Sample Domain Name Sales Pitch to Contact an End-User by Email

Do you ever find yourself writing a book to contact an end-user? You don’t need to write a story to make a sale. The following sample sales pitches are posted on my secondary blog, Preparing a good sales pitch will gain an end-user’s attention.

Most end-users don’t have time to read long e-mails. Moreover, they would rather browse a direct sales pitch offering a domain name than to open an Excel file containing 100 domain names. The majority of the time I customize my sales pitch to entice the end-user. I analyze the end-user’s company, website, and my domain name to ensure I can meet the challenge. I prepared a few sample sales pitches on Domain Name Mojo. The images are below.

The following domain name sales pitch is shorter, and more direct:

Sample Domain Name Sales Pitch

There are many sale pitches you can use to contact an end-user. The moment you find a sales technique that works best for you, then ride the wave as long as you’re finding buyers. Please visit “Now is the best time to sell domains – how to sell domain names is posted on Domain Name Mojo. to read more about domain selling strategies. Please leave any comments below to share your sales pitches. Thank you.

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