The co— movement

On The Domains, many posters are influencing domainers to register .co domain names with co heading a keyword, then followed by .co, of course.

For example, one registered Random domain investors or companies are attempting to change the dynamics of the search engines. Will Google look at ‘co loans’ as legit
keywords? I don’t know what to think.

In any case. I don’t usually follow the mass. My opinion on this co—.co movement is that it’s too risky. I
wouldn’t even attempt to register info—.info. $25 is a lot of money to spend per domain to end up failing in the future.

Domain investors are experimenting with the co—.co for SEO purposes. If
the public still haven’t caught onto the .co extension, adding another co will only make it twice as hard to find traffic.

New domain investors should search for quality domain names. Registering domains that can potentially fail will depress many new investors. The domain industry was built on leadership. You can take a dive in the co—.co water, but beware of the sharks.

More than likely a random domain investor with no developing plans will
fail with these names. I registered many reverse order .com last year, and haven’t been able to sell one of them. Some of these domains have many keyword results and popular searches.

The domain valuation tools, and even Sedo’s price suggestion value these domains between 4-5 figure. I wouldn’t register these names again if I knew back then what I know now.

I was smart enough to also register job, travel, taxi and movie domains. I managed to sell these domains, which kept me in the domain industry. When domainers lose money and cant sell domains, they will eventually give up. I was close to reaching that point before experimenting with Craig’s List last February. Be careful. Good luck.

Don’t be a follower, when you can still become a leader.

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