful. I also welcome you to visit Our forums are moderated so civility will prevail. If you ever want to write for us, just let me know!

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      I really appreciate your comment. It motivates me to continue writing on this blog. I will definitely visit your website. You’re definitely right about established domain investors attempting to discredit posts. Even though I don’t have a multimillion dollar collection, I share my experiences to make a connection with my audience.

      I will be interested in any writing opportunities you may have available. Thanks again.


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