Posted tagged ‘.me hype’ sold for $7820

January 13, 2011

Another DN Journal weekly domain sales report with a bunch of ????. I don’t think there’s a week that goes by where a sale doesn’t shock me. The new owner of paid $7820 for the domain.

The Montenegro extension has scored some major sales in the past few months. Sedo always has a role in brokering such domains. Should motivate me to keep Or should I sell the domain? I really don’t know what to think about the recent .me sales.

All I know is that my only .me domain is Maybe I should retain the domain until I can sell it for a nice amount. generates nearly 50 million average keyword results, and is searched nearly 200,000 times a month locally. Spirituality covers all aspects of religion, and even New Age stuff. Most psychics practice tarot card reading, palm reading and crystals in New Age stores that promote spirituality
books, music, and other relevant merchandise. is a quality domain name that has a bright future. The more .me domains that show up on DN Journal, the better chance I have to sell sold for $7820, which made the previous owner a nice chunk of change. The domain is still parked at Go Daddy.

My number #1 sale to date is .us job domain. I’m still searching for a good sale. If you own any .me domains, this is your chance to cash in on the hysteria. You never know what will happen in the near future.

Maybe the .me will become a .mobi. However, .mobi sales have made recent DN Journal domain sales lists. The extension is not as dead as a few newspapers reported this past year.

High .me sales prove there is a major market to develop personalized websites. Dust off your .me domains and make a big sale today. Good