Submitted and to the Sedo .co auction – waiting for a reject or accept e-mail

Last year, all my domains submitted into the Sedo auction were rejected. However, I realized the domains I submitted were not of quality. The criteria that factored into many of the rejections were that I tried to submit domains right after registering them. These domains don’t have any life yet.

You have to give the domain some time to age, but then you must also know how Sedo operates to generate market exposure. People will complain their domain didn’t make it in. Sedo may have too many in one category, or they don’t think the domain will attract any attention. The domain company is not the standard to determining a domain’s quality. They decide on what they want, though I’ve seen quite a few domains never receive any bids due to their strict standards, or ones they want to promote don’t get the attention they anticipate.

On Sedo’s .co list, there’s one service domain, and no resume related domain. was the only service domain there. In my opinion, when compared to, is a superior service domain. Resume services are in high demand. sold on Sedo for $28,000 this past Fall. Furthermore, also produced a $66,000 sale on Sedo.

I was going to hold onto until the domain matured. However, I own so many other resume domains that selling is not a problem. The domain inspired me to buy more resume domains. I never knew the value of resume domains until I watched a buyer pay 4-5 figures for on Go Daddy’s auction.

If Sedo rejects, then I won’t have a problem. With Sedo’s past resume sales, I think I might have a shot. is a short domain, but it lacks generic consistency. This 3 character domain may have a chance due to the auction attracting international buyers, and that QRT can stand for anything.

I don’t how the acceptance process works. None of my domains made it into a Sedo auction. I know how the rejection process works, The e-mail usually arrives at 12:00pm, which states that your domain, as the Sedo team note:

“Unfortunately, after a detailed assessment, the following domains have not qualified (the specific reason is indicated in parentheses after each domain)” – Sedo team

The number #1 reason is that “quality requirement not met.” The quality requirements are as follows:

“Quality requirements not met = The domain does not fulfill the quality criteria necessary for the auction event. Learn more at:” Sedo team

I believe I have a 50% chance that will be accepted into Sedo’s .co auction. If the domain is rejected, it won’t affect me in any way. I’m confident I will find a future buyer, especially since is not an active site. Thanks for reading.

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