Domain Sales Tip: Reserve an email account specifically for domains

If you only use one e-mail account for all your mail, consider opening a new e-mail account for your domains. Buyers that are interested in buying a specific domain may never hear form you because you overlooked the e-mail.

Domain investors or end-users that are trying to register a specific domain name may use the Whois to contact you. Using one e-mail account to run your domain operate is better than losing out on a potential sale.

It’s best to be organized. One e-mail account for domains will make selling domains a lot easier. You can log in to the account once a day to determine whether you received an offer, if there are an changes in your registrar account, and to receive confirmation of account changes after a domains is transferred over to the new owner.

Nothing is worse than finding an old e-mail asking you for a domain’s price. Think of the reply rate as similar to the CPC rate on parking accounts – 3% average. If you contact 100 end-users, you might receive between 3-6 replies. I’m sure the rate is higher than that.

Don’t send a mass e-mail to many to sell a domain. An end-user may assume you’re offering 50 others the same domain, and that your sending a generic e-mail out to many. Customize your sales pitch with a sales template that you have reserved for each niche. Be sure to review every e-mail before sending out a sales request.

I find that reviewing anything is effective. I once sold a cake domain on Craig’s List for $300, but somehow the buyer visited the domain to purchase it at Sedo for $100. I must have hit the price suggestion button to change the price from $300 to $100. One I realized the price mistake, I made sure that all my domain prices are correct.

Reserve an e-mail account that only use for your domains. This way you will keep down the clutter in your main e-mail account. Thanks.

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