Why Park traffic on 780 domains

I own 780 domains. I use Why Park to develop 99% of my domains. The domains cover many products and services. 15% of my domains are resume and cover letter, 10-15% target education, and another 10% are education related.

On average, my domains generate
10,000+ unique visitors per month. I would rather own one quality domain that generates 10k unique visitors than to work on keeping on tabs on hundreds ofdomains.

Performance and stats are important
indicators to help me determine which domains to retain. 1932quarter.com is a good site that has already made back the cost of registration.

1932quarters.com needs more work to match 1932quarter.com. 1932sQuarter.com is a good performing domain. EmpireStateHotel.com, 1932Quarter.com, TicketNUB.com,
CakeGalore.com, DonateToStudents.com, and a few other .com domains managed to score ad clicks to cover the cost of registration.

MobileMovies.info earned 12 times the cost of registration. The site continues to generate traffic and clicks. FindTextbooks.info, JobsNYC.info and SFjobs.info immediately covered the cost of registration in the first month.

.info registration cost increased
from $1 to $2. The price increase influenced my decision to register additional .info domains. You can earn revenue from .info domains, especially in niches such as jobs and education.

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