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The destruction of WhyPark revenue

September 12, 2011

WhyPark once offered hope that you could build your domains into actual websites beyond the traditional parked pages. However, Google Panda has eliminated that parking dream. It’s official; WhyPark is no longer a good option to develop your domains.

Several months ago my WhyPark domains performed well. I logged into my account to find that education, resume and job sites generated revenue. This domain development dream is dead. Half of the month is already gone, and the revenue has only reached $2.

What happened to WhyPark? Why are my websites underperforming? I’ll tell you the source of the problem. Answer: Google Panda. If your WhyPark sites are de indexed, de ranked, and score little traffic, point your finger at Google.

Google Panda is an unfair software that is killing WhyPark sites. However, eHow remains indexed on Page #1. How can amateur writers rank above experts? You want to know? Answer: AdSense. eHow is a traffic generator that features AdSense ads.

How is WhyPark and Google connected? The two companies worked together a few years ago (2008). WhyPark now uses Yahoo and Bing. Google Panda destroyed my top sites. These sites generated 30,000+ unique visits per month. My traffic last month only reached 2,000.

How can the Google Panda and WhyPark debacle be proven? Moments after Google visits a high traffic site, the traffic immediately evaporates. I can tell you the exact hour my top sites stopped performing. I have data to reflect that high traffic sites with no affiliation with Google will get hit hard.

Have you lost traffic and revenue? Are you using WhyPark? You better think twice to protect your domains. De indexed sites are dead in the search engine. WhyPark sites are spiraling down like a comet.

How do I know? I experienced the WhyPark/Google dilemma since April. Many searches based on WhyPark de indexing and Google Panda reach my domain blog. The truth is out there. Is Google Panda disguised as a competition? You be the judge.


Use Why Park for Web Directories, to make parking revenue, and to build websites

January 16, 2011

I have been using Why Park since April 2010. I tested Go Daddy, Sedo, and Why Park at the same time. I like Why Park because the domain platform is flexible. Most domain parking companies have restrictions. They only accept generic traffic. Essentially, you can’t promote your domains, or you risk cancellation.

On Why Park, I can use the domain apps to build a functional website. The domain apps doubled my revenue and traffic. You can prepare custom articles and links, and also include Why Park articles. The settings enable you to add html banners on the bottom of the page. You can even use images with links embedded within them.

Why Park is an alternative to hiring another, or building a website. I lack web developing skills, which is why Why park works for me. If you own many domains, you will like the domain platform. They also offer paid plans, SEO, website developing services, and will feed your pages with content to make them successful. There is no better option to build your domains than Why Park.

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