Sample Craig’s List GEO listing for in New York City is currently up for sale on Craig’s List. The sample Craig’s List ad below shows a sales pitch in action. When you sell domain names specific to a location, you are limited to rotating them. However, in a city such as New York City, you have millions of people, dozens of districts, and five boroughs to find buyers.

Once the ad expires, I may have to evaluate whether to keep the domain in the Financial District, or move the domain to Downtown, or SoHo, and then maybe Battery Park. I have many alternatives to list in New York City, but far more GEO opportunities to rotate throughout the United States.

I provided a sample of because I submitted to Sedo’s auction for consideration. The fixed price link is currently unavailable while the decision is pending. I try to be optimistic even though I know that Sedo rejects 100% of all my domain names submitted into their auction screening process.

Mike, who runs Domain Sherpa, informed me that the link goes straight to the brokerage section. Good catch Mike! Domain Sherpa is definitely an innovative domain blog with an encyclopedia of domain resources.

Samples of’s Craig’s List advertisement and the Sedo sales page are below. Thank you.

The Sedo’s sales pitch shows at a fixed price of $500.

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2 Comments on “Sample Craig’s List GEO listing for in New York City”

  1. jazzman8 Says:

    Hi Jason,
    You have 2 blogs with similar names. Why?
    Wouldnt it be easier for you and your readers to just have one place to read your thoughts??

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      Both blogs have strengths and weaknesses. WP is missing the “publish” button, which I must use auto save to store the article, and then I have to go into my posts and quick edit to publish the article. A lot of obstacles to post an article. doesn’t allow any plug-ins because of security reasons. On a positive note, Domaining Mojo generates some traffic, and comments.

      Domain Name Mojo is a functional site with potential to grow. However, I never had any luck with Blogger traffic. My past writing blog never produced any good traffic. I uploaded 500 articles on the blog. People left comments, but I never had any repeat traffic. I like the look of the website. However, building traffic will be a challenge.

      I wrote an article on “How to sell domain names” on Triond, and linked it to my two blogs. I added a link to two of my past domain article at eHow. I plan to do the same on Shvoong with writing a book abstract.

      If sales were quicker, I would have more flexibility with only keeping one blog. Network Solutions will take 3-4 total time to deliver a payment from the initial sale to payment. The same process with the Sedo sale, where the buyer decided they want the EPP code instead of having Sedo accept the transfer, and then to release the payment. All these loopholes disrupt my ability to survive.

      DNM is a good site with some affiliate and adsense. However, I would prefer to use the Word Presss system because the articles index faster and show up on Google Page 1-2. Many domain blogs that have major traffic once contemplated to give up on their blog because it took up too much time where they struggled to make a living. Writing is a strenuous process.

      I’m in a similar situation. I write to help people. I’m good at selling, as well as capable of finding random domains that people overlook. disallows any plug-ins, so I have no control over adding anything on the site that will help me. Whereas, the Blogger website gives me full access to build the site. Both are lacking what the other has.

      WordPress’s app is absolutely terrible. I write comments and posts using the app. I lose everything. I spent 30 minutes writing a reply back to your comment, and it erased. I lost many good posts because of the app. WordPress has a really professional template they e-mails to my subscribers. Blogger only sends a text e-mail. If I can merge the two blogs together to have one quality site, maybe I can help people and survive.

      There will be a time where I will have to close down all my domain blogs. I enjoy writing to help others, but there many flaws on both formats. I prefer to use WP, but then I like Blogger’s functionality. WP indexes better.

      I don’t have too many fans. I probably have a total of 140 comments in 6 months. I have 700 backlinks on I would send my readers to Domain Name Mojo, though the site rarely produces any traffic beyond a few others and you. Domaining Mojo has decent traffic, which keeps the blogging experience interactive. The missing “submit” button is a bug issue. I can’t fix the missing link. I think the solution is to set up one spot maybe can work if I build one blog into a forum, and another into a blog.

      It all comes down to whether I can continue to survive while also helping others to be successful. If I wrote a book on how to sell domain names, then writing on this blog would be much easier. Even authors have websites. Domaining Mojo has a far better Alex ranking than Domain Name Mojo. Your question made me think about what I should do to keep one platform. Both blogs have strengths and weaknesses. I don’t have as many readers to be successful.

      Not many people like my transparent approach. I’m actually giving out information they feel that will affect their sales. Newcomers spend a lot of money buying stuff they don’t need. In order to prevent that, I thought that sharing domaining tips can reduce bad purchases and increase sales. That is partly one reason I don’t get traffic.

      I’ll evaluate the two sites, and determine a good plan of action to ensure that my few readers can have one spot to read my thoughts. I can’t publish the same article twice or I risk my blogs being de-indexed. People use different methods to find my articles. Domaining Mojo will never be as popular due to my information approach. My current struggles disrupt my ability to survive. I’m not even sure how to resolve the two blog situation. Monetizing this blog would help. I lack the skills to do that. Blogger has a website building tool. This blog is more so a PSA to inform people.

      Good question, I”m not sure what to do. If I made more sales, I could afford to write more without worrying about the earning and time aspect. I’ve been producing many articles as of late, but I have neglected my responsibilities to write my thesis and to complete other ongoing projects. It would easier to have one blog.

      This WP blog is very limited. I do like the word pressing capability, but dislike the missing submit button and I can’t use plug-ins. Blogger gives me full access to use affiliate programs. It would be hard to migrate all my articles and comments to the other blog. I would probably consider doing that because I will have more time. I’m having my friend build a logo to Domain Name Mojo. Domaining Mojo is more so to help people become success as domain flipping. I can probably write this comment all day long. Both sites lack, but both have their advantage. Pros & Cons.

      Thanks for your comment.

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