First Twitter traffic referral to a website

I commonly use Twiiter to push traffic to my blogs, as well as to my domains. To date, the strategy has never worked. I checked my traffic report today ,determining that my Twitter post finally referred a visitor.

Twitter generated a visitor to There have been a few instances where people are typing in in Google. Additionally, I’m generating no referring link traffic, which is due to the visitor typing in in their address search bar.

I almost sold for $—. The domain has 6 incoming links, a Google Page Rank #1, and is an actual service resume companies provide their customers. is another exact service match, as well.

Any company planning to enter the resume industry must find a quality resume domain to generate traffic. Any name may work, but you will have to spend a fortune bidding on keywords, or on SEO services to get indexed.

SEO people will identify their services as most rewarding to get indexed. A domain investor will suggest the domain name is most important. A writes will note that quality articles will capture traffic. For the most part, a memorable, keyword name has more value because you don’t have to spend too much on advertising cost.

My generates consistent traffic based on the keywords alone. The domain is a GPR #2, has 68 backlinks, 3 sites that link in and can function as a GEO domain. I have the data to show how many times a visitor will type ‘Empire State Hotel’ in the various search engines.

The domain captures traffic because I put up content on New York City. Imagine how valuable the domain will be worth to a hotel operating in New York City. I get repeat traffic searching for NYC information. International visitors are also visiting the site.

In regards to Twitter, tweet a new domain that is up and running, a planned sale or auction, and any other information you want to announce to the public. The picture below shows that a visitor will utilize the link when they find something that interests them.


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2 Comments on “First Twitter traffic referral to a website”

  1. RK Says:

    To tell you the truth I have some luck using Twitter and Facebook to send traffic to my domains.The main problem is to manage each account 🙂
    So far I have 5 Twitter accounts: one for each of my websites and EVERY time I tweet somebody stops by my site! The biggest deal for me was to find followers.There are different methods: some are slower, some are faster. My favorite right now is to use Twiends dot com : a lot of followers, a lot of traffic and it’s all free!

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      I would use your Twitter and Facebook skills to push traffic to one site that is reserved for your domain sales. On that site, you can then refer people to another domain sales platform you are using to sell your domains. On the reserved site, provide a description on each domain to inform specific buyers with no web or domain experience on what they can do with the domain. Thanks for the comment.

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