After 5 weeks of negotiation I sold

The buyer made a certain offer, I wanted to accept, but then they reduced the offer. I can’t send the same offer twice. I dislike Sedo’s counter offer system. I also dislike typing on Word Press’s Iphone app (in my opinion, it’s a poor writing experience).

Why does Sedo allow the buyer to make $5 increases when I can only decrease my offer $10? The buyer can send the same offer twice. I can’t. In my opinion, it’s a terrible negotiation system. I wanted to accept one offer, and couldn’t.

Essentially, I had to take less than the last offer I wanted due to accidentally hitting the counter offer button instead of accepting. It’s because of Sedo that I have to pay 25% commission on a domain I wouldn’t have sold if my cable and high speed were not disconnected.

I’m very disappointed in the entire sale at Sedo. As a seller, I can’t send a message to the buyer unless I prepare a private message, requiring me to reduce my bid to communicate with them.

I can’t even send the same bid twice unless it expires out in a week. To make matters worse, Sedo takes 2 days to approve a message. The buyer can send the same bid twice. They can even reduce their offer. The seller can’t.

I don’t have time to wait. I have bills to pay. In my opinion, the system benefits the buyer. Sellers don’t have an advantage because they can only reduce their offer $10 while the buyer can reduce $5, and even send the same bid twice. The only sellers that have an advantage are domain elitist who deal with high priced domains.

The buyer won the negotiation, which doesn’t bother me. I now have chump change to pay a bill. The domain is worth much more in market value. However, I don’t have any regrets.

In my opinion, Sedo’s offer system is to the buyer’s advantage. As a seller, beware of the disadvantage. I don’t have a week to wait for the offer to expire. I’m not even happy making the sale. I compromised with the buyer to get money I need to survive.

It may appear Sedo and the buyer won, but in my opinion, I think I’m the winner. In essence, I can warn others about Sedo’s flawed offer system.

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