is up and running will serve as a premiere employment resource website to lead you to the perfect writing job. I decided it was time to do more bigger and better things with the website.

I had a friend develop the website on his platform. I will make some adjustments, which will give the job site a movie feel. As you already know, my main goal is to become a Hollywood Scriptwriter. I want to connect film industry writers to the right opportunities.

If you want to start a career in writing, please visit Good luck.

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4 Comments on “ is up and running”

  1. jazzman8 Says:

    You may confuse people with this site, because in the computer programming world, lines of code to run programs are called “scripts”.Maybe not a problem, but when I looked at your site, the only jobs listed were for programmers.

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      Good to hear from you. The site is not what I envisioned. Script Writing is more so a computer scripting process. That aspect puts value into the domain. In the past, I built the page on Why park as a scriptwriting movie related site.

      In my opinion, I may focus more on the sites than to explore actual jobs. I have a handful of city job .com domains that span 50 miles across the Bay Area. I also have .org to my current residence in Southern California, which can target 300,000+ people in the local area.

      Maybe the can work for all types of writing, including the computer script writing. The job is more searched outside of the US such as UK and India. I can probably ad some advertisers on the panel to give it a movie feel. I did score ad clicks on Why Park, which probably made back registration cost in 3 months.

      There may be only 12,000-15,000 scriptwriters in the film and television industry. I would look to capture all aspects of writing, including video game writing, which I own in The WGA introduced an award for those that excel in Video Game Writing. I believe the contestants will be announced this week.

      I believe that building the right way could be lucrative. Most writers are searching for education, screenwriting software, and script doctors to help revise their screenplay. I’ll see if I can have the site revised, and then contact Final Draft to form an partnership with them, so they can place their ad space in the right panel. I can maybe contact Los Angeles Film school, and UCLA Screenwriting program, as well.

      My only income would be from the Google adsense and ad space. The owner of the job platform and the company that is affiliated with posting the jobs will probably make revenue from the actual job clicks within the site. I stand to gain from what is planted on the homepage – to the right of the screen.

      Next job site going up will be Whereas, Suisun City only has 30,000 people, Solano County has a population of 300,000-400,000 people. I want to add,,,, (small city, but home to 20,000 jobs, and can target entire Bay Area),, and (industrial city) into the mix.

      Resume related domains were a strong investment. One private sale, can’t name the domain or the company due to their request, produced a good sale. There was interest in the domain from another buyer, as well.

      Tomorrow, I will let the last offer on a cover letter domain expire. Then, I will send the 20th counter offer in last 5 weeks. Once I get another offer, I will then push the domain into the Sedo marketplace auction. Once the domain is in the auction, I will list the domain name on this blog, as well as advertise the domain on many platforms. The current price will still return 20-30 times cost of registration, but I would rather test the market and to finally close the deal.

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ve been writing more here than on my other blog. Domain Name Mojo has some articles too. Thanks again.

  2. jazzman8 Says:


    I may not always write, but I’m out here reading your blog. Hang in there, I havent made a nickel with this yet.

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      Thanks. I believe the two best niches are job and resume domains. If you own city .com job domains, you have a good shot at selling the domain. I didn’t think resume domains would pay off so quick, but they did. Job domains were my best seller. Education domains are good to monetize. There’s money to be made in writing quality articles on education because the ad clicks are worth much more.

      If you build any music related domains, target everything that is associated with music such as colleges, schools, art schools, agents, cd’s, music in movies, and etc… Build the music sites into a one-stop location. is in the Sedo .co auction. Wonder what that domain will sell for. Thanks for your comments, tips, and for being an avid reader.

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