Domaining Challenges

Don’t let anyone discourage you in the blog forums. Many people try to get a laugh, when half of the time they have no clue what they’re saying.

Don’t throw all your chips into .co, or 3D domains. Continue to purchase good .com names as you have done in the past. Don’t forget about .us job sites. You will eventually make sales.

Target high traffic sites that will not make any excuses to save a buck.
The small traffic sites will try to get the best deal. They will be the ones that offer you $100 for 10 names. Avoid these end-users. They have low traffic because they don’t take risks.

Focus on the top sites. Also, consider contacting companies that advertise on Yellow Pages. They may not have a website, or are looking to upgrade theirs. Advertisers pay Yellow Pages to list their ads. In return, YP reinvests a portion of their advertising revenue into bidding for keywords in a specific category.

I find many irritating people in blog forums. Even some site owners are rude. They’ll try to make fun of you. There are also very good domain blogs with a great team. They are resourceful, creative, and helpful. For the most part, some domain blogs need domainers such as you because results drive success.

Many new domainers are trying to learn about the domain industry. They rely on good information to get results. I find several domain investors that never have any substance to back up their success. The ones that are most discrete have success. They don’t need to gloat. Their sales prove it. Good luck.

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