Decided to send another counteroffer

After a 5 week negotiation, a buyer has a grand oportunity to purchase a domain. $25 is all that’s separating the buyer from my asking price. We started off at two opposite sides of the spectrum. I compromised to reduce the price.

I really hope they make a smart decision. I know this domain is going to be worth 10+ times more than my final price. I’m willing to let the deal expire, and walk away from the deal.

I don’t have to sell this domain. The buyer is getting a great deal because I need the money. If it were any other time, I would have canceled the negotiation process.

I reduced the price down a significant amount. I’m willing to walk away from the sale on a $25 difference. I’m already paying $50 commission on the sale.

It’s not worth it for me to sell the domain. I sold one other in the same category last week. The buyer will regret not buying the domain more than me not selling it.

Sometimes you have to give in, and just purchse a domain. Well see what happens. I won’t go down a $1 more. The buyer will make a huge mistake if they refuse to pay an additional $25. The negotiation is a good experience to start off the morning. Thanks for reading.

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