“The” Domains are a great investment

Do you own a “The” dot com domain name? Most “The” domain names are a great investment. Movie names typically begin with “the” and subject and or a verb. Invest in “The” domain names to make a good domain sale in the future.

How do you find “The” domains? The very best “The” domain names are registered for many years. I regret passing up on TheWorld.co. I wanted to purchase the domain name, but I waited too long to make the decision. Therefore, another UK domainer acquired the domain instead. You can use NameTumbler.com to find “The” domains. Or you can consider blind searching to locate “The” domains. Your best bet is to use WhyPark’s Name Tumbler to find “The” dot com domain names.

I made up for TheWorld.co mistake with registering EndoftheWorld.co. I knew this end of the world dot co domain name dropped a few months ago. I monitored the domain until it moved past the redemption period. However, I admit that TheWorld.co is a super domain name with universal appeal. I missed out on a domain gem. However, EndoftheWorld.co is a better domain name for the upcoming year. The Mayan Calendar and the fear of the end of the world will produce good traffic.

Many “The” domains are valuable in search engines. TheMovie.com, TheResume.com, TheJob.com, TheWorld.com, TheSuperficial.com, TheNews.com, TheDomain.com, TheWebsite.com, TheLoan.com, TheReview.com, TheBusiness.com and other “The” domain names are brandable domain names. Many of the good keyword “The” domains generate high exact match searches per month.

Google AdWords and Valuate base search value on different criterions. You may find a domain on Valuate with no search value while the same domain generates over 40,000 exact match Google searches per month.

If you are currently a domain newbie who has many questions about keyword stats, domain sales, domain age, and “The” domains, don’t worry too much about finding the right domain names. Keep reading domain, SEO, website traffic, and marketing articles. Don’t think negative about your domain ventures. Good unregistered “The” domain names are sitting around without an owner.

I recommend “The” domain names. I only own TheOBE.com (The Out of Body Experience) and TheInsidious.com. I plan to acquire a few more “The” domains to build a quality domain portfolio. Keep a lookout for “The” domains with good average keyword results and search value. You never know when a Hollywood studio may come knocking on your door to acquire your “The” domain for a new movie project. Thanks for reading.

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4 Comments on ““The” Domains are a great investment”

  1. jaaz88 Says:

    Jason! I thought you quit!!


  2. Jason Says:


    I uploaded old content I previously prepared to maintain various sites. I’m not actively domaining. I haven’t written anything on the Domain Name Mojo site in over two months.

    I devote my time to contributing content on Astral Writer and End of the World Movies.

    Hope all is well. Thanks for your past support. Good luck on your future endeavors.,

  3. Nobuko Maria Says:

    After reading your blog post I browsed your website a bit and noticed you aren’t ranking nearly as well in Google as you could be. I possess a handful of blogs myself and I think you should take a look here: http://dominateseowithwordpress.com You’ll find it’s a very nice tool that can bring you a lot more visitors. Keep up the quality posts

    • Jason Says:

      Thank you Nobuko. I would like to know how to close affiliates on my blogspot sites that generate good quality traffic. I never once closed an affiliate deal, even with visitors clicking on “free” psychic reading and other good affiliates. It’s puzzling that I never do well with AdSense.

      There has to be some sort of technique to convert ad clicks. WhyPark used to be good, but Panda created many challenges on the platform. Thanks again. Good luck.

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