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List your domains on Bargain Domains

November 3, 2010

A few months ago, I sold and on Bargain Domains. Whereas, I didn’t make a fortune on these domains, I managed to make 10 times the cost of registration.

If you have a few domains that you can afford to sell at a fraction of the value, it is well worth your time to list them. You can also buy some quality domains on the website. I once passed up on That could’ve been a great addition to my domain portfolio.

Use your judgment when listing domains. There are times when it is better to keep a domain, or to sell it to an end-user, instead of letting it go for cheap. You’ll have an idea on whether to sell on Bargain Domains, or to look elsewhere.

I noticed has been on the site, even when bidders have attempted to win the domain. Due to the reserve, the owner probably elected to decline the 5% sale, and take another chance on the auction. If you own an appealing domain, and you’re looking to make a sale, check out Bargain Domains. Good luck!

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