Sample Craig’s List Domain Sales Advertisement

The image below is a sample Craig’s List Sales Advertisement for the domain name

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2 Comments on “Sample Craig’s List Domain Sales Advertisement”

  1. Very cool to see the actual posting with your text. Would you mind if I share the image with readers? I’ll be sure to link back to your website for the original and share the love. 🙂

    Also, which geographic region did you decide to list this offer, and do you plan to vary the geographic region after this listing expires?

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      I don’t mind you sharing the image. You can use whatever you like on the blog to help your audience achieve success.

      The ad was listed in Ventura, California. When the ad expires, I will assess the content within the ad, the price, and possibly consider moving the ad down the California coast.

      Eventually, I will find one person that may consider investing into the domain. If not, I will rotate the ad to Myrtle Beach. There are many alternatives. Being creative is the key to capturing a buyer using a Craig’s List ad.

      The technique worked a few times, once in San Francisco and another time in Nyc.

      I believe success hinges on setting the right price and GEO placement. The sample and article below the post are important steps and tips.

      I have extensive experience with Why Park too. In the future, I will write some articles on strategies to build domains on Why Park. Thanks for the comment and your support.


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