How to find potential buyers?

Have you ever browsed DN Journal to read their weekly domain sales column? Pay attention to which domains sell there. If any domains are similar to yours, you might be able to produce a sale. How?

Wait a few days after the article is released. Check the Whois on either Estibot,, or Send an e-mail to the new owner. Ask them if they are looking to acquire any additional domains beyond their recent purchase. They may request your domain portfolio in that particular niche.

Domain tools are effective for selling domains. Invest time into contacting people that recently purchased a domain name. If they spend $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, or even $40,000 on a domain, and you have another that is similar, then you can at least try to make an effort to contact them. Money is not an issue. All you need is a commitment to buy a domain. The hardest part of selling a domain is finding a buyer that wants your domain. A price request essentially shows interest in a domain. Selling becomes hard when you don’t receive any replies.

Even a reply rejecting a domain can lead to a future sale. Now you know they will reply back. You have their information. I received an offer that is only 10% of what I could I have gotten from another company. I ruined the sale several months ago. I searched for a buyer, which a company that bids on the keywords in that particular category made a small offer. They respected my persistence and professionalism. However, they were set on one price. The price was very little. It would net me a small profit, but it’s nowhere near what I failed to get on the last deal. The last offer had nothing to do with price. I complicated the sale with sharing too much information. I couldn’t salvage the deal after ruining it.

I don’t mind because I made a recent sale, and have two pending sales that more than made up for that mistake, I learned from making mistakes on past sales to sell more domains. We have to learn the hard way. Otherwise, domaining will not be a challenge. Buying the right domain to sell to the right end-user is a challenge. However, knowing who to sell to before purchasing the domain can be worthwhile. I buy to sell. I retain some domains I like, but the remaining are on sales watch. Don’t get too attached to your domains. Thanks. Good luck.


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