Show integrity to build respect in the domain sales process

Recently, I offered a quality domain to another. This domain is one of the company’s most popular services. I mentioned to another that I presented the domain to the company. The person was very interested in the domain, and asked how much I was selling the domain for. I told them how much I offered the domain to the other company.

I showed integrity in the domain sale. I never jumped ship to sell the domain to another. There is no replacement. If I offered the domain to a primary buyer, but then sell the only .com name available in the market to another, that is bad business. You will never be successful with that though process. It’s not like I can create another name to fix the problem.

What I’m suggesting is that to become good at domaining, you must show integrity in every domain sale. It doesn’t matter if another offers you more than the other, or that you haven’t heard back from the end-user in a few days. Communicate to the end-user if they are still interested in the domain. Know for sure because having integrity will build trust. Trust is what will enable you to make many sales.

Don’t think that you’re only making one sale, or that you want more money for the domain. Think of he sale as a building block to help you reach success. Know your price point, and stick with it. If a deal doesn’t pan out, then you can offer the domain to the second party. Domaining is about building relationships to sell domains at quick as possible.

Surely enough, you want to make a profit in return. However, have integrity when taking part in the sales process. Jumping from one ship to another while in motion will only create problems. Good luck. Thanks for reading.

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