Frustrating times

I can tell you that I’m extremely frustrated with everything. My student loans have been delayed for nearly two months. Selling domains is not as easy as it appears, especially when companies are being frugal. What bothers me most is that I’m not getting the results I think I deserve.

I earned Associate Degrees in Film and in Liberal Arts. I have a BA in Film & Media Studies, and will be receiving a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Where has my education gotten me? I have been struggling as far back as when serving in the Air Force as a medical technician from 1994-1998.

I thought that domains would help me to accomplish my writing goals much faster. But it hasn’t because I’m no closer to accomplishing my goal than I was in 1994. I’m still very much focused on building an online business. I have all the domains I need to accomplish this goal.

For the most part, I’m going through the most frustrating times. Without the student loans, I’m in a dire situation. I only have enough funds to make it to the next week. That means that rent and all the bills to follow are in going to be a challenge. I have gone through this challenge each month for as long as I can remember. It never gets any easier or better.

I dedicated 14 years to my college education. I have many writing samples to demonstrate my writing abilities. I know how to communicate, as well as build trust with any person. What is creating ongoing setbacks is that I don’t know the right people to reach the top of the pyramid.

With 800 domains, I only generate 300 unique visitors per day. Sometimes I may reach 400-450, but that is highly unlikely. And there are days I only receive a few revenue clicks, and then on some days – no clicks. Domaining is a supplement, almost like a hobby to lessen the frustration that comes along with failure.

I wont admit to failure because I fight too hard to be successful. I know I must be successful because I owe a fortune in student loans. Essentially, I have to be selective when applying for various job positions.

Making little money will influence my ability to focus at work. When you’re paying over $1400 per month on an apartment, a $10 per hour job is nowhere near enough to cover rent alone. So it makes it hard hearing many people gloat about their online business success.

I set a few goals. I know exactly what it will take to get there. I would think that owning resume domain names such as,,,,,,,,,,, and many more domains could help me to make money in that particular niche, but my traffic is very limited.

I tried to shop,,,,,, and more similar domains to Suisun City. I’m hoping the city calls me back with interest to buy the domains. Under different circumstances, I would keep these domains to monetize.

I called a NYC resume business to offer, and a few other resume and cover letter domains. The owner seemed to be confused about my intentions. I find the reaction to be a theme when talking to resume owners.

These are the same people that will be writing your resumes. They tend to forget your name, lose track of the domains being offered for sale, and never return your calls and e-mails after claiming they received them. I’m sure there are resume businesses that have a lot to offer, but I’m hesitant to put my future in the hands of those that lack common business etiquette skills.

I’m going through the most frustrating times. I want to volunteer to help public services to serve the community. However, my currently struggles are forcing me to stay in the quicksand for much longer than I hoped.

To make matters worse, no website or blog I create has even been successful. I can write at a high level, though the content will only reach a few people willing to read my articles. One trait that goes against me is my willingness to challenge bad information. I have a cognitive perception, which influences the way I analyze every situation.

Over thinking instead of being spontaneous about my goals have delayed any success that could have been enjoyed a decade ago. I put in the work to make sales, but I don’t get enough responses to make a living with domains. I see many domains that have little to no value produce a sale. It’s discouraging when companies like Sedo determine which domains reach their auctions.

There is no way to make a sure sell when the forces around you make it virtually impossible. I advertised, sent out emails, call, talk to people in person, schedule meetings with businesses, and dedicate time to talk with professionals in many niches. The only results I receive is my domains generating $25-30 dollars a month on Why Park.

If I paid for Why Park’s premium service to have RSS feeds reach my domains, I’m sure I can get effective results. If I paid the $39.99 fee per month at Estibot to generate sales leads, I can probably sell many domains between $250-$2500. If I partner with another company, or lease out my domains to start-ups, I can become successful.

I don’t take chances because I don’t have money. With all the legal issues surrounding domains, there is caution with trusting that a company will use the domain the ethical way. The owner of the domain may be responsible for any problems that can occur in result of the use.

Generating sales leads will require me to convince a business without a website to purchase one. I know enough to build value in a domain, but the company will object to make a measly investment. Imagine trying to sell a quality domain name that will help the business target more selective business. The owner contemplates spending $300 on a name they feature on their website. They probably made $2-3 million over the past 5 years.

These are frustrating times. My loans are still pending. I don’t have enough money to survive past this week. I only made one sale in the past 7 weeks. I have to complete my thesis in order to graduate my Master’s program. My car is on its last legs. I have another car that failed smog, and has been parked for over two years.

I can’t do domaining during these frustrating times. Prospects are too cheap to invest their money into domains will help brand their business. There are domainers that make a fortune from bad domains, but then there are others that can’t get a fraction of the value for quality domains. None of my domains have been approved for any auction.

To have a domain in an auction would be considered an achievement. I know that I own some quality domains, but waiting until they increase in value and are in demand will require spending additional registration fees. If I’m not making any money with the domains, then I’m wasting time trying to grow a business. I have to evaluate whether domaining is worth the time, effort and money. Thanks for reading.

Happy Holidays!

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4 Comments on “Frustrating times”

  1. jazzman Says:

    You have to get realistic. is not a good domain name. Just face it. No one on this planet

    is ever going to sit down and type in
    .I know you think you have a bunch of good names, but the reason you have little success is because they ARE NOT good names.! Cover letters do not require a website. Anyone can write a simple cover letter. I’m just trying to help, but you have

    How will that name ever be valuable? No one needs a custom cover letter. All you do is introduce yourself and tell them to read your resume on the next page. A cover letter is NOTHING! you need to stop buying worthless names like this. If you actually have 800 names, the fees each year are killing you. Coverlettersearch?? what are you searching for? A good cover letter?

    Please look in the mirror and say ” I must get realistic with these names, because many of them are just junk”

    Hope you will consider my advice.

    • Suisun Blog Says:

      Jazz, produces 3,000-5,000 unique per month. sold for $6500 based on Apple’s plans to build a news forum. once generated 25K unique per month. can be developed.

      Cover letter services are in demand. People are searching for the terms because I generate clicks on them a few times a week.

      My most popular resume and cover letter domains are,,,,,,, and more.

      I purchased a total of 815 domains this year. I sold 25 of them to make 80% back. I spent $5500. I still own 790. I have many college and job names, as well as service domains.

      When the time comes, I will let the low performing domains drop. That’s a hard process because any random name may generate 11 clicks on a given day.

      I put my EHow article app on all my domains, which has increased my monthly revenue on that website. I produce nearly 200+ clicks a month on all the domains.

      Cover letter are extremely important to the job search process. Cover letter samples, examples, templates, and specific cover letters are the most commonly searched cover letter keywords.

      Frank Schilling purchased many cover letter and resume domains. He made some big resume sales this past year.

      I know a job developer that wants to develop He’s confident it will generate good traffic.

      Not many will type in resume writing, degree programs and resume writing services in their search window. These domains produced top sales.

      In regards to my resume domains, I write articles that use keywords specific to the industry. I don’t buy domains for type-in traffic. The majority of the searches take place in the search engines.

      The following domains have made back the cost of registration in a few months – revenue clicks. $7.50 $7.40 $11 $9 $4 $4 $70 $5.50 $5.50
      Scriptwritingjobs.con $4.50 $5.50 $6.75

      One resume owner wants to purchase,,, and I will follow up with her next week. If I sell these names, I will make back the cost of my investment this year.

      I had a 10 day flip on this past February. Paid less than a dollar and made $320. One job domain; paid $7.50, and flipped in 5 months for $350. Another job domain cost me $5 and I flipped for $350 in 5 months.

      I want you to do an experiment. Frank Schilling is one of the world’s most prolific domain inventors. He owns,,,

      These are just a few examples. Frank has been paying registration fees on these domains for years, as well as for 250,000 other domains. These cover letter domains are elite domains that make money.

      I own the following domains that are searched for over 1,000+ times per month.

      I can guarantee you that these domains will make me money once I write a few articles on how to write the specific cover letters. can be used to lead people to cover letter services, types of cover letters, templates, resumes, jobs, and anything else regarding cover letters.

      The kind of success I’m looking for is to make $1000+ sales. Furthermore, I want to make at least $20 per site per month.

      I lost two package sales because I replied back with too much information. Using the word “branding” ruined one sale, while sharing several appraisal values compromised another deal.

      For the most part, I made back 80% of what I paid on registration fees. Istill own 790 domains. One domain lawyer recommended that I use an attorney to sell 5 domains due to their names.

      The following domains can produce future sales:
      and dozens more

      I plan to build I’m confident this domain will make money. generated 3 clicks yesterday. The average click was $.48 per click.

      I will update you on my sales and development plans. Thanks for your input.

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      I was thinking about a domain you should develop. can be developed into a directory that lists all the jazz college in the US.

      Charge the colleges a monthly membership fee to get listed. It will be much cheaper than for them to bid on keywords. In addition, they can have a direct link to their website.

      Submit your site to Google. Write various articles on jazz and music to build traffic. The more the keywords are mentioned and searched for, the more valuable the site will become.

      People will begin typing in the address because it is a short and brandable. Develop a logo with a sax and music symbols. You can promote your other jazz sites on there.

      Put a jazz search link on there. Also, you can work with Amazon or another to sell jazz CDs, books and music instruments. I think it will be a profitable venture.

      • Suisun Blog Says:

        Why Park has a good system. I haven’t tried using the $19 per month option to have companies listed. I think the app is affiliated with another company that provides the service.

        You can easily develop the domain to make you revenue. I know what you meant regarding my domains. I have to be confident, even if I don’t own the best domains.thanks for your advice.

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