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Now is the best time to sell your domains. I’m receiving replies back to buy my domains. I have to remain anonymous on a pending domain sale, though I assure you the domain and the end-user are closely aligned.

Because I decided to invest into this niche, I was able to sell two domains in that category. I can’t name the domain that is pending a sale, but the company is gathering steam. Never back down on the price you want to sell a domain.

Show confidence in your sales approach. Communicate with the buyer to build trust. Don’t be afraid to ask a high amount, especially if you know the domain will be worth far more in
the future. Trust your instinct to find a buyer. Share the price once the buyer requests the amount.

I knew from the moment I acquired the domain that it would sell. I always find domains that are highly marketable. Some may question the domains I acquire, but they will understand the
purchase after a completed sale. The domains don’t have to be highly searched keywords.

Search for domains that contain an exact keyword match. Companies use these particular products or services to
promote their brand.

Out of respect, I won’t name the domain, the sales amount, or the company who is buying the domain. The sale complimented my intuition that a particular niche would make me
successful.vJob domains have already produced several nice sales. Taxi domains have returned a profit. Education domains are doing well with ad clicks.

This is the best time to contact end-users. Many companies are evaluating their past year to determine what is
needed to be successful this year. Their need to acquire domains definitely falls into their business plan.

I’m not surprised I sold this domain name, or another that will close in the next two days. I know these domains are excellent marketing tools, which I’m glad I invested into them. To find buyers, contact websites through their ‘contact us’ link to offer your domains.

Be confident, professional, respectful, and persistent. You will find a buyer
soon enough. I’m a confident seller. I learned to sell well through my past mistakes. Experience matters most.

Reading blogs that reported on rejected offers showed me that I could also make big sales. My sales are not high profile, but I think I’m successful as a domain flipper because I understand the market well enough to generate results. Once you grasp the selling
side, you can control your fate.

Buy names that are specific. Don’t look for nothing more than the exact product or service. It may be hard at first trying to find good domains, but you will have success in finding the best name to interest a buyer.

Selling domains is not as hard as it seems. You don’t need to go out and win auctions, or watch drop lists to find valuable domains. There are plenty of quality .com domains still available.

Don’t rely too much on blog posters, or
even blog owners to give you advice. I share my experiences to inform my audience what I think works. Take good advice to heart. Domain valuation tools and price suggestion systems are not the industry standard. A domain is worth what an end-user will pay for it.

I see many new domainers asking blog owners to evaluate their domain portfolio. They may be biased on what is good and what is bad. Trust your ability to develop your own buying and selling techniques.

Your intuition can help you to find the gems, and to make sales. Domaining is all about flipping domains in the shortest amount of time at the best possible price. Good luck.

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