Iphone will be my primary blog option

My cable and high services were interupted today. The bill is very expensive, so I couldn’t afford to keep up with retaining the services. Now I will have to adjust to typing blogs on my Iphone until I’m in a better situation. I still enjoy writing blogs and discussing domains on blogs.

Many say that I shouldn’t be domaining when I lack the resources, but I believe that everyone must struggle in life to become successful. The last 17 years haven’t been easy.
Setting goals can really put you in a bad situation.

Because I want to write for film and or television, I made decisions that put in a tough situtation. I missed out a few networking opportunities because I didn’t have my business card with me or for some other reason.

I first began domaining because another person contacted to purchase a domain. The year prior, I only purchased 20 domains as a long-term investment. I never thought much about the value. I sold the domain, and then refined my sales skills to find additional buyers.

I learned how to use domain tools. I figured out how to buy the right domains, which enabled me to master a few niches. I believe I put together a good portfolio, in terms of finding unregistered domains to present them to end-users. A recent sale, as well as another will put me in a better situtation.

Never plan life because you will be disappointed with the end result. I’m spontaneous on making purchases. I know that having access to inventory will improve my chances to sell more domain names. In two months time, I will be in a better situtation to succeed.

You have to make sacrifices in life. I wouldn’t consider the last 17 years to be a sacrifice. I know what I want. It’s just a little hard for me to attain. Maybe it’s not the right time. When is the right time? It really depends. I know it’s not now.

The goal is to buy domains you think an end-user will want now, or you look to make an investment for the future. I decided to be a domain flipper. I can buy domains, without speculating or hoping for a sale.

Even though 300 domains will drop in the next few weeks, I know I don’t have to worry whether I failed. I suceeded. I sold domains. I don’t mind calling or emailing an end-user. My buying and selling skills are good. All I need is a better opportunity to improve my sitituation.

It is never easy to struggle, especially when it affects the quality of your life. We all choose our fate in life. My dream is to write movies. I haven’t deviated off the road. The goal may not be within reach right now, but I know my time will come. I will be ready.

You have you think that way about domain investing. Don’t let others make you feel less. Be persistent, patient and professional. Don’t depend on another to determine whether you have good domains, or if they will sell. Learn to develop those skills to better your chances to buy and sell domains.

My skill is finding domains to make a sale without a shorter time. I may favor a few domains over others, but domains are up for sale. Don’t get too attached to your domains where you let emotion influence a sale. Buy to sell, sell to buy. My finger is getting tired, so good luck. Be confident. Thanks.

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