Revised on Why Park

Why Park helped me to revise I’m going to invest time and money to build the website into a popular destination for resume and cover letter seekers.

I have dozens of pages of resume and cover letter search data. I will write articles to capture traffic in those areas. I own exact job resume domains such as, and,, and are quality sites.

I plan to develop and There are still many quality domains available. is up for sale at I think the domain is a good investment. The last time I checked the price, the domain cost $195. It went up to $250. I own

I would really like to know how end-users are tricked into spending 50 times the value of a domain. There’s no accurate appraisal system, but that doesn’t mean a domain is worth what a buyer pays for it.

I plan to write more articles on recent sales. I prepared a handful of articles in the past challenging prices paid and rejected offers. Maybe I’ll schedule an interview to question an end-user on their purchase. is going to earn good revenue as a web directory. is up for sale on Go Daddy for $2,000.

A past cover letter company once provided cover letter service, but closed down the site. The website is still present, though I can’t use any links on the page. On the opposing side, web directories have potential to make you good money. You can set the listing price at any amount you deem as fair.

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2 Comments on “Revised on Why Park”

  1. When you get ready to launch your new resume-related Web directory,, I’d love to interview you on DomainSherpa to share with others how you did it.

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      I will be more than happy take part in an interview on I appreciate it!

      Also, I like to thank you for subscribing to Domaining Mojo. You have a great website that is informative, honest, and reliable. Keep up the awesome work!


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