Sales drought ended

Today I made a sale. I sold two .com and three .us job domains as a package deal. The price was less than my customary domain sales, but I didn’t mind because the buyer purchased a few domains from me in the past.

My advice to newbies that are trying to make a sale is to set reasonable prices. Don’t ask a fortune, unless you own premium properties that spark a great deal of interest.

There are many beginners that never make any sales because they fail to work with a buyer. Always keep in contact with past buyers. More than likely the buyer will purchase more domains from you.

Selling domains in package deals may help you to move your inventory. Since you have a year to sell your domains, take advantage of that time to plan accordingly. I recommend that you host your domains to make a little revenue while you pursue buyers.

You can sell domains during the tough economic times. Focus on building your domains into popular sites. Make it a goal to purchase domains that have widespread appeal.

A domain name such as will be tougher to sell than a name like Think about your target audience. What does the area offer visitors and residents?

Hotels are usually the most popular domains, as are names such as and GEO attorney domain names – For the most part, be confident and persistent to be an effective seller. Good luck.

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9 Comments on “Sales drought ended”

  1. jazzman Says:

    Hi Jason,

    I have always wondered, after you make a sale, how do you transfer the name from the registrar where you bought it? What are the steps?


  2. Suisun Blog Says:

    Hi Jazzman,

    After you make a sale, you ask the buyer which registrar they use. Most of the time you can ask beforehand so you know what to expect once the sale is completed. Many buyers have a Go Daddy account.

    Pushing a domain from one Go Daddy account to another is more so an account change. The following steps demonstrate the Go Daddy push:

    1. Ask the buyer for their custom or login number (they may object, but tell them it is the standard process to transferring domain names)

    2. Furthermore, request the buyer’s e-mail address associated with the account. The account change for the specific domain(s) will be e-mailed to the address on file. The account number and or the user name has to match with the e-mail address.

    3. Log in to your Go Daddy account.

    4. Click on “My Account” on the upper right hand side of the screen.

    5. Your domain name will appear in the center of the screen. Click on “view domain manager” icon. It has a magnify glass as its icon.

    6. Input the domain name to be transferred in the domain “find” window.

    7. The domain name will likely appear under the search box. Click on the domain name, and then click on find.

    8. If the domain has privacy, check the box to the domain name, and click on the lock icon above. Deselect the lock domain box. Press ok.

    9. Click on account change, which is the second to last icon on the right icon toolbar – has a pencil and paper icon.

    10. You will find that a box opens up with “initiate Account Change.” Input the buyer’s customer number or user name. Check the second box below, “use details from specified customer account.”

    11. Input the buyer’s e-mail address associated with their Go Daddy account.

    12. Click next. Two box will appear notifying you that the names can’t be transferred for 60 days – more so for the buyer to move the domains outside of their Go Daddy account.

    13. Click on next again. Another screen will appear with various domain services. Click on finish to complete the account change.

    If you’re using Sedo to sell your domain, you will use the exact same steps. Sedo will supply you with the account number and their transfer department’s e-mail address.

    As long as you have the customer number and e-mail address, you can transfer the domains to any account. You can sell to any Go Daddy immediately after registering a name. However, you have to wait 60 days to move the domain outside of Go Daddy – security measure and policy.

    There’s another process that involves generating an EPP code so the buyer can initiate the transfer. For the most part, I would stick to the traditional domain name push.

    If you want to read the steps, or watch videos on how the process is done in real time, check out my website at The link is on the side blog panel.

    Good luck.

  3. Jason Says:


    What registrar do you use? I can put a how to transfer video on The transfer process is most likely the same at your registrar.

    You have to be confident. When you sell, continue to be persistent until the buyer make a decision. Many times their objections are due to price. When you sell, you’ll use the transfer/push process. Think positive. No if, maybe, or possibly.

    Good luck.

  4. jazzman Says:

    I use

  5. Jason Says:

    I’ll set up a video on that provide steps to transfer using that registrar.

    If you want to sell, pick out a few domaine that have widespread appeal. Put in the keywords with parenthesis in Google. Send emails to at least 10 website telling them you’re looking to sell the domain(s).

    Build value in anything relevant about the domain – traffic rank, Google Page rank, backlins or keyword value.

    Advertise the name on Craig’s list. Set up a few domains on Sedo. Also put a few on Ebay too. Make sure you put the starting price near your asking price.

    Your goal is to increase exposure. Many domainers pay for premium listings. You don’t have to because there are many strategies to selling.

    Use Why Park too. Mention the domains for sale on the home page. Use Estibot to determine a ballpark figure. Some domains are overpriced, and there are others which are undervalued.

    Since price may be a factor, ask the end-user to make you a reasonable offer based on appraisal value, stats, and or brandability.

    Be confident as if you’re trying to sell or Good luck.

  6. Jason Says:

    I put a video on the site, but it’s not specic. I found an EHow step-by-step on Netfirms transfer process.

  7. jazzman Says:

    Thanks for all your work….

  8. Suisun Blog Says:

    Your welcome. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t sell a domain. Every domain has a buyer.

    Some domains are much easier to sell, while there others that require additional work. The end of the year may influence sales, but you still make a sale.

    Good luck.

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