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Know your market to sell domains: Domaining Tips

September 18, 2011

Are you trying to sell your domain names? Do you know the end-user market in your relevant niche? Don’t waste too much time contacting the wrong companies. Expect end-users to delay a sale.  Your best option to selling a domain name is to know your market.

Selling domain names is a tough task. You will experience challenges with selling top generic domain names. Domainers have a few options to sell their domain names.

  1. Sell to end-users (i.e. new startup, high traffic sites, and even low traffic sites)
  2. Sell to domainer
  3. Sell to friend
  4. Sell at auction
  5. Sell on free advertising sites
  6. Sell in domain forums
  7. Sell to established website
  8. Sell to companies listed in Yellow Pages with no website
  9. Sell to domain companies
  10. Sell to local business

You can sell your domain names to many entities. However, selling domain names require strategy. Owning the best generic domain names won’t guarantee you a sale. You have to build value into the domain name. Choose the right entity that needs your domain name.

Why are domain names hard to sell? Every company, domainer, and website have a different need. The key to selling a domain name is to identify a need. Any end-user, domainer, and a business will want a domain. Our wants and needs are different.

A high traffic website that loses traffic will need to solve their marketing dilemma. Therefore, there is a need to secure a domain name to reestablish traffic. Find relevant websites that are similar to your domain names. Visit to view the website’s performance as well as their competitors. Go to and locate the high impact queries (i.e. top keywords that deliver traffic).

Visit to locate site tags. Site tag are website’s top keywords used to drive traffic to them. Always purchase domain names with keyword value. Don’t risk your investment on future domain names you think are going to be worth money. Keyword domain names are the best option to increase your domain sales opportunities.

Education domains were once a safe bet. However, education domains are only good with high exact monthly searches and good CPC. They can make good ad revenue. It is rare for an education company to reply back to a sales pitches. These education companies are usually looking to purchase top keyword education domain names. For example, domain names such as,, and are top education domains that sold at high prices.

Whenever ‘online’ precedes an education product and or service, the CPC will usually generate a high competition among bidders. ‘Online’ is a high impact keyword. Job and resume sites attract end-users. There is good competition in the job and resume space, especially since affiliate programs pay good commission to push leads. You can make 20% off a resume and cover letter sale.

For the most part, developing such domains into high conversion websites require one to have strong web developing and SEO skills. You must get ranked on the first page of the major search engines to generate good traffic. Job and resume seekers prefer to choose job and resume companies on the first few pages. It is rare they will look past page #4 to find services and quality content.

If these job and resume seekers are serious enough to search for content, then they may choose content listed as #9o or #120. Why are keyword searches important to selling domain names? Your goal is to inform an end-user that they need your keyword domain. These domain names can easily become good type-in traffic sites. A few good leads can recoup an investment. You can save an end-user on advertising costs associated with Google AdWords.

Buy dot com domain names to fully maximize your domain sales. There is no other domain extension with as much success as the dot com. No matter what you hear from others, the dot com extension is the best. Try to locate high search dot com domain names with strong keyword value. These domains are still available to hand register.

Moreover, good keyword domains may be sitting around in an auction with no takers. The minimum criteria is 1000+ exact match searches per month. However, there are some great dot com domains with searches between 100-1000 (i.e. You may find quality domain names with no exact match searches. It is up to you to locate these domain gems.

Service domain names are valuable. If you own a generic service domain name, you increase your chance in making a sale.,,,,,, and other service-based domain names are golden assets in the end-user market.

You might want to trying cold calling a business. Be aware that most people you communicate with on the phone lack domain experience. They may assume their website is enough to conduct business on the net. Educating these websites is not worth your time unless the business is interested in what you have to offer them.

Be assertive the moment you reach a voice. Don’t say do you want a domain name. Instead, tell the end-user that you are offering them a domain name you think will help improve their business. Every time you offer a domain name, try to push the sale forward with trigger words such as improve, better, strong, web presence, more traffic, saving, quality traffic, and controlling the keyword.

Know everything you need to know about the end-user. Study the end-user with the same focus as when you research an employer to prepare for an interview. One friend told me that in the sales market, you will deal with 80% objections, 18% maybe or no, and 2% sure deals. Learn to strengthen your ability to handle objections. You can let an offer to cool off. Go after the deal until you there is a definite rejection and or a closed sale. A domain sale is completed once payment is received and the domain is pushed or transferred to the new owner.

What are the main objections in domain sales? The main objections are price, need, and trust. Businesses will be cautious with people they don’t know. They will make price excuses to divert a sale. Challenge an end-user’s advertising costs. Tell them a domain name will reduce their future advertising costs. Need is a major factor. Inform the end-user there is a need to gain quality traffic. A website can generate thousands of unique visits per month, but their traffic can lack quality visits. Price, need, and trust are common business objections. Focus on these objections to sell your domains.

In short, knowing your market will help you to make domain sales. Understanding the niche will improve your domain purchases. Thus, you will learn to buy the right domain names to sell to the right end-users. Always have a buyer in mind. Buy domain names you will keep if you can’t sell them. These domain action will alleviate the frustration if a domain never sparks any interest. Sooner or later, an end-user may make a random offer. You never know. Offer your domain names to as many people as possible. You will increase your chance to make a domain sale. Lastly, show confidence in the communication process to gain an advantage. Good luck on selling your domain names.


What domains have you sold lately?

September 10, 2011

Are you buying domain names? Trying to sell these domain names? Don’t sit back and hope you’ll sell your domain names. As a domainer, you must be active in the domain game. What domains have you sold lately?

Preparing a sales pitch takes time. You may get discouraged. Many businesses lack professionalism. No wonder such businesses fail to retain their customers. These business owners will forget your name, never call back, and make up excuses.

What if a customer imitated these businesses? Most businesses would close their doors. Why is this information important? These are the people you hope will buy your domains? If you don’t operate a domain company, you will find that selling domain names is a tough act.

There are many successful domainers. They make a living from buying and selling domain names. However, their success relies on making business contacts. Businesses would rather conduct business with another company rather than to take a chance with you.

The next time you prepare a sales pitch, stop and think about your main goal. Do you want to waste your time trying to sell your domain names to a business? You may consider contacting domainers to buy your domains. Price and demand are two important indicators. Pricing your domains too high will decrease your sales. Offering the wrong domains will get rejections.

Businesses rarely follow-up with a domainer. They may call a domainer when a domain is their top service. There is sense of need that overshadows demand. Companies want domains, but must make decisions based on their marketing budget. For the most part, a clear need drives the online market. Deal with the need aspect rather than waste time with want and no demand for domains.

If a domainer prices their domains right, they will sell many domains. Furthermore, presenting the right domains will increase attention to a domain portfolio. In order to succeed in the domain space, you have to generate revenue through developing and selling your domains. Don’t waste your time reading domain blogs if you don’t plan to apply the information.

You want to sell your domains? List your domains on several domain platforms. Set the same prices or use the ‘make an offer’ option. Setting a fixed price above another buyer’s price limit or expectations can eliminate a potential sale. Choose a good price, make an offer, or include the combination of price and make an offer to increase your domain sales.

Consider trading your domains to another domainer to acquire domains more aligned with your future goals. Know your market. Learn everything there is to know about your domain portfolio’s keywords.

Contact many businesses because then you increase the probability to sell your domains. A rejection e-mail may lead to a potential sale. Make friends with the most successful domainers. These domainers may buy your domains.

Don’t be a passive domainer. Waiting to make a sale is like hoping for success. Successful rarely arrives unexpectedly at your door. Market your domains to put them in front of an audience. Supermarkets must market their products or else they lose out to their competitors. Still want to sell your domains?

Limit your time commenting on domain blogs. Don’t expect your fellow domainers to help you make sales. Never expect these domainers to buy your domains. Most certainly, these domainers will rarely help you out. You might come across three domainers out of a 1000 that actually care enough to help you. The rest are in the domain game to make a huge profit

Domain blogs want people to read their blogs to make revenue and to maintain a competitive advantage in the domain industry. Domain blogs and domain companies are like policymakers and interest groups. Domain newbies are identified as the target consumer market. A domain noob will click on ads, use affiliate programs and ask for advice. These same noobs will ask the same question over and over again.

How do you know when you reached success as a seller in the domain industry? You will know once you make sales without asking questions. You can negotiate deals to come to an agreement. You never hesitate while making cold-calls.

What domains have you sold lately? If you haven’t sold a domain, then you better reevaluate your domain goals. Do you make revenue developing domains? Are you carrying around high annual renewal fees? Think carefully about your domain goals to make future domain sales.

How to Sell Domain Names on Craig’s List

January 27, 2011

Most web users are familiar with Craig’s List because they sell items they don’t need to another that may want them. Do you know that buyers also comb the ads to find business opportunities? I believe domain names are considered a business. One can monetize a domain to make revenue. I managed to sell a few domain names on Craig’s List. How do you sell domain names on Craig’s List?

Step 1: Determine the commercial value of your domain name. If you own many GEO related domain names such as New York City, then list them one domain in different areas within Manhattan. San Francisco related domain names can be listed in the Mission District, Russian Hills, and other areas in San Francisco. Product domains and service domains should be listed in areas which have the most interest. You’re not going to list snow service domains in Hawaii, or tree service domains in areas with no demand for such service. Once you determine the area which fits the domain name, move to step 2.

Step 2: Determine whether you want to list in the ‘Business’ or ‘general’ category. I prefer not to use the computer’s category because most people that search in that category probably won’t pay good money to buy your domain. There are a lot of frugal people that will try to negotiate on a dollar. I believe revenue domains and those that fall under the business/commercial classification must be listed in the ‘business’ category. The ‘general’ category will produce interest, and possibly a potential sale. Domain names are essentially a business. Move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Choose a catchy title such as “Buy Your Own Ticket to Success: up for Sale.” Set a good price that will gain attention. Move to Step 4.

Step 4: Write a description of the domain name. Tell a buyer what they can do with the domain name, but ultimately communicate to them that they’re make a good investment in acquiring a domain name. Let them know that they control their investment, and the domain name will help them reach their goals. Move to step 5.

Step 5: Include the domain name registrar – Network Solutions, Go Daddy, Name Cheap, and etc.. Tell the buyer where they can find the domain up for sale. ****very important**** Use a domain sales platform to place the domain up for sale. Provide the link to the domain at the end of the description. Domains are a business which attract scam buyers searching for information, or who want to take advantage of you. Trust is a major issue. When you first make a sale, then you know the buyer owns the domain. There is more credibility in a transaction after a first sale. Refer the buyer to Sedo, Go Daddy, Buy Domains, Moniker, or any domain platform of your choosing. Move to Step 6

Step 6: Thank your audience that may be browsing your domain ad. Wish them luck in their goal to build the domain in a business, or to make an investment to generate a future sale. Move to Step 7.

Step 7: Upload a picture of the “domain name” on a parked page, or the website the domain name operates on. Buyers like pictures. You can also upload a picture that communicates the domain name. Be careful with using any copyrighted images. Move to Step 8.

Step 8: Submit the ad. Review the ad after it’s created to ensure you provided the right information such as the domain name, the price, registrar, and the link to refer the buyer. Most importantly, good luck on making a sale on Craig’s List.

Additional Steps:

Step 1: Make sure all your prices are consistent on domain platforms. You never know when a buyer will reach your page. Don’t advertise your name for $300, but have it up for sale at $100 on Sedo. Pricing is important.

Step 2: Tell people about your advertisement on Craig’s List. Tweet it. Put it up on Facebook. Let people know you’re selling a specific domain.

Step 3: If you have a partnership with a Domain company to promote your domains, use the link with your domain name embedded in it to make commission from selling the domain. You will earn back some of the commission you’re paying out to sell the domain name.

Steps to Avoid:

Step 1: Don’t deal with buyers directly. You don’t know them. Don’t get all excited about selling a domain, and then transfer it away to some unknown person. Think of your domains like your children. Will you let any person watch your children? Probably not. Building trust is important. The first sale breaks the ice. Let the domain company handle the deal.

Step 2: Avoid pricing your domains at high amounts. Many domain investors on Go Daddy, Sedo, and Buy Domains tend to overprice domains to make them unattainable. Know your market. Price the domains right to find a buyer.

Good luck on selling your domain names on Craig’s List. It may not be best way to sell domains, but I have experience with selling two domains due to placing ads in specific GEO locations. I know it works. It can work for you. Sell away!

Domaining Mojo Sales Tip: Active Domaining

January 27, 2011

Selling domains may be challenging, but it’s definitely rewarding when you make a good sale. Many domainers give up on domains because they purchase domains they can’t sell or they don’t do enough to attract buyers. Why give up on domaining? There are plenty of sales opportunities.

You can’t be a passive domainer. In order to sell a domain, you have to contact people. How can you sell a domain if you don’t offer it to a buyer? If you own generic domains, or highly marketable keywords, then maybe a buyer will come to you. Passive domaining identifies those domainers who expect to make a big profit with just parking their domains and setting high prices on Sedo, Go Daddy, and on Buy Domains. It may happen, but you wont gain sales experience with that mentality.

Active domaining requires one to send out e-mails, call businesses, read domain articles, leave comments, communicate with industry players and investors, and to remain active in the domain industry. I feel that I fit this category because I use the steps above to make sales.

Don’t believe articles that say domains are pyramid schemes, or blogs that suggest your domains are bad, and you’ll never make a sale. I don’t have banners flashing all over my blog, but I wouldn’t mind to keep me writing.

I can afford to invest more time into writing about sales techniques that do work. I never made a sale on the phone. However, I never stop making a few cold calls to find a buyer. I have buyers reserved for different domain niches. I know ahead of time what I will be selling in the next few months.

I can’t determine when you will make a sale, or how much money you will make selling your domains. But, I can write about my personal experiences to improve your ability to make a sale. Active domaining will produce a sale.

Elite domaining will put you in the same category as the best domain players. You will have to attend domain events such as Domain Fest, Traffic, and all the popular domain functions. Master domaining is in a class of its own, such as the domain industry knowing you on first name basis, as people do with movie stars (i.e. Mike, Frank, Kevin, and Rick).

If you sell your domains, develop an active domaining persona to move up the ranks. I believe that if you work hard enough, you can accomplish any goal in life. I want to become a screenwriter.

I lacked the cold call and sales mentality to sell my screenplays. I was too passive to get my work out in the film industry. You have to sell your script, as well as yourself. Domaining improved my sales skills. I can now use my sales experience to take the next step to make it in the movie business – a goal I set 17 years ago.

Active domaining will help you to make sales. If you use advertising platforms, domain sales platforms, parking platforms, cold call, send e-mails, network, and make friends in the domain industry, you can keep up with the domain industry. Read a few blogs a day to keep you informed and interested about domaining. Domain invssting is long-term, while domaining is similar to stock trading – buy, flip, buy, and then flip again.

Blogs helped me to learn not to register certain domains, or to avoid legality issues with domain names. I also learned through selling domains. I always had a business frame of mind to go after popular niches. Eventually, you figure out which domains are most popular, and the ones that are least appealing. I only buy domains I can sell, or have plans to use in the future. In essence, develop an active domaining role to become a better seller. Good luck.

Domain Sales Strategy

January 24, 2011

Elliot’s Blog has a current articles on selling domains. If you want to read some quality comments regarding the selling aspect of domain investing, please follow this link

I thought of an idea that crossed my mind last week. A good way to find a buyer is to find a parked domain related to your domain name. Input the domain keywords in a search box. Make a list of all of the advertisers who are in the category. Don’t click on the links to contact the company unless you plan to use the service on the website. They have to pay for the click.

I only mention the ad clicks because many people that are like us own websites that bid on keywords. It would cost the advertiser money for you to click on the ad, especially if your only motivation is to offer them a domain. The trick is to determine who advertises in your keyword category, and then to visit the website to send them a message using the ‘contact’ link section, or through using an e-mail they provide there.

Make a list of companies that bid on the keywords. You can also find these companies in the Google sponsor section. Also, consider visiting Bing and Yahoo. I’m not 100% sure if they use their own advertising system. However, I know that Why Park operates on Yahoo and Bing ads. Good luck. Thanks.

How to find potential buyers?

January 23, 2011

Have you ever browsed DN Journal to read their weekly domain sales column? Pay attention to which domains sell there. If any domains are similar to yours, you might be able to produce a sale. How?

Wait a few days after the article is released. Check the Whois on either Estibot,, or Send an e-mail to the new owner. Ask them if they are looking to acquire any additional domains beyond their recent purchase. They may request your domain portfolio in that particular niche.

Domain tools are effective for selling domains. Invest time into contacting people that recently purchased a domain name. If they spend $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, or even $40,000 on a domain, and you have another that is similar, then you can at least try to make an effort to contact them. Money is not an issue. All you need is a commitment to buy a domain. The hardest part of selling a domain is finding a buyer that wants your domain. A price request essentially shows interest in a domain. Selling becomes hard when you don’t receive any replies.

Even a reply rejecting a domain can lead to a future sale. Now you know they will reply back. You have their information. I received an offer that is only 10% of what I could I have gotten from another company. I ruined the sale several months ago. I searched for a buyer, which a company that bids on the keywords in that particular category made a small offer. They respected my persistence and professionalism. However, they were set on one price. The price was very little. It would net me a small profit, but it’s nowhere near what I failed to get on the last deal. The last offer had nothing to do with price. I complicated the sale with sharing too much information. I couldn’t salvage the deal after ruining it.

I don’t mind because I made a recent sale, and have two pending sales that more than made up for that mistake, I learned from making mistakes on past sales to sell more domains. We have to learn the hard way. Otherwise, domaining will not be a challenge. Buying the right domain to sell to the right end-user is a challenge. However, knowing who to sell to before purchasing the domain can be worthwhile. I buy to sell. I retain some domains I like, but the remaining are on sales watch. Don’t get too attached to your domains. Thanks. Good luck.


Show integrity to build respect in the domain sales process

January 23, 2011

Recently, I offered a quality domain to another. This domain is one of the company’s most popular services. I mentioned to another that I presented the domain to the company. The person was very interested in the domain, and asked how much I was selling the domain for. I told them how much I offered the domain to the other company.

I showed integrity in the domain sale. I never jumped ship to sell the domain to another. There is no replacement. If I offered the domain to a primary buyer, but then sell the only .com name available in the market to another, that is bad business. You will never be successful with that though process. It’s not like I can create another name to fix the problem.

What I’m suggesting is that to become good at domaining, you must show integrity in every domain sale. It doesn’t matter if another offers you more than the other, or that you haven’t heard back from the end-user in a few days. Communicate to the end-user if they are still interested in the domain. Know for sure because having integrity will build trust. Trust is what will enable you to make many sales.

Don’t think that you’re only making one sale, or that you want more money for the domain. Think of he sale as a building block to help you reach success. Know your price point, and stick with it. If a deal doesn’t pan out, then you can offer the domain to the second party. Domaining is about building relationships to sell domains at quick as possible.

Surely enough, you want to make a profit in return. However, have integrity when taking part in the sales process. Jumping from one ship to another while in motion will only create problems. Good luck. Thanks for reading.