Domaining Mojo Sales Tip: Active Domaining

Selling domains may be challenging, but it’s definitely rewarding when you make a good sale. Many domainers give up on domains because they purchase domains they can’t sell or they don’t do enough to attract buyers. Why give up on domaining? There are plenty of sales opportunities.

You can’t be a passive domainer. In order to sell a domain, you have to contact people. How can you sell a domain if you don’t offer it to a buyer? If you own generic domains, or highly marketable keywords, then maybe a buyer will come to you. Passive domaining identifies those domainers who expect to make a big profit with just parking their domains and setting high prices on Sedo, Go Daddy, and on Buy Domains. It may happen, but you wont gain sales experience with that mentality.

Active domaining requires one to send out e-mails, call businesses, read domain articles, leave comments, communicate with industry players and investors, and to remain active in the domain industry. I feel that I fit this category because I use the steps above to make sales.

Don’t believe articles that say domains are pyramid schemes, or blogs that suggest your domains are bad, and you’ll never make a sale. I don’t have banners flashing all over my blog, but I wouldn’t mind to keep me writing.

I can afford to invest more time into writing about sales techniques that do work. I never made a sale on the phone. However, I never stop making a few cold calls to find a buyer. I have buyers reserved for different domain niches. I know ahead of time what I will be selling in the next few months.

I can’t determine when you will make a sale, or how much money you will make selling your domains. But, I can write about my personal experiences to improve your ability to make a sale. Active domaining will produce a sale.

Elite domaining will put you in the same category as the best domain players. You will have to attend domain events such as Domain Fest, Traffic, and all the popular domain functions. Master domaining is in a class of its own, such as the domain industry knowing you on first name basis, as people do with movie stars (i.e. Mike, Frank, Kevin, and Rick).

If you sell your domains, develop an active domaining persona to move up the ranks. I believe that if you work hard enough, you can accomplish any goal in life. I want to become a screenwriter.

I lacked the cold call and sales mentality to sell my screenplays. I was too passive to get my work out in the film industry. You have to sell your script, as well as yourself. Domaining improved my sales skills. I can now use my sales experience to take the next step to make it in the movie business – a goal I set 17 years ago.

Active domaining will help you to make sales. If you use advertising platforms, domain sales platforms, parking platforms, cold call, send e-mails, network, and make friends in the domain industry, you can keep up with the domain industry. Read a few blogs a day to keep you informed and interested about domaining. Domain invssting is long-term, while domaining is similar to stock trading – buy, flip, buy, and then flip again.

Blogs helped me to learn not to register certain domains, or to avoid legality issues with domain names. I also learned through selling domains. I always had a business frame of mind to go after popular niches. Eventually, you figure out which domains are most popular, and the ones that are least appealing. I only buy domains I can sell, or have plans to use in the future. In essence, develop an active domaining role to become a better seller. Good luck.

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2 Comments on “Domaining Mojo Sales Tip: Active Domaining”

  1. RK Says:

    Thanks for the post,Jason.
    Spot on! I couldn’t agree more with you.

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