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The U.S. Military Branches are Intelligent: Securing the top generic domain names that describe an organization

September 22, 2011

Want to know why the U.S. military branches are intelligent? The top military branches secured the top generic dot com domains far ahead of domain investors. Instead of domain investors retaining valuable dot com military service domains to increase their value, the military branches secured the top generic sites that describe their organization.

The U.S. Armed Forces own the generic domain names of their respective branch. The Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy and National Guard own their exact dot com domain name.,,,, and provide information and service relevant to the domain name. The military organizations managed to build quality leads based on type-in traffic and their advertising campaigns.

Most end-users snoozed on domain names in the 90’s as well as in the early part of the 00’s. Therefore, the end-user paid a bundle to acquire generic domain names related to their industry.

You’d think Loreal would’ve acquired early on. What about Bank of America paying $3 million for in he late 90’s? These are big corporations with the financial resources to make a run for industry defining domain names. They realized valuable generic domains can push quality type-in traffic to their websites.

The U.S. military branches are intelligent. They acquired the top generic domain names that describe their military service. Such valuable domain names are useful to build quality traffic among future recruits. The U.S. Armed Forces were certainly aware of the future.

In the 90’s, the U.S. military branches realized the Internet would represent the wave of future. Thus, it made sense to operate the top generic dot com domains to improve the military’s overall advertising campaign –  to increase their military recruitment efforts through online leads. The U.S. Armed Forces deserve praise for securing the best possible domain names in their field.


The value of keyword domains

December 4, 2010

As shown above, a recent visitor typed in “Leather Man Bags” in the search engine. They scrolled down the page until they reached Leather Man Bags, and then clicked on the link.

The domain name contains the generic keywords, which entice visitors to click on the link. I noticed that many people will evaluate a website to determine its credibility. Owning a domain with the exact keywords gives one an advantage over their competitors.

Don’t hesitate to acquire product .net domains. .net domains tend to move on Google Page #1 because the .com owner has no plans to develop their domain.

In determining how web users reach a page, one can develop a strategy to add more specific content to produce additional traffic. Thanks for reading.