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Registered a few more resume and cover letter names

October 17, 2010

I have been on the prowl to secure as many resume and cover letter names as possible. I fee there will be a surge in interest for these type of domains. As much as I have been buying as of late, I need to change my focus to the selling side of the equation.

The following domains were purchased yesterday, showing you what domains I’m most interested in acquiring.

There are a few variations above that point to successful resume and cover letter websites. I assure you that there are many quality domains that are still unregistered. If you appraise a few of the names above, you’ll find that any with the “I” and the longer tailed domains hold no value.

Since I’m look more to the resume and job market, many companies may be looking to enter the market to expand their products and services. I have a good shot at generating revenue, while there is also potential to make a few sales in the process.

Always take the time to look for different variations, especially when many good domains are still available for registration. Good luck.

Jason Allen Goodlin


Registered a few cool domains

October 15, 2010

In the last few months, I have found that there are many good domains that are still unregistered. I made it a point to make a list of domain name prospects, and to register these domains.

I register some domains faster than others because I know that another may find them right away. It has happened to me many times before, so I’m careful to not leave quality domains sitting around too long.

Within the past hour, I registered the following domain names:

Every domain registered above appraises for at least $180, and as much as $1400. I have several lists that are full of more domains that are just like the ones above.

I feel that is one of the best pickups of the week, which I registered last week. It’s the winner of the bunch. Though the domain is only worth $25, the domain will one day command at least $500. The keywords generate more than 300,000+. The appraisal value is only low due to the low number of monthly searches.

The domain can easily be transformed into a website that has a cover letter search engine with templates, samples, and writing companies. Every name listed above has the potential to generate revenue.

The recent sale of and the past sale of, and show that resume, cover letter, and cv domains are heating up.

If you can, try to invest time into locating some good two words resume domains. Most likely you will make a ROI with every quality domain. A few months ago, I bought up many education domains, but then I changed my focus to resume domains, especially after acquiring and

After making many purchases in the past few months, I have a resume portfolio that is equally as impressive as my education domains. I’m ready to begin making some sales to recoup the money spent on domains in the past 6 weeks.

It’s always good to move your inventory to make room for more quality domains. There are plenty of domains available, and enough to go around for any new domainer. Be persistent because you never know what you’ll find. Maybe you’ll register the next super domain. Good luck.