Separate Domains into Categories

Are you ready to sell your domains? Which domains do you plan to promote first? If you own hundreds, or even thousands of domains, it may be frustrating to determine which domains to offer at what price.

The best strategy is to categorize your domains. Separating job, resume, health care, product, education, service and other domains into categories will speed up your buyer search. Whereas, contacting buyers with your domain portfolio will attract some bitter people. Why?

There is a chance the potential buyer is probably jealous that you own various domains they overlooked. On the opposing side, maybe the buyer doesn’t like to pay good money for new domains. They prefer a moneymaking domain than to invest time and money into less established domains. Revenue domains are domains with quality backlinks, target a highly competitive niche, GPR (Google Page Rank), high CPC (credit, education, law, insurance, and etc), and high unique traffic. A domain’s age is also an important revenue indicator. If you own such a domain, find end-users that have deep pockets.

Don’t waste your time with small companies that make excuses as to why they can’t pay an x amount for a domain. I come across too many frugal companies trying to take advantage of domain investors who are in need of money. Never introduce a problem that will give the buyer an edge. Keep your problems out of the negotiation process. Know what price you want. Don’t buckle under pressure. Waiting for the buyer to respond is an excellent strategy to make a sale. Excessive calling and sending too many e-mails will demonstrate your eagerness to sell your domain(s). Buyers will use your personal problems to their advantage to reduce the price. Don’t give in. I have experience with such events, knowing that my financial issues weaken potential sales.

Selling domains is a psychological game. I once told that I can’t take part in domaining with my financial distress due to my education expenses and high living expenses. However, I still continue to buy and sell domains. Sometimes selling a domain is an effortless process, and then there are moments when it’s a game. Moreover, an end-user may wait to reject you in order to pick your brain for information. Don’t share too much information. You can answer basic questions, but hold back on providing advanced techniques and strategies.

Separating domains into categories will help you to focus on niches. Instead of trying to sell one domain at a time, you can offer entire categories at a time. Good luck.

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