In my opinion – The website is out of touch

I was searching for a few .me domains. I visited a website I never seen a site with so many overpriced domain names. If these domains names were .com, I would still be writing this article.

Who in their right mind will pay $120,000 a month to rent Websites that set such high prices are what makes domain investors look bad. This is the exact reason I have a hard time trying to sell a few premium .com domain names.

In my opinion, is out of touch with the domain world. I’m in the frame of mind. I can’t believe a website will set unreasonable prices on .me domain names.

The leasing prices are insane. for $3 million?Imagine if I notified an end-user to purchase The moment I utter $3 mi—, a company will hang up on me.

To make matters worse, the website attempts to build a case for acquiring domain names to save money on advertising costs. A company most likely will never make back a ROI.

I experienced conflict with an end-user when I offered a 12 year old domains that is worth 6 figures. The domain is owned by another. It is companies like the one headlining this article that frustrate me.

Check out the .me sales list below to form your own perception. In my
opinion, the .me prices below are outrageous.

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2 Comments on “In my opinion – The website is out of touch”

  1. No doubt this is a tremendous collection of single-word, generic .ME domains. It’s impressive.

    I’m a firm believer that the market will decide what is reasonable and only consumers will determine what the market will bear. Either the domains will go without any contacts (because people are so intimidated with such high price tags they will not contact the owner), or the owner will hit a big pay day.

    If it’s the prior that happens, then the domains will sit and sit. Eventually the markets will catch up (again, in my opinion). However, the owner may be waiting 5-10 years for that to happen.

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      The .me list is indeed impressive. However, the prices are ahead of their time. Though, the high profile sales are helping the owner to find exposure. As you mentioned, I do agree with you about your assessment on the consumer determining the market and or the owner scoring “a big pay day.” Thanks for your valuable input.


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