Please follow me to I’m no longer going to write on Domaining Mojo

A reader pointed out that one blog will be better. I’m taking his advice. I decided to move my blog to I don’t have the time to deal with Word Press’s bug issues. I don’t have a “submit” button to publish the posts. I can’t revise the posts on my computer.

I constantly make revisions on my WordPress app because the sentence structure is displaced. doesn’t allow any plug-ins, unless you use system as a plug-in to host your blog. I will keep up for future visitors. I will not write any future blogs on the site anymore. will forward traffic to I don’t have any problems uploading blog posts on Blogger. I never lose any posts due to system failure.

Thanks for your support on Domaining Mojo. I welcome you to

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One Comment on “Please follow me to I’m no longer going to write on Domaining Mojo”

  1. jazzman8 Says:

    There is no way to leave a comment over there without some “profile”….you are getting beat up by the domain dream…take 6 months off, take a deep breath and finish your schooling. Drive a school bus and save some money, and come back with a clear head. This is too painful for you now.

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