Sent another counter offer

In my last post, I mentioned I wouldn’t reduce the price on the domain. However, I need to reactive my cable and high speed again. I don’t find it efficient to type posts on my Iphone, even though I have done so in the past.

The cost to attend graduate school has wiped me out. Southern California living hasn’t helped with ths high cost of rent, and every other bill that is due.

My main motivation in the counter is to get what I know the domain is worth. I will accept the next offer that I receive to close the deal down. The buyer is probably exhausted with trying to purchase the domain.

I believe they’re getting an awesome deal. They don’t realize it yet, but the domain is marketable. It’s essentially a business. I hope they accept my recent offer because I know they sent two final offers. I sent a total of two final offers.

If I was in a better position, I would keep the domain. As for now, I’ll accept the next offer. I invested 5 weeks in the negotiation process. I believe the buyer deserves the domain. I wouldn’t mind having access to the funds.

I would have settled on their last offer, but Sedo charges $50 commission on any amount below $500. I would prefer to sell the domain at a fixed price to reduce the commission. 5 weeks ago, the first offer pulled in at price that would have given Sedo 50% commission.

I think I did my part to sell the domain. I gave the buyer the benefit of the doubt. I hope they show the same respect with helping me close down the deal tonight. Thanks for reading.

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