In the past 6 months, .me scored some healthy sales. The official .me website can be reached by typing in a particular premium name such as

On this .me page, you will find recent .me sales, .me resources, and upcoming .me events. In my opinion, is overpriced at $3 million.

However, is a website that is valued at 7-8 figures due to its heavy unique traffic, 3 digit .com, domain age, and other impressive stats.

What is .me worth compared to .com? Can we safely place a valuation on .me compared to the .com? The .co is estimated to be worth 5% of the .com. What is .me worth? may hold an impressive .me portfolio, but their .me prices are extreme. They recently acquired for $20,000 at a New York City traffic event. They now want $3 million for the domain, $120,000 per month to lease the domain.

The website went on a .me buying spree, demonstrating their confidence in the extension. There are many .me domains still available for registration. Experiment with different keywords. You never know what .me you will find.

Check out the recent .me sales list. Thanks for reading.

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2 Comments on “ acquired”

  1. That’s a good way to look at it. If is worth $13MM, then is probably worth 3-8, and then is worth a fraction of it’s .com counterpart.

    So $3MM for I own some swampland that I’ll throw into the deal too. 😉

  2. Suisun Blog Says:


    Good analogy, as well. is a major brand online. The website is valued in the 8 figure range. Essentially, the traffic, domain age, 3 digit, performance, and all other factors drive the price up.

    The $3 million price is too high for a domain just recently purchased for $20K. IMO, the domain is probably valued at $120K – the price of the lease. continues to be a parked page. The owner mentioned he makes 7 figure parking revenue, which is clear motivation to reduce overhead cost associated with developing a website, and then to take the time to carve out a plan. Maybe the ease of making revenue will motivate him to postpone development.

    In assessing recent .me sales, I would place a 3% price tag on .me. Factor in another 3-5% if the .me compliments the keywords. may then be worth $3 million if is valued at $50 million. would be then valued in the 6 figure range.

    To a company, paying under 6 figures to acquire quality .me names is not much of a risk. They’re waiting for other companies to recognize the value of a personalized extension, even though it is from Europe, and to make a fortune in selling these domains.

    The only .me I own is, which is a universal keyword that is recognized around the world.

    Interesting .me market. We’ll see how much interest the Sedo .co auction garnishes. Thanks.

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