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The destruction of WhyPark revenue

September 12, 2011

WhyPark once offered hope that you could build your domains into actual websites beyond the traditional parked pages. However, Google Panda has eliminated that parking dream. It’s official; WhyPark is no longer a good option to develop your domains.

Several months ago my WhyPark domains performed well. I logged into my account to find that education, resume and job sites generated revenue. This domain development dream is dead. Half of the month is already gone, and the revenue has only reached $2.

What happened to WhyPark? Why are my websites underperforming? I’ll tell you the source of the problem. Answer: Google Panda. If your WhyPark sites are de indexed, de ranked, and score little traffic, point your finger at Google.

Google Panda is an unfair software that is killing WhyPark sites. However, eHow remains indexed on Page #1. How can amateur writers rank above experts? You want to know? Answer: AdSense. eHow is a traffic generator that features AdSense ads.

How is WhyPark and Google connected? The two companies worked together a few years ago (2008). WhyPark now uses Yahoo and Bing. Google Panda destroyed my top sites. These sites generated 30,000+ unique visits per month. My traffic last month only reached 2,000.

How can the Google Panda and WhyPark debacle be proven? Moments after Google visits a high traffic site, the traffic immediately evaporates. I can tell you the exact hour my top sites stopped performing. I have data to reflect that high traffic sites with no affiliation with Google will get hit hard.

Have you lost traffic and revenue? Are you using WhyPark? You better think twice to protect your domains. De indexed sites are dead in the search engine. WhyPark sites are spiraling down like a comet.

How do I know? I experienced the WhyPark/Google dilemma since April. Many searches based on WhyPark de indexing and Google Panda reach my domain blog. The truth is out there. Is Google Panda disguised as a competition? You be the judge.


Use Why Park for Web Directories, to make parking revenue, and to build websites

January 16, 2011

I have been using Why Park since April 2010. I tested Go Daddy, Sedo, and Why Park at the same time. I like Why Park because the domain platform is flexible. Most domain parking companies have restrictions. They only accept generic traffic. Essentially, you can’t promote your domains, or you risk cancellation.

On Why Park, I can use the domain apps to build a functional website. The domain apps doubled my revenue and traffic. You can prepare custom articles and links, and also include Why Park articles. The settings enable you to add html banners on the bottom of the page. You can even use images with links embedded within them.

Why Park is an alternative to hiring another, or building a website. I lack web developing skills, which is why Why park works for me. If you own many domains, you will like the domain platform. They also offer paid plans, SEO, website developing services, and will feed your pages with content to make them successful. There is no better option to build your domains than Why Park.

Why Park

Random Thoughts on Domaining

December 23, 2010

I usually read the DN Journal’s weekly sales list. In my opinion, I feel their weekly sales are prepared to brag about domain companies and private domain investors. Many domains on that list are not as appealing, and are over valued. I wouldn’t pay 10%
of the cost to acquire any domains on that sales list.

In the past, a few worthy domains changed ownership, which I believe were well worth the cost. I don’t how companies can afford to pay high
prices, and then let such domains do little to make them revenue.

One lady, in particular, purchased a domain for mid 5 figures. She
now points the domain to a site that generates less than 900 unique
visitors per month. I can prepare a sales report with graphs to
prove the benefits of using a web directory to reduce advertising
costs. It takes skill to determine the price of a domain.

Whereas, several domain tools exist online, a broker has to weigh many
factors to set a good price. I had conflict with posters that assumed I was a random person who never made a sale. You’ll be surprised on how many domain posters will fight with you on ways to determine value. They discredit domain stats as an appraisal
indicator, but then build value into organic searches. How else can
a price be set without factoring-in the age, keyword results and
monthly results, and backlinks?

I tried to relate to these domain
investors who shoot down the preceding stats as irrelevant
indicators to set a domain’s value. However, I have enough
experience with chatting with elite domainers and selling domains
to know that their advice is one-sided. Organic searches is not the
only factor that makes a domain valuable.

A month ago, I challenged
a domain with only a hundred searches a month. The blog owner is an
industry leader that owns thousands of quality domains, but many of
the posters are clueless, or locked into their own domain.

More than likely they probably sold domains, and understand the domain
industry very well. I sense the posters don’t want new domainers to
learn because domaining is like a pyramid scheme. If newbies don’t
know what to buy, they waste thousands upon thousands on acquiring
bad domains.

Stats interpret a domain’s value. If keyword results and searches had no meaning, then Sedo would not have a price suggestion tool, and appraisal platforms would be nonexistent on
the net. Many aged domains that don’t have sites linking in, backlinks, a Google Page Rank, and unique traffic depend on keyword stats.

However, your domains don’t need performance stats to be
successful. But, domains do have major importance when they
generate unique traffic. I don’t own any domain that generates 1,000 visitors a month. It’s not easy to build that type of
traffic. I can write 1000 articles on this blog, and will never produce more than 500 unique visits a month.

Many companies are not
going to purchase a domain based only on its organic value. If domainers listen to these posters, they will walk down the wrong road. I rarely find good advice on blogs. On the contrary, Elliot’s Blog is a quality blog with professional domain tips.

When I started to ask more questions, many domainers scolded me, assuming
I was trying to gloat. On Domaining Mojo, I share information to help people become successful. I also have an opportunity to promote a few new domains and affiliate programs.

To date, I have never scored any affiliate deals or leads. It’s not easy making money with domains unless you know the right people and have
persistence to battle through obstacles to make it past hardship.

I presented 5 figure domains to companies that could afford them. I
didn’t get as much attention as I hoped to make a sale. These domains are owned by another elite domain investor.

I also look for buyers on domains that others want me to sell. My goal is to find the right person that is interested in a particular domain. I can assure you that if you keep failing at selling, you will find your groove in domaining.

Every time you fail, you will make adjustments to deliver better results the next time around. Selling is the
hardest part of domaining. Once you conquer the selling aspect,
then it will be smooth sailing.

Buying domains is not as hard as
many make it out to be. I’m finally getting clicks on a few domains
that never generated any traffic. (worthless in
appraisal value) earned $1.60 off 1 click yesterday.

You never know which domain will produce the next big click. Back in the Summer, student loan domain got a few $10-$20 clicks. Go Daddy determined that my traffic was not organic, so they close my parking account down. If you list your domains on selling platforms, people are
going to visit the site. In my opinion, I feel that Sedo and Go Daddy’s parking accounts restrict you from building traffic.

However, I never had any problems with Sedo’s parking. I never made
much using their parking account, and feel that landing pages with
ads will never attract repeat visitors. I boosted my traffic using
Why Park’s domain apps. People find my domains through my shopping
apps, the business listings, You Tube videos, games, articles, and

In essence, the DN Journal’s weekly sales report is interesting, considering that many domains on the list are not
worth a fraction of the final sale. The three domains I presented to many companies are just as good as any on the DN Journal’s sales
list. I haven’t attracted any attention to the domains.

I debated one company on their response to one of the domains that is 1000 times better than their business site. They suggested that any domain can’t be developed into a site that is better than the entire niche category. I challenged the owner with a slough of
information, and he then finally agreed with me.

I lacked selling skills back in February, but I understand the domain market enough to make a sale. It will only take me 45-50 domains to make back the
cost of purchasing 810 domains. The domains I sold are not even my best. People are actually typing-in the exact name of my .com domains.

For example,,,,, and are typed-in exactly as they appear. A company would benefit from having such domains that people will type-in directly in their search bar, or as keywords in search engines.

Don’t get discouraged if a company
declines your domain. Most businesses are tight with their money during the end of the year, as well as around the holiday season.

If own generic domains, or two word domains specific to a niche
such as,,,, and other names, you will be able to make a sale. You will have the same success with niche markets, and GEO domains. I will be looking to sell in the upcoming

I plan to push the following hotel domains with more than 1,000+ popular monthly searches:

Domains with 1,000+ local monthly searches are eventually going to
attract attention. It’s only a matter of time. You can always sell domains in lot deals. That will give you a chance to move more domains.

Good luck on making sales in the next year. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Word Press is frustrating. The missing button makes it hard to revise posts or to publish posts. I have to revise posts using my IPhone. Any tips would
be helpful. Thanks.

Use Why Park to Build Domains

October 25, 2010

Domain development is a time consuming process. If you own hundreds, and even thousands of domains, there is no quick strategy to developing your domains into websites. Many blogs attempt to convince domainers that monetizing domains is the only strategy to building revenue. Why Park is a good alternative to parking domains.

Ever since I moved my entire domain portfolio to Why Park, I have been receiving consistent traffic and clicks. I find it exciting to log into my account each day because I can determine which domains performed the best in the previous day.

This past Wednesday, finished in first place with 6 clicks that totaled $1.93. On Thursday, generated one click for $1.39. A few weeks ago, was clicked on 13 times for $4. There is not one day that goes by where I don’t generate a click.

I don’t earn as much money as I could than if I developed my domains. On the contrary, I have to write my graduate thesis, as well as complete a few other projects, which takes up a majority of my time. There is no possible way I can develop 800 domains, especially when I lack the funds to take on such a demanding project and my website development skills are virtually nonexistent.

Why Park’s domain apps speeds up the domain development process. I can earn revenue clicks, and improve my Google Page rank. In addition, many domains attract repeat traffic. I find the domain apps to accommodate people with the most basic computer skills.

Why Park enables me to keep track of domain traffic, page views, clicks, and earnings. I can transfer the stats to an Excel worksheet. The system even monitors search results for the keywords.

In two months time, established a Google Page rank #2. The domain has 8 sites that link in, and 68 backlinks. I doubt that I can duplicate the same performance results with other domain parking companies.

I have the flexibility to write custom articles, attach links to push traffic to other websites, and to add images and affiliate banners to the domain page. In all, Why Park is an awesome domain development program. I expect my resume, education and job domains to continue earning revenue.

If you own hundreds of domains, experiment with Why Park’s domain development program. Good luck.